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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Winter Blast 2023

Today is the third day of our Winter Blast 2023. While it can not compare to our February 2021 Texas Freeze it is cold and drizzly. We get our television coverage from San Antonio, Texas a city 144 miles east of Del Rio. Therefore, most of our coverage is of that city even though the icy and colder weather has been more prevalent in the northern part of the state.

These were our temperatures last night on the evening news. Many of you that live in northern states or in Canada are probably rolling your eyes thinking this would be a warm front in your area. 😊

Even HEB in the Texas Hill Country closed two hours early yesterday.

There have been a lot of accidents since the winter blast began on Monday.

A Boerne, Texas police squad car was hit sending the officer to the emergency room...he is fine.

This trailer carrying cars...

No snow just a lot of ice that brought down trees which in turn brought down power lines leaving many in the dark without electricity. We were fortunate to have not lost power. I hope all my readers are doing fine and are safe.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams and please bundle up.

Aunty Acid


  1. Quite a bit farther to the north, but we've lucked out. There WAS ice on the roads of course, but nothing dreadful happened this morning. Both days it has turned to slush. But all the local police had to do was report 30 accidents this morning, all just fender benders. Anyway everything was shut down yesterday and today - nobody went anywhere, except for intrepid souls who had to or just wanted to.
    And by noon tomorrow it will all be over.

    1. I thought of you since I know you live farther north. I am glad that you are OK and did not lose power like everyone else in cities with older established trees that succumbed to the weight of the ice and took down the power lines.

      Too bad that did not happen here would have loved to have lost all the "pesky mesquite trees" to the weather and not have to deal with those god-awful trees!

    2. Ha. I'm not sure a mesquite would break in the worst ice storm ever. I'm serious. We did get a layer of freezing rain middle of the night and toward dawn, but it was not enough to damage anything. And now, it is warming up!!

    3. I believe you, Jo, once said that those hedious trees could survive a 500-year drought. There is no doubt in my mind that they could. Just like roaches...you can not get rid of them...grrrrrrrr!

      We got some rain in the middle of the night though I do not think it froze. The sun came out late this afternoon, warming up the atmosphere. It should be in the 70's by Sunday.

    4. I have a friend in Austin who is still without power. He said he was among the remaining 1700 who still need to be put online.Oddly enough, all his neighbors across the street have never lost it. They have been generous to the unlucky ones...the odd street numbers. The even street numbers have just been fine and dandy throughout. Though tree limbs are down everywhere.

    5. I saw on the news today that there were still many customers in Austin without power. It is a good thing his neighbors are being generous.

      I had the same thing happen to me when I lived in Houston. I did not have power but my neighbors across the street did. It was during a Category 1 hurricane but with my CRS I do not recall the year or the name :-(

  2. Dang you sure are getting hit hard this winter. Happy to hear you didn't lose power! This morning was very strange here yes it was cold but the sky looked strange and the mountains behind me and in front had very low clouds and could barely be seen. I thought maybe it was snowing on them. Later when I went out again around 9am it moved closer and I realized it was fog. I had to go pick up some meds and hoped it wouldn't get any worse for the return trip. But luckily it was rolling back up towards the mountains.
    Stay warm!

    1. It has been unpleasantly cold this winter...maybe this is the end of it? With global warming you never know. I have watched some YouTube Quartzsite videos where they are complaining of the unusual temperatures and moving to warmer parts of Arizona for the winter.

      Off subject, have you ever attended a Bob Wells RTR?

  3. No I have never attended any of his RTR's as I have never gone to Quartzsite. I have been tempted but the route there is long with lots of traffic. It is all dirt and when the wind blows that dirt is everywhere. Just not my thing. But it must be great since the same people go all the time. It gets really crowded.

    1. I have never been to his RTR's but like you tempted to attend. I have no problem with dirt and wind as those are almost the same circumstances I face when I attend the Terlingua Chili Cookoff.

      Terlingua is not for everyone but the brave souls that attend keep on going year after year just like the folks at Quartzsite. In Terlingua, it is held at a private ranch but the camping area is limited. At least the Quartzsite crowd has a large area to spread out in.


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