Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Library / Doctor's Office / Jerk / Walmart

With the high temperatures, we have been experiencing I had not had a chance to pick up trash along the outer fence line or tree limbs after the wind gusts the "cold front" brought yesterday. Today was trash day so I did not want to put it off much longer since the only good thing the cold front brought or rather took away was the humidity.

I decided to change doctors this year and while I like him his staff is so incompetent. I made copies of everything important and took them to my first doctor's visit. They somehow lost one of them...his nurse claims even the hospital does not have a copy of it (they are now affiliated with the only hospital we have in town).

I had to dig through my multiple boxes and go make copies at the County Library.  I have not been here since they closed during the pandemic so I did not know what to expect.  I called ahead and they told me the only requirement they had was that a face mask be worn at all times.

You can no longer make your own copies. You have to ask one of their employees to assist you...then get on another line to pay for said copies. Not a problem as there were very few people today.

I then went and sat down so I could organize my copies.  I took my own disinfectant wipes but was glad to see that as soon as a person got up from a desk or a computer they had someone wiping down the desk, chair, and computer keyboard. BTW while most stores are out of wipes Dollar Tree has plenty in stock.

Headed to the Clinic only to find a full parking lot and a line to get in. They had a nurse in full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) taking your temperature and asking questions before they allowed you to enter the building.

One man in line asked the nurse how long they had been doing this...she replied that they just started today because there were six new COVID-19 cases at the hospital...that perked up my ears!

Then, of course, there had to be a JERK who was getting irritated with the nurse and I was glad she stood up to him and said: "the questions I am asking you, I am asking everyone for your safety as well as the safety of everyone here and I would appreciate it if you were more respectful!"...good for her I almost wanted to clap!!!

Turns out this jerk had all the symptoms of Coronavirus and here I was in line with him. She did not let him in the building and asked him to take a seat (they have always had benches outside) to wait for a doctor to come outside.

When it came to my turn I told her I just wanted to drop off an envelope for my doctor's nurse, she took it from me and said she would deliver it to him.  I added, "please do not lose it, it is very important".  She replied, "I won't, I will take it right now...just then the man in line in back of me stopped her to ask a question."  I got home too late to call the Clinic to verify he indeed received it. That poor nurse needed another person to help her out.

As I headed back to my car the jerk was headed back to his...so he did not wait for the doctor to come outside to evaluate him...I did not know I could walk so fast!

The clinic is closer to Walmart than it is to HEB.  Walmart used to be the only place I could buy Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom ice cream you can now purchase it at HEB but Walmart has a larger flavor selection so headed their way.

I have not been here in a long time. Surprisingly they do not have a Pharmacy drive-thru window so they have improvised.

After the ice cream, you know what item I headed for next...though they were not exactly "fresh" but what the heck.

Then I saw a Manager's Special that made it worth my trip. I ended up buying eight avocados to go with my salads.

I was surprised there were still low on stock of the usual popular items.

They did have plenty of their store brand (Great Value) toilet paper...

Gasoline prices are on the rise...

Today we had a low of 70 and a high of 98 degrees but with little humidity.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. It takes all kinds of ignorant people to make this world. That idiot will probably be on a ventilator after he contaminates hundreds of others.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You are right Rick and Kathy, it takes all kinds of people to make this world...jerks, ignorant individuals, and idiots included.

      He did not care enough about staying to be evaluated. Just hope he went home to isolate and not spread it around to unsuspecting innocent people.

  2. I agree with Rick and Kathy. People like that are what contributes to a pandemic. I think I'm glad I can't go anywhere!

    1. Everyone knows that you don't just show up at a Clinic especially one as large as this one...you call ahead to let them know you might be COVID-19 positive so they can be ready for you...the same applies for going to the hospital.

      We certainly will be having more cases soon as a result of the early opening of our economy in Texas and all the Memorial Day Weekend celebrations.

  3. I am so glad you got a bit of cooler weather. It is just alarming that it is already so hot in your area.
    That man will probably infect a lot of people. I am glad the nurse stood up to him. It is just unbelievable how rude and arrogant some people can be. You know he thought he was too good to wear a mask or socially distance himself and now he is sick.
    Wow I can't believe the price of avocados there. They are $1.50 each here and often two dollars. I could eat my weight in avocados, ditto ice cream.
    Gas is going up here, as well. Groceries are going up by the day. Like you, I think the worst is yet to come and try to stay stocked up.
    It is a good thing your library takes precautions.
    Stay safe, my friend.

    1. Early this morning they said we had a low of 66 but by the time I made my way outside to feed the boys it was in the high 70's we ended up with a high of 100 degrees...and it was not even close to the record for this day.

      The jerk was an arrogant SOB that wanted to lash out so glad that the nurse put him in his place.

      Last year the avocados were very expensive so when I saw they were selling for .50 cents I just could not pass it up. The all-time low price I ever paid in the USA was .25 cents a couple of years back at this same store as a Cinco de Mayo special.

      Prices are pretty much the same here even the price of eggs has gone down. This trip was mostly to stock up on a weekly supply of salads, serranos but mainly ice cream.

  4. And maybe since he was a jerk maybe he was lying about having the symptoms, we can only hope.

    I got lucky once again with my daughter finding another can of Lysol spray and wipes.
    It is so hot here that I had to go back to using the A/C.

    1. I do not think he was lying about having the symptoms because he was complaining about having to be asked so many questions when he needed a doctor to see him immediately.

      She told him he had a high temperature and with the symptoms, he was describing could not allow him inside the clinic. I think that pissed him off more. He was only concerned about himself and not the safety of the other people.

      Glad your daughter was able to find more supplies for you.

      Too bad you can not use your new swamp cooler...the temperatures are much too hot for that. I dread getting the e-mail with this month's electric bill :-(

    2. Was he at least wearing a mask? I was able to run the cooler until about noon then had to turn on the a/c I'm with you on hating to see the bill

    3. Yes, fortunately he was or I would have gotten out of line.

  5. Yea for your score on avocados, ice cream, and some jalapenos, staples of life! Boo for having had to be in line with a jerk, and jerk is putting it politely. We've been having dry air here, so it cools off at night, very nicely. (But all that's unusual.) AC time.
    Stay cool.

    1. The first person that came to mind when I saw the affordable avocados was you!

      I remember last year how costly they were apart from being not ripe. Glad you are enjoying cooler evenings.


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