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Terlingua Dreams
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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Freezing temperatures / Out of Control Covid-19 numbers / 5 More Days of that demagogue

I thought it was only me but most of the news channels I watch (ours come from San Antonio) and I watch all five of them since I like to get different views on what's going on in San Antonio, Texas, the US, and the world. Most of the newscasters are complaining about how cold it has been lately.  I know some of you will think our temperatures are balmy but 26 and 28 for the morning low and even with sunshine it only reaching in the high 50's or low 60's is downright cold!  I just can not function in cold temperatures. I wish we had a gas heater and not an electric one.

I hate this new Blogger I can not add a title to my pictures like we previously could. This is my frozen rain catchment this morning as well as in previous days.

Our Covid-19 numbers are totally out of control per Ciudad Acuña's newspaper El Zócalo we have 248 new cases. 82 of them are from students.  The breakdown is 42 of them are from students that are attending school in person and 40 were from online students. One school teacher died, 49 school administrators were found positive and 103 others were sent home to quarantine since they were exposed to these individuals.

Without a local newspaper and since I refuse to join Facebook it is hard to know what is going on around town. That is why I was happy to see that several San Antonio stations carried a story of a local woman who tested positive and was suppose to be quarantining at home but instead choose to attend a country-western concert in a San Antonio nightclub.  She uploaded the images to her social media account...where the local County Judge was made aware of her actions and called her out on television and will soon be releasing her name. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that she took off her mask to sing at the top of her lungs and surely spread the virus to more people!

I am happy that the sore loser was impeached for a second time. CNN is now reporting that he is seething at his attorney Rudy Giuliani and has ordered his staff not to pay his legal fees and is blaming him for his impeachment. Very Trump like to blame someone else and not take responsibility for his actions...five more days of that demagogue!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. He's so stupid. There was no way for Giuliani to protect him in the house.
    To put captions on your pictures. Once you place the picture where you want it, just click on it. A small menu of line Icons and the letter A will appear. Click on the A. You should be able to add your caption.
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying warm.

    It's about time.

    1. To think Giuliani was once regarded as America's mayor and was highly respected in the aftermath of 9/11...now he is the laughing stock of America and the world.

      Thanks for the tip on putting a caption on my pictures will give it a try.

  2. I always check several news outlets to be sure I see more than one viewpoint. It is more important than ever to check for disinformation.
    I am enjoying all the arrests of people who stormed the Capitol. Most have posted themselves breaking the law on Facebook but some were turned in by ex spouses. Chuckle chuckle. I am still concerned that treason charges have not been forthcoming but am hoping they are saving those charges for a clear path after the inauguration. I betcha lots of those folks will be surprised at how expensive a good lawyer is and the fact that lawyers get paid up front. Not to mention it may be hard to find a job from now on. I see them all homeless, building their shelters from tRump flags.
    So many crazy people spreading Covid. Even during the riot in the Capitol.
    I think we are in for more drama in the near future.
    We had an amazing wind storm yesterday. I thought I saw Oregon blow by at one point. Temps are all over the place.
    I am glad you liked my new chapeau. (Hat) I got it at Murdochs Farm and Ranch Supply. Be sure to check your local farm and ranch supply and be aware that Wal-Mart will have inferior materials in theirs. Now all I need are ski goggles to complete my look. Jajaja
    Stay warm and safe mi Amiga

    1. I definitively agree that we need to check for more than one viewpoint and be alert for disinformation. If trumpies would have done their homework and checked the veracity of what they were listening to or reading they would not be living a LIE and could see that President-Elect Biden won this election and not their orange demagogue.

      I too have been enjoying all the arrests and laughing at the idiots that were located due to their stupidity by posting their treasonous acts on their social media. The idiot whose ex-wive turned him in I believe is from Fort Worth, Texas, and a retired Air Force Officer.

      We are definitively in for more drama and as each day passes more troubling details are emerging which clearly point that this was a well-coordinated attack and not a spur of the moment thing. We need all the facts so this liar can be found guilty and stripped of his pension, his one million dollar travel budget, his health insurance, but most importantly lose his ability to ever hold office again.

      I was glad to read that Fox News has been losing viewers and that the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC was the most-watched show in that time slot followed by CNN's Don Lemon.

    2. I went to Murdochs Farm and Ranch Supply website but did not find your hat. I was looking at the socks and wow...they are expensive!!

