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Monday, September 26, 2022

Sunday trip to Walmart / $2.99 gasoline

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Last week I ordered two items online at Walmart.com since the lower price was applicable only if you happen to order that way. It initially told me I would not receive it until this Wednesday Sept 28th but got an email Friday afternoon that I could go pick it up at the local Walmart. My order was spilt into two and Saturday afternoon got an email that the other item had been delivered to my P.O. Box.

I am not crazy to go to Walmart on a Saturday afternoon so opted for Sunday morning and glad I did since there were few customers at that time. I had no idea that they had closed the counter where you could walk in and pick up your order. You now have to park in a designated area in the back left side of the building and call them to let them know you have arrived. You can also check in with their App but I don't have it and do not plan to get it.

I was running low on bread, salad, avocados, and raisins for my cereals so decided to go inside. Last month I had bought some marked down salads and I was surprised how much I liked them. This morning they only had one so I snapped it up.

Earlier this month I had bought a mesh bag of 6 small avocados for $2.98 that same bag now only had 5 small avocados for $2.66 or .53 cents each which is still a good deal.

The prepper channels urge you to buy tomatoes as they will be in short supply. I prefer to buy canned diced tomatoes and tomato sauce...even the cheap brands have gone up in price.

I have never heard of this brand

Hunt's was expensive...

I had no idea that Ragú made so many different kinds of spaghetti sauce...

Extra Virgin Olive Oil...is getting pricier, I am glad I bought some earlier this year for my salads.

The butane stove I want is five dollars cheaper online but if I have gone without one for 26 years I suppose I do not need one now. 

Butane canisters are also expensive...

I had to smile when I saw this bag...

Good idea but when I buy wine it is usually in a cardboard box 😄 I read glass to make beer and wine bottles is also in short supply. The Del Rio Recycling Center will not take glass but you can recycle cardboard.

The last time I was here they had very little inventory of water. This morning they had plenty but it was of the 32 and 40 bottle packs. While I can get a worker or a customer to help me place it in my shopping cart or in my vehicle...who is going to help me to get it down at home...the cats?

Eggs have gone down in price...$2.57 for a dozen large eggs. Decided to buy some Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast bowls instead.

I did not buy much but still spent $37.76 ...

I got a chuckle from this license plate...Mr. DC...a politician perhaps?

Gasoline has finally gone under $3.00 a gallon though I have no idea for how long.

It was a wasted weekend as I could not motivate myself to do much needed yardwork. This morning to my surprise it rained for a while and I did not even have my water catchment tubs in place.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. Boy if Aunty Acid doesn't always hit the nail on the head!!
    Why are these companies making these huge packages of things. The dog food is the same and this week they didn't have the brand I feed Fred, except for a 20lb bag. And who is going to carry that!?
    I did a big grocery haul this week so I should be good except for fresh veggies at the end of the week unless I cook enough to last into next week, that's my goal anyway.
    The lowest I have seen gas was $3.05 and of course I have a full tank.

    1. I have to agree Aunty Acid always has an appropriate meme for almost any occasion :-)

      I suppose most families have four or more members so buying in bulk is more economical for them and that is who the big box stores are catering to...not small families or single people.

      I buy 44 lb bags of cat food at Tractor & Supply but I have them place it upright on the passenger side so when I get home I can bring out my plastic containers (old yogurt & ice cream ones) and fill them up until the bag is light enough for me to bring inside.

      I filled up last week at HEB at $3.03 a gallon so I was not able to take advantage of this great low price. I see your gasoline prices are going down finally!

      Off-topic I wanted to ask you how your new weeding tool was working out...after the rain on Monday, the weeds have gotten even taller. :-(

    2. Do mean the bug spray ahahah it didn't work at all. I did buy weed spray but they must have cut out something because it has been 5 days and the weeds are just starting to turn yellow. And of course it poured down a couple of times today. We also had a couple of days of wind so I couldn't respray.

    3. No, I was wandering about the weed pole you bought that you said looked like a golfing club.

    4. Oh I only used to twice last year because I let the weeds go and had to cut them down, it worked really well.

    5. Thanks for your reply JO. I went to my trusted YouTube to see how to use one but found two different kinds of manual weed wackers...

      and this other one...which is eye candy for the ladies :-)


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