Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Humid / Drizzly / Severe Storm

It has been very humid this week and mornings have been drizzly including today. I could not put off my errands any longer so headed to town this morning. My first stop was the post office, I thought with the real estate bubble about to burst and the rise in interest rates I would not be hearing from flippers any longer...I was WRONG...most of my mail was from them. At least they have given up on calling me and I have to credit my wonderful answering machine that screens all calls and even if they manage to leave a message I don't return their calls.

Back in early February, I considered using up the six-month grocery stash that I have maintained during the past two years due to Covid and just keep a one to two month supply on hand. Then Putin's invasion of Ukraine happened, inflation escalated, and now you can not go on YouTube without seeing prepper videos come up as suggested viewing.

With my insomnia, I have stayed up late watching a bunch of them so to make a long story short...I am back to my six-month stash going on eight-month just in case.  

My second stop was HEB where I managed to pick up a couple more items and had the good sense to bring in my umbrella. I was just about to check out when my phone notified me I had an e-mail (I only turn on my phone when I leave the house) and it just happened to be from HEB Pharmacy letting me know my prescriptions were ready. I was so happy as I saved myself a return trip to town.

On my way to the post office, gasoline at HEB was going for $3.69 a gallon for unleaded gasoline. Two hours later on my way home, it had gone up twenty cents to $3.89 a gallon.

I will upload some pictures of my purchases tomorrow as I am too tired to email them to myself tonight.

The weather forecasters had predicted strong storms from México reaching the border with the possibility of tornados, heavy rains, strong winds, and hail. Since these are San Antonio channels they told their audience not to worry as they did not think it would reach the Alamo city. 

We did get all that but lucky for our area only pea-size hail. However, Laughlin Air Force Base on the east side of town had winds that reached 65 mph. I was shocked to hear one weatherman (KENS 5) say they got it WRONG! Not only did it hit along the border but all the way to San Antonio.

Understandably, they focused on that and not on what happened in Del Rio so I do not know how much rain we received but we had a pool in the front yard. I estimate we received between one to two inches.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. We're not stocked up that far and the store shelves have been full so we are not too worried.
    Fuel prices here are keeping our travels to a minimum.
    It's nice that you are now getting the Rain that you didn't get during the Winter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. With Putin supposedly suffering from cancer he has nothing to lose aside from his worthless little life and as bad as this war is going for him I would not put it past him to attack the USA for all the help we are giving Ukraine.

      In Del Rio when HEB and Walmart close for Thanksgiving and Christmas the whole town shows up in droves as if the stores were not closing for one day but weeks. I can not imagine what it would be like if we were under attack. I figure I rather be safe than sorry.

      The rain was needed but now the weeds, mosquitoes, and ants are having a field day...it is always something...:-(

  2. Glad you got the rain. I thought about you when I looked at the radar last night. Very glad you didn't get any damage. We got zip, nada. As usual lately.

    1. I'm sorry you did not get any rain, I figured since you are farther north of us you would have certainly received some. This being our rainy season I am sure you will soon get your share.

  3. Nice to receive more rain there. It's bone dry here lots of fires.
    I just did a check of my supplies since I had to go shopping. But a few things of really no importance got tossed. Had to do a load up shopping though. Gas is still $4.36 to 4.46.

    1. With all the bad weather we have been experiencing in Texas the TV stations have not reported on the fires in Arizona or New Mexico and just concentrated on what is going on in our state. Hope you get some rain soon to control them.

      Gasoline is certainly going up everywhere. Greedy gasoline companies making a killing in profits but do not want to lower their prices to help out their customers.


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