Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Almost feel guilty for making this post...

In this part of West Texas, we have had absolutely wonderful weather almost Spring-like. Yesterday we had a high of 80 and today it got to 77 degrees Fahrenheit with sunny skies.  I know the rest of the nation is not as fortunate that is why in some small way I almost feel guilty for making this post.

I had to take advantage of the weather so did several loads. Unfortunately, I once again thru my back out and it is not like the laundry basket I was carrying was that heavy. I spent more energy trying to keep the cats from coming into the kitchen.

Talking about cats I have got to do something about Blanca (momma cat) she keeps on attacking her now grown brood and today she attacked the little kitty that has taken up residence here as well.  I had hoped that once I had her fixed she would mellow out but she has turned almost vicious.  If I yell or reprimand her she will hiss at me as well...talk about biting the hand that feeds you...grrrrrrrrr!!!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. We are also having good weather over here in east Texas. Sure do enjoy the warm days. A nice change from the hot, humid days of summer.

    1. Glad you are also enjoying this great weather Dizzy.

  2. OUR Spurs are back on track!

    Beautiful weather today.

    Texas Country Reporter had a story about a lady in deep south Texas who makes a cash crop of mesquite beans - mainly jelly, flour and protein type bars. The natives used every part of the tree from root to leaf calling it the "tree of Life". Root and leaf for medicinal purposes and the beans for food.


    1. It was a great game may even watch the rebroadcast if I do not fall asleep before then.

      Good for that lady but you know how I feel about mesquite in particular those nasty beans that I have to rake :-(


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