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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A ride down Vega Verde Road

I have mentioned in the past that my mother lives in southern Val Verde County, we are closer to Mexico than we are to Wal-Mart.  When my parents were contemplating building a home, they had a choice of where we currently live or in Vega Verde Estates known to the locals as The Vega.

There have little ranchettes complete with horses and livestock.  The gravel as well as the cement plant are located here.

Most homes face the Rio Grande and have a great view of the river as well as of the hills in Mexico. This is the only sub-division in Del Rio along the banks of the Rio Grande...the rest are private ranches that have been in the same family for years and that have no public access.

An RV pad with beautiful vistas

The hills in Mexico

See how close Mexico is

This is the end of the road and a private ranch.  When my dad bought our lot back in the 70's he bought it from a man that lived here.  Have no idea if this was part of his land or if he was just a real estate agent or both.

Since the end of the road sits on high ground you can get a good view of the Rio Grande.

 This house has a super big rain catchment tank as there is no city water in this sub-division.

On a post I did last year I mentioned that we have no idea where exactly our property is located. Well we do know more or less where it is...what we do not know is the exact boundaries of our land. Our lot is close to three other lots with out-of-state owners (California). We have all let the carrizo take over for years so it is not likely we can step foot on our property.  Need to have it surveyed so I do not make the mistake of clearing another persons lot :-(

We think it is in this area

With my luck it would be this one with the mesquite trees I hate!

Seems like someone made an attempt to mark their lot
The area being on the Mexican border has a high presence of Border Patrol agents as well as other law enforcement agencies.

There are a lot of big as well as small houses, trailers, RV's, mobile homes, vans even school buses used as housing in this area...it all depends on your budget and creativity.  We even have El Alamo!

This time of the year the road is dressed up in what is known in Mexico as "Flores del Dia del Muerto" translation..."Flowers of the Day of the Dead".

I was worried about the railroad bridge having low clearance for an RV ( I had Sally da House in mind) but if cement trucks can get by and all those motor homes in the sub-division made it...no reason why she wouldn't either.

See Billy Bob...I am always looking out for your best interest.  Once I clear the lot, you and Sadie Mae can come park here, fish and launch Bubba boat  Although on second thought,  maybe launching Bubba would not be a good idea as the river current may take you down to Falcon Lake and I would have to call the big guns to come fetch you guys out of the river :D

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Looks inviting - time to get the survey!

    1. would u be interested in another property on the vega? i have mine for sale, asking price is 7500.00, currently listed with remax, but i don't think they have a sign in front of it, but its on their web site, remax del rio texas, i am from illinois, don't see this in my future any longer need to sell

    2. Midwestwinter - welcome to my blog.

      Thank you for your kind offer but at this time I am not interested in another property on the Vega.

      What I would really like, is to sell my property and buy my little piece of heaven in Terlingua, Texas.

      Hope you find a buyer soon and thank you for stopping by.

  2. Howdy TD,
    You might want to get the property surveyed, IF IT CAN BE... Joyce 'bought' 2.4 acres of land at a tax auction(still pays the tax on it), BUT when a property across the street sold the surveyors TOOK IN HER ACREAGE and fenced it in... The county judge just laffed when she asked about it and said property lines in that town were all messed up and she'd have to spend a bunch of $$$$ to get it straightened out... I can't get her to quit paying the taaxes and the place has sold AGAIN, WITH HER LAND !!!!!
    Glad you 'measured' the underpass, so I now know the GB will fit....
    When did the river get that much water in it??? Is that the Colorado floodwater??
    Hope you find enuff campi' gear to make do at the Terlingua PARTYTIME !!!!

    1. That is the downside about buying land at auctions. Hope Joyce can get that problem resolved because once they fence the property in and X number of years go by it becomes theirs.

      I presume the Colorado flood waters might have something to do with it but don't quote me on that.

      As far as the camping stuff, the first four years I started attending the cook-off, I did not have camping gear. Just slept in my van and had a great time but I must admit that having some sure makes my stay there more comfortable but it is not a requirement nor will it keep me from going :)

  3. Dang, that bridge looks pretty low to me. My motorhome is a little over 12 feet tall and some fifthwheelers are taller than that. May have to let the air out of the tires to go under that one (grin).

    1. Wow, 12 feet tall is pretty tall. I need to go take a look and see what the actual height is.

    2. Yea Dizzy after driving 42 across this country I look twice and get out... As for that railroad bridge it sure looks like a ten footer to me...

    3. I think you might be right Joey...it does kind of look like a ten footer.


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