Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Car Wash / Post Office / San Felipe Lions Park / Little HEB

We have been experiencing strong wind gusts and the car has been caked with dirt for a while. Therefore my first stop was at the car wash. I then headed to the post office to pick up our mail.

Here I scold my uncle daily when he calls because he can't or won't stay home but on the flip side he always encourages me to LEAVE my house...hmmm, note to self...take him out of my will!

I had heard that Del Rio had once again opened up their parks but not the access to San Felipe Creek. I wish I could tell you the reason why but our local newspaper will only allow me to read the first couple of sentences without having to pay to read the entire article.

Glad to report that the locals were heeding the restrictions.

There was not a single person swimming in San Felipe Creek.

I was going to head home but since Little HEB is not too far away and we had already finished the ice cream I bought at Walmart last week...decided to go purchase another one...though Little HEB does not carry my favorite brand.

I needed some more pre-packaged salads but this store only carries the small ones which I had to settle for as I had NO plans to go to the main HEB much less to Walmart which is way in the north part of town.

Picked up some freshly-cut fruits as well.

I do not think I have to mention the other item I came in for as the selection on my last trip to Walmart was very disappointing.

There were plenty of dairy products and once again the price of eggs had gone down and were well stocked.

The bargain of the day was Hill Country Fare's Chunky Savory Beef Pot Roast for $1.18 a can.

They had good prices on store-brand cereals.

Plenty of toilet paper to choose from...

We had a low of 73 and a high of 99 degrees today.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Sounds like your uncle is using you as a test subject.
    Glad you got all your errands run Safely.
    Enjoy the solitude.

    It's about time.

    1. My uncle is an extrovert who loves to socialize and is always doing new things and going to different places despite the global pandemic we are living through.

      He can not understand why me being younger would choose to stay home when I can safely drive around in my car and get out of the house.

      I was once an extrovert but now choose to be an introvert and I am happy with my decision but he does not want to accept that...family drama :-)

  2. At least you got out to get your errands done. I saw a guy walking up my driveway this morning and then heard him call out hello. I went to the door and he said I have you grocery order. Today? Hmm I thought it was tomorrow. Oh well it's a good think I didn't head out to go for that chest xray. Maybe tomorrow.

    Your Uncle sounds like a character. But like you I used to be and extrovert too but not anymore and with this virus and staying put I blelieve I have gotten worse.

    1. JO, it is a good thing you were home in particular if you had ordered perishables or frozen items.

      My uncle is a character and because of that he is our favorite amongst my cousins and I. He is truly loved and we would do anything for him...expect go out with him in the middle of a pandemic :D

      I hope you can go get your chest x-ray tomorrow and be careful. I know your state is as bad as mine at this moment with surging COVID-19 cases.

  3. Sounds like a successful shopping trip. We don't have that brand of soup here. It looks good. And you can't go wrong with precut fruit.
    I think your remark about you once being an extrovert and now you are an introvert is very interesting. I once had to be the center of attention and couldn't stay home. Now I don't want to leave my house and I am content. I do love being on La Tasse with my friends but I can do that from my chair in my pajamas.
    Nearly every state has reported huge increases in Covid. Even here in Montana. It gets scarier every day. I think tRump wants it to spread massively in order to stop the election
    I saw where a woman suggested all people opposed to this rally sign up for it so tRump's supporters get blocked from going. He may very well be having a rally with very few supporters. I think it's brilliant and hope it works to stop those idiots.

    1. You have not heard of that name brand of soup because it is exclusive to HEB it is as good as Campbell's and much cheaper.

      I used to be the "the life of the party" but after more than a decade of moving back to this incredibly boring town I have mellowed down.

      "I think tRump wants it to spread massively in order to stop the election"...

      Exactly! You are the first person that has actually uttered what I believe to be the reason why he is now downplaying the massive spread of the Covid-19 virus and working so hard to make it difficult for people to vote by mail.

    2. "I saw where a woman suggested all people opposed to this rally sign up for it so tRump's supporters get blocked from going. He may very well be having a rally with very few supporters. I think it's brilliant and hope it works to stop those idiots."

      I took the weekend off from Cable News and the Internet and this morning when I saw the fiasco of his Tulsa rally I was so mad at myself for having done so. I would have relished having seen this live on TV.

      The image of him exiting the helicopter at the WH with his tie barely hanging on and that red hat in his hand looking disheveled and defeated perked me right up.

      Good for those teenagers on TikTok and Tweeter...I am proud of them!

  4. I do love looking at your photo of the San Felipe. What a wonderful thing to live near springs.....Clear running water.

    1. San Felipe Creek is one of the few gems we have. It is fed by San Felipe Springs and runs through several area parks making it accessible to many area residents.

      I found out today that Tuesday night there was an emergency City Council meeting were they voted 5 to 2 to open up the creek to the public once more.

      San Felipe Springs is the source of our local drinking water.

    2. If people will just stay 6' apart, it would be OK to open the creek up. But they probably won't. From what I've read, I think there's no Covid problem with swimming if people stay far apart. And probably no danger to your water supply....people take all sorts of bugs with them into the water, and the treatment plant should take care of it, as it does for many other things.

    3. I think you are right JudithK people can not seem to stay six feet apart. While they opened up the creek per the Mexican newspaper El Zócalo they closed it once more for Father's Day.

      I do not know if it will remain closed now that we have had a surge of Covid-19 cases in Val Verde County. I have watched on the San Antonio news networks that other creeks in the state have also closed with no announced re-opening date.

    4. We've had a few more cases here as well, much lower population than where you are. Lay low. If you have access to my email, I would like to hear from you as I have a question. Don't be ascared! It is not really a very private question....if not, that's fine too. Meanwhile, everyone appears to be going about their business as used to be usual whenever I am out. (Which is usually only in my car!) This may be a long haul.

    5. In the nine years I have had my blog I have gone through several e-mail addresses. With my CRS I do not recall if I ever got one from you but here it is...terlinguadreams at outlook.com

  5. I have watched him take that walk of shame from the heliocopter several times and it has cheered me up so much. So glad the event was turned into a political disaster for him. The plan worked! Or mostly. Still so many will be spreading the virus, but it could have been worse. And no one got shot or strangled. YouTube has dozens of videos of that walk ( crawl) back set to different tunes. Just hilarious. The Wheel of Fortune is on the downhill role for that clown.
    Pence was supposed to go but was "detained by bad weather" at the last minute. I guess he is slightly smarter than he looks. I laughed when I read that.
    I hear Texas Covid is out of control. I hope you will be safe, my friend.

    1. "The Walk of Shame"...is the exact name for it! Have watched it hundreds of time today on all the Cable networks as well as the Late Night Talk Shows this evening...and gleefully enjoyed each and every occasion!

      Had not heard Pence did not make it...yeap, not as stupid as he looks!

      Texas Covid-19 cases are way out of control and yet our dear Republican Governor will not make it obligatory for people to wear masks...is leaving it up to local authorities...thankfully ours are making it mandatory as well as local stores.

      Do not know why face masks that can literally save your life as well as those around us have become so politicized.

      On the few occasions I go out I put on my gloves, surgical mask, safety glasses on top of my regular glasses, and carry my disinfectant wipes, disinfectant spray, and hand sanitizer.

      Ate my last pre-packaged salad today but have no plans to leave the house to purchase some more...actually, I am glad I have no more :-)

      You stay safe as well Ms. Penny!


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