      I bought my hat at Amazon with my Discover cashback but I wont be receiving it for two weeks because I did not want to pay extra, nor am I a Prime member. I liked the one I bought because it came with a face mask that buttons to the hat.

  3. Yes so trump to blame his foolish lawyer for his latest problems. But his usual stop payment. There are over 60 law suites against him for non payment of salaries and unpaid bills to companies. He is sulkening in a corner and has no one around him. They have either walked off or stay on the other side of the building. CRY BABY LOSER!
    Yes the weather has been crazy but we should see some 70's for a few days and then rain, never saw any the last time they said 50%.

    1. The sore loser has a long history of not paying his bills in particular to small Mom and Pop businesses when he was building his casino and condos. I remember Hillary Clinton mentioning this during one of their presidential debates.

      We finally reached the 70's today but a cold front was ushered in with 30-35 mph wind gusts that made it feel much colder. This has been a crazy winter. I hope you get some rain.

  4. I can't wait to see a photo of your hat! Honestly I had not thought of Amazon as I only use it when I cannot get a product locally. Even then I have a friend order what I need. But smart move to use your Discover points for the best price.
    I am also a sock lover! I just purchased three new pairs and just any old socks don't do it for me. I highly highly recommend Heat Holders brand socks. I still have their socks from six years ago and they are like new. Twenty bucks a pair and worth every nickel. You will not be sorry to give them a try. I have other products from their line and can't recommend them enough. I also tried a new brand, at ten bucks a pair, The Railroad Sock. Merino wool. For wearing boots. I love these,too. Will have to see if they wear and wash as well as Heat Holders. They feel marvelous. I also have alpaca wool socks which are thirty dollars a pair. Very warm but too thick for my Merrill boots. I purchased the Railrod socks from Rocky Mountain Supply here in Dillon. They are similar to Murdochs.
    My hat brand is Crowncap. It was on sale at 30% off so I paid $34.00. I have a large head and a lot of hair so my choice was limited somewhat.
    If this is too long or not of interest to your readers, feel free to remove from your blog after reading.
    Keep your toes warm and your pea shooter loaded!

    1. If my head, ears, and feet are warm then I am a happy camper! The most I have paid for a pair of socks is $9.99 and only because the prior year I almost froze to death in Terlingua.

      At twenty dollars a pair I can only buy one pair. I am a bit on the frugal side...OK, I'm cheap :D

      I never erase any comments unless they are in poor taste, are lies spewed out by the one-term twice impeached sore loser's followers, or spam. Your comments are well thought out, informative, and helpful.

      As soon as I receive my hat I will post a picture of it. You keep warm as it is very cold where you live and stay vigilant.

  5. I meant to send you this when I first saw it: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/01/us/del-rio-texas-newspaper.html
    And then I looked it up tonight: https://830times.com/
    Not much going on there....

    1. Thank you JudithK, I feel embarrassed that both you and Hachita who do not live in Del Rio found this article about a new newspaper venture for our city. Thank you.

  6. I was disappointed the Del Rio News-Herald closed-up shop for good last November but interested to read there is a new Del Rio print startup, the 830 Times (https://830times.com/).

    You may be well-aware of it. I can’t vouch for its content or quality (haven’t read enough of it yet) but am happy there is still an effort to keep local print journalism going.
    I heard about the new paper in a recent article in the New York Times. The link is below, and I think the NYT still lets you read 10 articles per month for free. If you can’t see it, let me know and I’ll copy and paste email it to you.

    1. Thank you Hachita, I had no idea that there was a new Del Rio print startup until this evening that both you and JudithK posted about it.

      I was able to read the New York Times article but thank you for offering to copy and paste it. I was so surprised to read about all the land that was bought by that Chinese millionaire to start a wind farm...I had never heard of it.

      It is commendable that this gentleman has decided to fund his start-up with his own money and is aware he could lose it all. I sincerely hope he is successful in his endeavor.

    2. Wow. You were able to read lot more on that site than I was...maybe I didn't persist. So you were able to actually find something on the 830 site?? I hope so. So sad about local news...I live in a small town. So I know.

    3. It was the New York Times article that had the in-depth story.

      The new owner of the 830 site explains he could not do the story about the windmill farm because he works at Laughlin Air Force Base and it would be a conflict of interest. He hired two reporters that were previously employed at the former Del Rio News-Herald as freelance writers to cover that story.

    4. See?? You got more than I did out of the site. So maybe you will find it of some use if it doesn't have to do with the AFB.


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