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Monday, March 12, 2012

My Daily Fix

Some people have a need for their morning caffeine, others for their daily nicotine still others for an afternoon or evening adult beverage (s) to relieve a stressful day.

My daily fix is laughter.  It is something that my body as well as my soul craves. Laughter relieves all my stress as well as my pent up emotions. If only for a while it helps me forget those pesky little problems we all encounter in our daily lives.

It is no wonder that I am a fan of Late Night as well as Late Late Night Talk Shows.  Sometimes I even have to question why I watch some of the ones that I do, that being because some can be so lame.  However, every once in a while they actually have a good show…go figure.

Tonight was one of those fortunate nights, at least in my humble opinion that David Letterman actually had a GREAT show.  It did not hurt that he had Will Farrell as a guest.  For all of you that have come to “know me” in the blogging sphere these past three years and three months…you know that I do not go to the movies, have not done so since the late 80’s.

After watching tonight’s show I think I would actually go see the movie Will Farrell was promoting “La Casa de Mi Padre”.  You know Farrell is funny…now imagine him not only speaking in Spanish but singing in Spanish as well…that is just a recipe for a hilarious movie.  You know how they always show a clip? Well I laughed till my side hurt, and that was just the clip, can you imagine the whole movie?

I would like to welcome Don’s Doin to the blog.  Thank you for signing on as a follower.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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