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Terlingua Dreams
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Out of data...again!

Hi Belinda
As a courtesy, we wanted to notify you that you have used a significant portion of your Monthly Anytime Data Allowance for the last few service periods.
Currently, if you exceed your 5GB Monthly Anytime Data Allowance, your download speeds will be reduced for the remainder of the current service period. To view your usage, please visit mydish.com/mybroadband.

Tired of speeds slowing down?

Your dishNET account qualifies for an upgrade to the latest generation of satellite internet, with faster speeds, more data, and no hard data caps. Call 1-888-210-6481 today for more information on your special 2-year offers.
Thank you for being a valued dishNET customer.

I am so sick and tired of running out of data even after the nice Dish guy gave me an additional 5 GB's after I blew by my monthly allotment in 3 days.  I hope to soon be able to ditch them and hopefully, you will never have to hear me moan and groan about this issue again....yeah!


  1. Belinda, have you tried wireless internet? I looked and there is one provider that looks like they may be able to service your area. It was http://www.datacomm-internet.com/default.html
    I live in a rural area of Medina county and dropped satellite service like a hot rock after wireless became available.

    1. Thank you for the link Art. I had not heard about wireless internet in this area.

    2. You're welcome. Did it work for you? I noticed in your most recent post that you fired Dish.

    3. Art I went with Spectrum because I had both TV and Internet service with DISH.

      While I can do without the Internet, I can not give up watching my Spurs or my Telemundo telenovelas. With bundling we finally have free long distance service as both Mom and I dislike using a cellphone.


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