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Terlingua Dreams
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Thursday, May 5, 2022

A tale of two cities

Yesterday afternoon the city alarms from Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila - México went off about ten minutes before strong storms hit our area. Long-time readers of my blog know I live on the southern tip of Val Verde County about five minutes from the International Bridge.  I, therefore, hear their alarms before I hear the ones from Del Rio. I still do not know if ours went off and the local online webpage that masquerades as our newspaper made no reference to it or if there was any damage in the city.

I have been busy all day trying to organize my grocery stock and fighting with the cats so I had not had time to watch the news. My uncle who lives in Mexico City called this evening very worried about what had happened in Ciudad Acuña. Understandably, I asked him...what happened?  He said he had just seen a news clip about a terrible storm that hit Ciudad Acuña last night but would not know any more until the evening news.

I went online to El Zócalo newspaper's webpage and found that the rain amounts, as well as damage, were much worse than the rain amounts reported here.  KENS 5 reported we received 2.3 inches but nothing else.

Ciudad Acuña received 6.5 inches of rain in less than an hour and hail up to 1.5 inches. There was city-wide flooding, fallen trees, swollen creeks, and streets that resembled rivers.  I know this article is in Spanish but pictures do not need translation https://www.zocalo.com.mx/tromba-dano-mas-de-70-viviendas-en-acuna/

This article makes reference to Del Rio receiving hail up to 1.5 inches in diameter and images of a thin tornado. There is also a video of a car being carried away by the strong currents in Cd. Acuña https://www.zocalo.com.mx/causa-tormenta-caos-y-destrozos/

I am glad that as far as I know nothing that severe occurred in Del Rio. I hope no one was impacted by the bad weather that still lingers this evening in other parts of the nation.

Mom's front yard

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Glad you stayed Safe. That is strange weather but it's not unusual.
    I recall standing on a road and sticking my hand into the Rain. I was dry my hand wet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    Its about time.

    1. It is strange that being twin cities separated by only an international border, the damage in México was more severe than in the US side. However, not unusual as in August 1998 remnants of Tropical Storm Charly stalled over Del Rio dumping over a foot an a half of water in ten hours which flooded the city but it was felt more in Del Rio than in Ciudad Acuña. There was a lot damage, and over 20 people lost their lives due to flooding.

  2. "the local online webpage that masquerades as our newspaper" :-)
    Hope it was worth the try.

    1. I try to cut the webpage owner some slack as he is publishing this free weekly magazine with his own money, and he is not even from Del Rio which is more to his credit.

      I do believe both you and JudithK sent me the New York Times article about the demise of our former newspaper, The Del Rio News-Herald, after over 100 years in the community and how this guy decided to start a new one, but it is not very informative as it is expensive to hire reporters.

      As I am typing this, I still do not know if there was damage in Del Rio. I only heard of 65 mph winds at Laughlin Air Force Base, and that was from a TV station in San Antonio.

  3. That was a lot of water and water can be very dangerous, it so powerful when it is on the move. So happy your moms house didn't flood from all the water in the yard. With how crazy the weather has been I wonder what our monsoon season is going to be. We sure need the rain but when it comes so fast and hard it has nowhere to go because the ground is so hard from lack of rain. Stay safe!
    Love both the meme's

    1. Any time you receive so much rain at once after being in a drought, it is bound to flood because as you mention the ground is so hard.

      During the height of the storm, you could not see anything but water in the front yard. I am sure it was the same in back, but I did not look out the kitchen window because of the wind and lighting. The picture of the front yard was taken long after the storm had passed.

      Glad you enjoyed the meme's :-)

    2. Glad you made it through. I saw the storm on the radar and wondered. Not entirely out of altruism, I've seen in the past that if storms systems can hold together, we benefit from rain in Del Rio. We got nada. But we were as hot as you today!!
      Sounds like you should go to Zocala for the local news. Poor guy in DR trying to run a news service on his own. Our actual paper newspaper is and has been struggling for a long time. Threre are a couple of internet sites, one financed by who knows, and the other by a local radio station. And they update on a daily basis. Otherwise, I go to local FB pages from various offical departments...

      I do hope some of that water soaked in a bit.

    3. Yesterday the heat was brutal it reached 107 degrees, it was sunny, and humid, so it felt hotter. Carrizo Springs was 108, followed by Eagle Pass 109, needless to say the A/C worked overtime...I am afraid to get the bill :-(

      I usually check El Zocaló a couple times a week as they post more Del Rio news than the "830Times" that guy's online webpage.

      Mr. Joe's wife (our neighbor) gets her news from her son and daughter-in-law, who in turn, get it from Facebook. I don't do social media it is bad enough with my cable news channels that are constantly vying for my attention.

    4. We had 107 as well. Argh. I don't do FB as a member, but often local fire departments, police, city, sheriff, etc have FB pages and sometimes post about what's going on. And anybody can look without signing up for FB. I don't do any other looking except at cafes. Ha.

    5. I was going to do a blog post Saturday with a map of Texas and all its hellish temperatures but watched Saturday Night Live instead with its "spot-on opener".

      Had no idea you could look up things on FB without joining, is it something new? A long time ago someone sent me a link and it would not let me.


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