Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Stripes on Spur 239 / Breakfast Tacos / Long food lines

Tuesday after I left Dollar Tree I wanted to buy something to eat so I would not have to make something at home as I am sick of sandwiches, salads, and canned soups but being late in the afternoon the lines at fast-food joints were long.

Regular Unleaded was selling for $1.739

This morning I woke up way too early and decided to drive to the Stripes closer to the house to pick-up some breakfast tacos. This is the Stripes on Spur 239 going to Mexico and the only truck stop we have in town.

Though you can not see it because I cropped the
picture there is a plexiglass shield between the customer
and the employee who takes your order.

The same applies to this picture there is a plexiglass
shield that has always been there even pre-COVID

I almost died laughing because where there used to be tables (they have a dine-in area) that I am sure were removed for social distancing there were large quantities of beer for the "beer smugglers" to take back to Mexico. Noticed that the prices were very much in line with what they sell for at HEB.

When I was heading back home I noticed that the lines to get into the Val Verde County Community Center had grown longer that is when I realized that this must have been a free food drive for this Precinct.

Lots of people hurting without jobs and families to feed.

Today the big school bus did not come to deliver breakfast to school-age children instead it was a smaller bus.

All morning we had gray skies it was not until the afternoon that the sun came out.  We had a low of 75 a high of 96 with a heat index of 99 degrees.  This evening we had a beautiful almost full moon.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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Cyber Journal Note

Rowdy/drunk neighbor came back home to momma yesterday afternoon...oh joy!


  1. Around here the Stripes stores shut down their condiments bar due to Covid. I guess folks don't cough/sneeze at the condiment bar down there.?

    1. The condiments bar was shut down here too, I did not take a picture of that though as I was only focusing on the food.

  2. All the Buffets have been closed here because of the Virus.
    Guess Alcohol will clean it up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. While they have a dine-in area this is not a buffet. I cropped the picture to focus on the food but there is a plexiglass shield that has always been there between the customer and the food.

      You have to get in line and order and the employee prepares your tacos or dinner plates and takes them to the register where they call your name when it is ready. You can either take it home or sit down and eat it here though no one was making use of the area yesterday morning.

  3. I bought gas yesterday, $2.43/g, the two local drive-in theaters are opened, you need to make reservations so they can maintain 10' between cars and they are showing movies I can get on DVD. Plus I heard a local restaurant was going to open!

    1. For your area, the gas price you paid seems reasonable. You are lucky to have two drive-in theaters even back in their heyday we only had one that is now a junk car yard.

      Seems like your economy is starting to open up.

  4. Be careful when economies "open up". With all the large groups protesting, some people wearing masks and others not, it isn't a good time to let down your guard. There could be a big spike in cases of the virus because of the crowds gathering everywhere to protest.

    1. No doubt there will be a spike in Coronavirus cases nationwide. However, many protesters are willing to take that chance rather than remain silent and I support them.

  5. Yummm...Texas breakfast tacos! I bet that was a treat. I used to get extras and the next day..or for supper..would slice them about an inch thick, top with Pico de Gallo and shredded cheese and then bake until the cheese melts. I have served them to company and got raves. I think breakfast tacos are the perfect food.
    That is just wild about the beer shortages.
    It is so sad so many are going hungry there. It is sure to get worse.
    It is surreal to watch the news. I can't believe how this country has fallen to an idiot like tRump. I voted in our primary on Tuesday and you can be sure no republicans on my ballot. I guess we will all find out what Putin is holding over their heads soon. It is just crazy he still has people believing he is the chosen one. I did get a big chuckle when he said he "was inspecting the bunker". He has disgraced this country but I think he is starting to see the end.
    We have had gorgeous weather here. I even have a few tiny tomatoes! I have a bell pepper plant, as well as some corn plants. The corn looks a little sickly..I may have watered too much or the soil is wrong.
    Had new tires put on the camper today. I am ready to roll!

    1. At Stripes, they are usually very generous when they make your tacos. I usually remove half of the fill and either save it or freeze it for another day.

      I would love to use shredded cheese but due to my high cholesterol levels that is one thing that is on my "Do Not Eat" list.

      I do not eat the flour tortilla but replace it with a corn one and give the other one to my boys (my cats).

      I am so proud of you for voting in your primary lest us not forget we are in the middle of a pandemic. I am sure you gave serious thought to what this might have on your health.

      I am sad to say that I am so disappointed in my circle of friends who are more worried about the looting than the erosion of our democracy.

      How can people get their news from Facebook and other social media when they know that there are other bad actors like Russia, China, and Iran among many more who are pitying us against one another?

      No one believes he was "inspecting the bunker" and if they do they are IDIOTS! Thank goodness for our retired Generals who are finally starting to speak up though they should have done so a long time ago. Why did they not speak out when they were jailing children and separating babies from their parents at the border?

      I think Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) Alaska needs to be sent packing. How is it that she had not stood up for native Alaskans when they have been as marginalized as African-Americans and Native Americans in the lower 48 States? Yet now she is concerned about this administration abuses? Why did she not vote to impeach him? VOTE HER OUT!!!

      I did not know you had camper...I am jealous!

  6. Places that make up orders of food have opened but they could only have so many tables with 6ft spaces. These places are small so I think maybe only 2 tables were available inside and a few outside if there was room. Even though they taped off the areas inside and put the chairs on the tables people still were trying to take the chairs down to use the tables. It hasn't been fun for the employees

    1. JO, there are so many rules all different in every state. I wish they had national guidelines to address them all.


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