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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Computer Problems

I think my poor computer may be on its last leg. I cannot complain as it has lasted me eight plus years.  I keep on getting that dreaded blue screen.  It is slow to begin with so I wanted to download a program to help speed it up and clean up my hard drive at the same time. What I ended up doing was to make it worst.  I think it was Aros 2012 or something like that.

This program would not let me leave its website nor could I remove it.  I have a little netbook but I don’t have Word on that and I need it in order to write my post.  Actually the netbook does not have much of anything, I use it when I need to make a call on Skype or MagicJack but for that I have to drive into town so I can be close to the Cricket tower.

I went to the public library yesterday only to find that they were fixing the main computers. They did have a couple available but instead of the 30-minute limit these were only available for 20 minutes.  The library has high speed internet but for some reason they were super slow and there was no way I was going to be able to do a post within the time allotted so I decided to read some of my favorite blogs before I got booted.

Guess it makes you appreciate your home computer more when you can be on it as long as you please. So if you don’t see me around, you know why.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. I recommend that you copy off anything of value (if you can get to it now) from the original computer. Reinstall the operating system, which gives you a clean slate. Alternatly, if it is a desktop you can take the hard drive out and put it as a second drive on another machine and get rid of the software you accidently installed. Or, if you can, revert to a previous install point if you have a version of Windows that supports that. If all this is geek to you. sigh.

    For a free Office suite for the netbook, download LibreOffice which is actually better than Microsoft Office as well as being free. It is what I have on my netbook. It reads all M$Office documents and saves in a format that M$Office will read if necessary.

    And don't download software to 'speed up' your hard drive. Ask me and I'll try to walk you through how to do it. sorry. I get frustrated that companies out there take advantage of less knowledgeable users, and these days you almost have to do this for a living (I do) to keep up with what is legitimate and what isn't.

  2. Thank you for your recommendations Shadowmoss. My computer is an old HP laptop that has served me well.

    I have copied all the files of value just in case. I had never heard of LibreOFfice but FREE sure sounds good to me and it would give me a program to be able to write my blogs using the Netbook.

    Thank you kindly.

  3. You can already use notepad on the netbook, and probably has wordpad as well (I'm assuming you have a Windows netbook). Look under accessories.

    1. I used notepad on today's post ( March 22, 2012) but it did not post as well as it does when I use Word.

  4. Well, creating a back up file could be ideal if you happen to have an old computer that functions just as that. Flash drive or external hard drive with a decent storage capacity is good enough to save your files from vanishing. And what’s better is you can also save your multimedia files like music, movies, photos and other important files.

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  5. Be it a home computer or a laptop, it’s our responsibility to take good care of it, especially because it holds very important files. Creating a backup copy is good, and it’s better to secure your files by regularly creating one. This assures that you won’t lose your files whenever your computer crashes or gets infected by malware.

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