Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Grocery run / It is cold

Monday when I finally ventured out to go pick up the mail I decided to stop at HEB but the parking lot was so packed I headed to Walmart only to find the same circumstances and decided I did not need groceries that bad.

Tuesday I got an e-mail from HEB Pharmacy letting me know my prescriptions were ready but by the time I read it, it was too late in the afternoon. Wednesday I was getting ready when the horrendous attack on our Capitol happened and I dropped everything to follow the shameful event, ditto for Thursday. I could not put it off any longer as I also had to mail out some items as well as pay my 2021 P.O. Box fee and I hope they do not lose my check like they did last year.

The pharmacy drive-thru was backed up and there were just as many cars in the parking lot as there were on Monday but this time I had to go in as we were low on staples and I was also down to my last one and a half serrano (I have been rationing them) and like it or not I had to buy more pre-packaged salads. I was surprised avocados were still selling for .50 cents each.

It has been cold, gray, and now it is drizzling. We only made it to 48 degrees today. Tomorrow it is forecasted to rain and only reach a high of 49 degrees. While we will not see any, the northern part of Texas will see snow tomorrow.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. That would Balmy Weather right now and it's only going to get colder here.
    Hoping the Mayhem ends soon.
    Staying out of the stores as much as possible will help keep you Safe.
    We both like the proper way to use a scale.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. As I was typing my post last night, I smiled when I thought how people in colder climates were probably thinking how nice it would be to have these temperatures, but in West Texas, they are considered freezing, or at least they are freezing to me :)

  2. This weather sure has changed in this part of the country. We did manage to reach mid 60's today and the next 3 days. Night are pretty cold in the high to mid 30's. But we really need rain bad.

    I was so happy to see Walmart Grocery is again doing delivery. Fry's is way to expensive. But prices have started climbing so I am back to stocking up. Covid rising daily in AZ and in my County its really high

    1. We got rain again around 12:30 a.m. I heard a noise resembling hail but it only lasted like 20 seconds then it was just rain but I did not want to get up to check for fear I would not be able to go back to sleep.

      Yesterday I saw a report that said how much the Covid numbers had risen in Arizona and I thought of you. They are high here too but not as high as yours. Take care.

  3. Oh you and your avocados. Since I don't go to the store often, I have taken to chopping hot peppers and putting them in baggies and freezing them. Haven't tried the results yet in a fresh thing like salsa, but they're good added to scrambled eggs or whatever. Now I need to see about freezing avocados. But if I get my hands on a good one, it's gone pretty quick.

    1. Avocados are the only thing that make having to eat salads tolerable. I have tried in the past to freeze serranos but they do not taste as good to me as fresh ones do. Of course, I eat them raw as making salsa is too much trouble.

      Let me know how freezing avocados works out for you and if they taste the same. I saw where it snowed in parts of San Antonio and Austin...did you get some white stuff where you live?

  4. It is very smart of you to avoid crowds at the grocery stores. Also too many crazy people right now.
    Our Safeway makes a good fresh salsa, which I make better by adding Tabasco and fresh peppers.
    I hope your temps get better soon. We were at 10* this morning but had a high of 28*, so not terrible for us. I like Live Storms Media on YouTube for watching weather across the country in real time. And wow, the snow in places people seldom get any. They have been having low temps in Ville Platte, too.
    I bought a Mad Bomber hat today with rabbit fur. I look absolutely ridiculous in it but it is warm and I like to keep my ears warm.
    I just wonder what else will happen with tRump and his chumps until Biden and Harris take over. Strange days, indeed.
    Stay safe and warm my friend.

    1. Sometimes you can not help it and have to go into the stores though I take a lot of precautions like I have mentioned before I use two masks, a face shield, and plastic gloves yet it is still scary.

      HEB makes a good salsa as well though I have never bought it, they give it to you as a promotion if you buy an item of their choosing.

      You had mentioned Live Storms Media before and I did go look but I did not see one for Del Rio or maybe I just did not know how to look for it. We had not seen snowfall numbers like the ones that we experienced this weekend in a long time.

      I have to admit I had to google a Mad Bomber hat. I like it! I like to keep my ears warm as well, and I may buy one.

      I use the TV kind of like a radio since I do not have the luxury of being able to sit down and watch it during the day. This afternoon on CNN it was one breaking news after another.

      The FBI has warned of "armed protests" at the Capitol buildings in all 50 states in the coming days as well as threats to President-Elect Biden, Vice-President Elect Harris, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. This hideous demented one-term sore loser has created this all based on a LIE...there was no mass election fraud, he lost fair and square and I just can not believe some people have been brained washed to think otherwise.

      As of yesterday two Texas newspapers, The Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News have called for Ted Cruz to resign.

      Anything can happen my friend. Stay warm and safe as well.


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