Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Federal Credit Union / Ollie's Haul

For the past five years, I have been considering joining one of the local Federal Credit Unions. While I am a member of one through my last employer it is located in Amarillo, Texas and I have never been to one of their branches in person. My interaction with them is either through the telephone or by mail.

Today I finally bit the bullet and headed to the branch closest to the house. It has been at least two decades since I opened a bank account and had forgotten how long it took and all the paperwork involved. I will still keep my account at my old bank as they have branches in Houston.

Now that Dollar Tree has become the $1.25 Dollar Tree, I do not go as frequently as I can find things like dishwashing liquid, soap, and other items for less than a dollar at Ollie's. I died laughing as the first thing that greeted me coming through the door was the My Pillow guy...I would not accept it if they gave it for free! 😝

I would accept one of these recycle bags selling for $1.00...

Anti-Fatigue mats are expensive and this week they had them for a very reasonable $5.99 each.  Cheaper than Walmart and Wayfair.

With my plantar fasciitis, my feet get tired fast when I do the dishes or when I make a feeble attempt at cooking. Ollie's has a lot of As Seen on TV merchandise at very reasonable prices. Today I spent $2.99 on Copper Anti-Fatigue Foot Sleeves.

They only had men's Dr. Scholl's shoe inserts but I bought them anyway for $3.99.

Purchased another boot and shoe tray this time they were a dollar cheaper than the previous ones I bought.

I did not purchase these USB fans but I might go back and buy them...

The past three days we have been in triple digits and that is going to continue. Monday, May 16th...

Today, May 17th ...

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. It's been amazing some of the things we are now finding at Dollar Stores.
    That heat seems to be concentrated right over your area of the state.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. While Ollie's is not necessarily a dollar store they are one of America's largest retailers of closeout merchandise and excess inventory. They sell from books to furniture and everything in between at very reasonable prices.

  2. We're running right along with you on the heat. 105 is predicted for tomorrow. Sigh. But at least the alleged cool front will get here bySunday they say. Glad you got some good shopping done. Let me know how those foot sleeves work.....

    1. I always seem to ask myself during triple-digit temperature days why am I still in Texas? I do not have an answer for that :-(

      I am jealous of the van ladies that follow the cool weather during the summers before making their way back to Flagstaff, Arizona for the winter months. Then again I am not sure I would be happy in such tight quarters though many seem to like it and thrive under those conditions. I much prefer a house and cold air conditioning.

      Yes, at least we have hopes that the Canadian front will arrive Sunday bringing with it a chance of rain and temperatures in the high 80s which would be a great relief from what they currently are.

      You just reminded me that I have not done a review on the Plantar Fasciitis Night Support either...soon?

    2. Whenever you are inclined, I am interested in the foot thing..
      You should be cooler today. Yes!?!!

    3. Sorry, I did not go online yesterday and just saw your comment this morning. I will do a review soon.

  3. If I walked in the door of that store and that fools pillows where right there I would have told them I'd be back when they were gone and left.
    Glad he has been reduced to having to sell his crappy pillows in a cheap store.
    I am giving more thought to van life every day. Just found out they are putting in a 300 family subdivision right behind my house. When I
    bought here I was told they could never build back there. Never believe anything. But anyway like you I need cold A/C right now I'm still able to use my cooler but these triple digits are already more than I can take. I wish I could head to Flagstaff believe me.

    1. Lol JO, you made my afternoon! I would be giving too much credit to that fool if I walked out because of his worthless pillows but I wondered the same thing...doesn't he buy up tons of commercial time on "State TV"? Even at Ollie's, they were selling for $19.98 but even if they were free I would not take one.

      That is terrible that they are putting that big family subdivision behind your house but even worse that they lied about a future development ever being built.

      I love watching the YouTube videos of the lady vandwellers and how they face the challenges that they do. I had no idea that many traveled together for company and protection. I prefer the middle age ladies who have their wits about them. Some of the younger gals, I worry about their mental health, and some frankly should not be on the road at all.

      Stay cool.


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