Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The best product I have bought in a long while

As you know I am not good with technology of any type in particular computers and cellphones. I am old-fashioned and much prefer our home landline telephone. Our home phones are old cordless phones that we have had for a while and whose battery packs do not last long.

I have also posted several rants on this blog with regards to letters and telephone calls that I receive daily from Spammers and House Flippers.  Last month after receiving 27 calls on a Saturday I finally had enough....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

I had been eyeing this five-pack cellphone system that has the capacity to block up to 1000 numbers. It filters out spammers and your telephone will not even ring thus you will not be disturbed or awaken if these darn spammers and flippers continue to try to reach you.

It also has a feature that I personally will never use but others might find handy.  You can connect your cellphone to this system and answer it from any one of the five cordless phones.

I am very happy with this purchase and in the almost one month that I have had it, it has not let a single unwanted call ring through.

On the weather front, ERCOT - The Electric Reliability Council of Texas that is responsible for managing the flow of electric power to more than 26 million Texas customers and that represents about 90% of the state's electric load has been asking users to conserve energy all this week.

You might recall they were responsible for the disaster that led to our February 2021 freeze where many people lost their lives due to the collapse of the electric grid.

With that horrible incident still fresh on the minds of many Texans we are now experiencing a generator shortage across the state. If you happened to have lived through that event do not forget to fill up your gas tank and freeze water bottles to help keep cool what you have in your freezer.

Last week I found out through El Zócalo (Ciudad Acuña's newspaper) that Del Rio had been on a "boil water warning" and neither we nor our friends knew anything about it. One of the water pumps had gone down and compromised our drinking water. So buy water as well to be on the safe side in case we lose power with these high temperatures and added pressure on the grid.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Don't you just love the foresight shown by our long time Republican state government? Some years ago when there was a cold spell, all the lege could bring itself to do was politely recommend that the electricity generating companies might ought to winterize their equipment. Well...we found out they didn't.
    And now they're "investigating" what's going on with various providers being sort of offline. Can't believe we still live here. My mind just stays boggled when I think about it...year after year they are voted into office. OK. I'll be quiet now.
    Stay cool.

    1. I can not believe feeling like we do that we both still live here as well. The only reason Abbott announced the investigation back in February was to save his political ass by taking the heat off of himself.

      The only way we can keep them from being re-elected is by getting involved in organizations such as the one headed by Beto...Powered By People...who help recruit viable candidates to run for office. Even Val Verde County turned red this past election...shameful!!!

  2. Quite a phone system you have there. But I haven't had a lanlined in years so that won't help me with these pests.

    You were getting bad water and no one notified the people? Was crusty cruz invalved?

    1. The problem is that the only newspaper that had serviced the area for more than a hundred years went under last year. The New York Times wrote a very good article about its demise and the effect that has had on Del Rio.

      There was a runoff city election where only 10% of voters showed up mainly because no one knew about it. We are lucky that we have access to the internet and a computer at home. Most of mother's friends do not.

      They might have posted it on Facebook but I am not on social media. The good thing is that with her compromised immune system mother's doctor has had her on bottled water for years.

      I drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea so I have to boil the water for that anyway but it would have been nice to know. Cancun Cruz represents the Greater Houston area while we have the equally worthless John Cornyn that represents Del Rio.

  3. Glad you are finding a way of beating the heat.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. The information about your phones is interesting. I don't have a landline. I block any number that I don't have in my contact list when I get a call. Knock wood, I haven't had a call I didn't want for some time. I sleep at odd times during the day so will often just turn if down or off. I just am very careful about letting anyone have my number. I also don't do any banking on my phone. People put out way too much information on their phones, in my opinion. I never did Facebook...warned everyone of the dangers of putting their information out there. I was ridiculed. Soooo, who is laughing now?
    I think Texas is trying to help the overthrow of our democracy. Dangerous people who think they are gods. It is a different world now and getting scarier by the day. Always have a plan B...and C...and....
    I only drink bottled water or boiled water. They say our water here is just fine. I know the guy in charge of testing our water and he is a drunk and an idiot. It is just wrong you were not notified. Your newspaper being cancelled was a planned move. It is happening everywhere to keep the "common folk" stupid. And when you try to sound the alarm, folks think it just doesn't matter. Just look at the followers of 45.
    The odds of your grid collapsing this summer being so hot? Yup, so I guess Cruz will fly to the North Pole? Jajaja...I know, not funny. We were at 82* today. Warm but not unbearable.
    Stay cool and safe my friend.

    1. For us having a landline is worth it as we give it out to all the doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other individuals and entities that have a need for it. With this new telephone system, it does not even ring, they have to identify themselves, and then I can either block them or it goes to the answering system.

      While we have cellphones those are given out to a very select group and it does not matter as I usually have them turned off anyway, unless I have to go to town to run errands.

      They had a special about small-town newspapers disappearing and its causes. Rachel Maddow has mentioned it many times on her nightly show even urging as recently as earlier this month for people to buy subscriptions to their local newspaper as gifts to their friends and relatives.

      Greg Abbott is an idiot who like most red-state governors and politicians want the followers of 45 even if it means the demise of democracy as we know it. He knows better, they all know better but for votes, they will prostitute what little principals they have left.

      Now we are going to have a Texas wall? Give me a break! It is scary enough what he recently signed into law...not requiring background checks or any kind of checks to buy and carry handguns. Don't we have enough idiots running around with guns out there...let's just legalize it so he can get even more votes...grrrrrrr!!!

      I wish Cruz would fly his ass to Alaska and stay there! It sounds like you are having wonderful weather. Enjoy it because we are melting in Texas.

    2. Ms Belinda. Go back and read some Molly Ivins and you might cheer up. Or not. Texas Govmint has always been a trial.
      (I'm trying to stay optimistic here....demographics are kind in my favor.)

    3. I admired Molly Ivins she had a wicked sense of humor much like our late and last Democratic Governor Ann Richards, no surprise they were good friends.

      You are right, I went to read some Molly Ivins, and it cheered me up. Too bad she is no longer with us...we need more Molly Ivins in the world... particularly in Texas during these trying times (imbeciles in our Texas legislature, Supreme Court, and practically all political positions).


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