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Terlingua Dreams
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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Val Verde County Property Taxes / Flu Shot / Long lines

I woke up Friday morning to some powerful wind gusts and waited until 1:00 p.m. for them to die down before I went to run my errands. First on the list was to pay our property taxes at the Val Verde County Courthouse. For the past two or three years, it has been a mess and tax statements did not even go out until November last year but I came down anyway so I could get our discount for paying them in the month of October.

This year they were sent out the last week of October but since I drive down to the post office once or maybe twice a week if I am expecting something I do not know exactly which day they arrived. I was very surprised to find a LONG line of people there for the same reason. We in Del Rio are not used to long lines especially retired people such as myself. The line was made up mostly of women who shocked me when someone came in and wanted to walk directly up to the three payment windows...they would yell at them and tell them to go to the back of the line....jajajaja...😄

Though they had three windows open, one clerk had a closed sign on her window, and another had a lady that was there when I arrived and was at the same window almost the entire time I was in line. Needless to say, the women were all commenting on why this lady was taking so long.

I made my payments and was given four envelopes but I paid for five so I thought perhaps she had placed two in one envelope as that is the way they mail two of the lots. By now my feet were killing me so took a seat on the bench next to the license plate division and checked on it. Sure enough, she forgot to give me a receipt for one of the lots so I sat there waiting for the line to go down before I rejoined it.

At least I had the check number to prove I had paid it. In past year's blog entries, I mentioned that I could not believe how many elderly property owners pay with cash, and this year the trend continues...that is so dangerous!

The clerk apologized for her mistake and handed me my receipt and told me that I should have just gone up to her window and not stood in line again. Fat chance I was going to do that with those aggressive women!

For the past couple of days, I have been looking for my Covid-19 vaccination card but have not been able to find it. Hopefully, the four vaccines I have previously been administered will keep me healthy until I can locate it. I went to HEB and got a flu shot instead. Here I encountered another long line but at least they had chairs to mitigate the wait. Again most were senior women I only saw one young lady in her twenties.

I had every intention of going to Ollie's but my plantar fasciitis did not agree...so I came home 😒

Just Thursday gasoline at HEB had gone up a dime to $3.159 for a gallon of unleaded gas. Friday that same gallon went down by .12 cents to $3.039...what a roller coaster ride!

Today's Aunty Acid is a day late since I failed to make a post last night but I think we can all identify with it. Happy Belated Internet Day!

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. I take Covid and Flu vaccinations very seriously and to this day I still wear a mask when I go out. I had considered taking both shots but as I mentioned I could not find my vaccine card and after reading about your reaction I am glad I didn't.

    The nurse that administered my flu shot only asked if I had had my prior vaccines at HEB there would be a record but I told her they had been administered by the Texas National Guard and my last booster at my doctor's office. I wonder why she did not mention there would not be any space to record the third booster shot. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  2. I kept thinking my Dr. was mistaken when she said I needed to get the booster shot, as I didn't know there is a 3rd now. Sure glad I didn't get it the same time as my flu shot because I had a nasty reaction and felt terrible to for 2 days. I think they gave me the heavy duty shot because I have COPD. I keep my card in my wallet with a list of meds I take. I don't know if you can get the little cards and case at your fire dept. I have a larger one that has a magnet on the back and it stays on the fridge door, the small one fits really nice in my wallet.

    1. President Biden recently had his third booster shot on October 25th and it was televised. https://www.cnn.com/2022/10/25/politics/biden-updated-covid-booster
      I try to not carry anything of importance in my purse including cash. I am lucky if I have three dollars on me at any time.

    2. Thank you for the clarification Mr. Souze.


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