Terlingua Dreams

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Day Shot to Hell

I was so worried about the darn car battery I barely slept.  Triple A sent a lady to jump-start my car.  She ran three tests and told me that I needed to drive around for an hour without stopping so it could re-charge.  Just what I needed, to drive for an hour with no destination and at today’s high gas prices.

The thought of a drive to Galveston did cross my mind for a minute…but only for a minute as it was close to 1:00 p.m. and my return trip would put me smack down on I-45 rush hour traffic.

So where to go?  I-45 north seemed like a good choice.  Decided to pay a visit to Huntsville State Park, since it is an hours drive from my house.  I think the drought in this part of Texas is over, everything was green and thriving. Got to the park but they had an entrance fee so I turned around and headed back home.

Found a Shell station selling gas for $3.79 a gallon and decided to fill up.  Even though I had driven for two hours without stopping, I did not want to take any chances so I filled up with the car running.  I needed to go buy groceries that are so much cheaper here than in Del Rio but was afraid the car would not start back up.

My shed was broken into again, this makes four times that I know of…this time I decided to file a police report.  Got a really nice sheriff’s deputy but I was baffled that after he took my report, he walked over to a neighbor’s house and talked to the lady that answered the door.  Sure hope she doesn’t think I told him I suspected it was her, because I did not.  I do not even know her, but the Town Crier told me she has two worthless sons that do not work or go to school and that hang around in the now vacant house next to mine.

Sure hope tomorrow is a better day and that I can cross off many more things from my To Do List.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Your break in situations sounds exactly like San Antonio. Every time I pulled out of the yard to go on a little trip, the house or garage was broke into. Costed many thousand dollars. Well, maybe not that many. Police would show up, look around, get in their car and they was gone...poooof,just like that. Your neighbor sounds the same too.

    1. I guess there is nothing the police can really do about it specially since I have no idea when it took place as I had not been home since December.

  2. super glue a few tiny treble hooks to the shed door latch....just DO NOT FORGET when YOU go to unlock it.

    Just an idea...


    1. Must admit I had to google "treble hooks". I have no door latch. I had a hasp with a lock but they broke it, installed another one and the same thing happened so I just gave up and put a cement block and a piece of 2x4 to keep the door from opening.

      This time they took some interesting items, a stair stepper, my mother's old walking cane, two bed comforters, camp wood and tupperware. Sounds kind of odd for male punks to take.

  3. Last time i had a theft here, i almost didn't even call it in, knew it wouldn't do any good.

    1. That is why I had never reported prior break-ins but enough is enough.

      I know they will never catch them but at least there is a police record to document it.


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