Terlingua Dreams

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Damaged country roads / Walmart

I had to drive to the post office this afternoon and noticed there was a lot of damage on the country roads due to the recent rains. They were already bad to begin with, now they are terrible. Even the city streets had a new crop of potholes.

As I passed Chick-fil-A all the purple sage blooms were gone I suppose due to the Monday storms. I was going to go to Ollie's but decided to first pass by Walmart to check their gasoline prices. Found it to be the same as HEBs and equally busy. My long-time readers know that I will NOT wait in long lines.

I wanted to stop at Dairy Queen for a tasty meal but decided to bite the bullet and instead went inside Walmart and bought two large bags of salad. 😢

Found two family-size bags that were discounted. To my surprise, they tasted pretty good. 👍

I wanted to buy an onion but they were expensive and sad looking...

The price of a dozen eggs has gone down but I still passed.

I cruised the camping aisle hoping that this Coleman Butane Stove had been discounted but it had not...I may still purchase it for my future camping trips...will give it another month.

At least they had plenty of butane canisters as in some of the Prepper Channels I watch they are warning their viewers to stock up on them.

Today was mostly cloudy and humid with a high of only 88 degrees. The six o'clock news mentioned that in Alpine, Texas it was 64 degrees. For those not familiar with Texas...Alpine is 80 miles from Terlingua.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. Hopefully this time your roads will get fixed.
    Even though your fuel prices look high we'd love to have them that low.
    Be Safe and Enjoy planning ahead.

    It's about time.

    1. We live out in the county and the last time they paved our roads was about ten or twelve years ago. They usually just do patchwork that is why the rains did a number on them.

      I love our current gasoline prices but after the midterm elections, they are sure to go up.

  2. Was that price for 18pk of eggs? I sure would have grabbed one. The price of onions is crazy but that was price for 1 avocado in Walmart and I knew it wouldn't be any good. Your price is great, but I hear it is going go up again. I didn't pay that much for my stove but I bought it over a year ago. I love it it is so light weight. I have plenty of butane, since I thought I was going somewhere when I bought the stove haha. Oh and no baby yet mothers blood pressure went down so I guess they want the baby to stay a little longer in her cocoon, she would be early if they did a c section now.

    1. I did not check the price for an 18-pack of eggs only saw the one for a dozen which was $2.39. I could kick myself for not buying the butane stove last year when it was under twenty dollars and the canisters were not as high as they are now.

      Thank you for the update on baby Viviana perhaps mother nature wants her to stay put for a while longer. Hope her mom's blood pressure is stabilized soon, please keep us updated.


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