Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Freezing my buns off!

Two cold spells within a week of one another are not something I was looking forward to but Mother Nature did not ask my opinion. Stayed warm last night as we use flannel sheets, I had my San Marcos Mexican blanket but did not use it because it is heavy and with my plantar fasciitis it is too much weight on my foot so used my lightweight fleece blanket in its place.

Everything was fine until the rain started this morning and then the electricity went out several times so I gave up and turned off my power strip surge protectors as well as the central heater. I still do not understand why it takes so long for the cable boxes to reboot so for once found a use for my worthless cellphone...used it to watch the news.

I bundled up and went outside to feed the cats, the minute I opened the door the strong winds hit me in the face. It was so cold I felt it colder than I did last year during the February Texas freeze.  I went out the front door because I did not want to use the kitchen door and have the cats make a mad dash inside like Muñeca and her mother Bonnie Mae do every day regardless of the weather conditions.

The power outages stopped around 12:30 p.m. and I once again turned on the central heater. There was snow and ice all over the state. In San Antonio's viewing area which includes Fredericksburg, Texas they always send reporters there as they are more likely to have winter precipitation than the rest of us and today was not the exception...ice everywhere. Even my water catchment was frozen solid.

On the 5:00 p.m. news it was announced that HEB's in the San Antonio area were closing at 6:00 p.m. this evening and that the Spurs game was going to take place earlier than scheduled due to the weather. Hopefully, this will be the last cold front but you never know.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid

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  1. When the electric goes out that's real bad as you lose your heat source. I have been lucky there it only went out for a few minutes here just long enough to mess up all the clocks. They said on the new last night (don't worry it will warm up and the over night temps will go up into the 30's ) thanks for nothing guys. Can you drape the blanket at least away from your foot? Love Auntie Acid!

    1. The electricity going out is common here year-round. This evening I read in the Mexican online newspaper El Zócalo that the electricity in an area by Lake Amistad (north part of the county) lost power from midnight Wednesday to noon Thursday affecting some 75 households.

      We live in the southern part of the county with some 4000 plus households but the difference is that the homes affected by power outages in Lake Amistad belong to wealthy individuals whereas we are just common folk and apparently the "red-headed stepchildren" of Val Verde County.


      I dress in layers and use thick socks but I had my Mexican blanket by my side in case the power went out I would use it to cover my upper body during the night.

    2. That is pitiful that TX claims to be the richest state but can't even take care of this problem. Well I shouldn't be surprised by this as I am losing faith in all government don't care what party they are. This state is a train wreck too and there is this women running for governor here who announce she is full supporter of trump for pity sakes and will see to it the wall gets finished! Just what we need another nut job racist!

    3. It is a pity but unless people go out and vote and send some of our representatives packing it is going to continue that way. I had not heard of your woman gubernatorial candidate just of Senator Krysten Sinema who I do not know why she doesn't change political affiliation as well as Senator Joe Manchin as they do not represent the values of the democratic party.

    4. She is such a loser, and the Rep. don't want her either well maybe Cruz does LOL

    5. As soon as they convince Arizona Representative Ruben Gallego, who is a Harvard-educated Marine combat Latino Veteran to run against Sinema...I will be contributing to his campaign...that loser needs to go!

      I am not only picking on Arizona, I also contribute to other political candidate hopefuls in other states where I feel our democracy is in peril.

  2. Well I'll bet you ARE freezing your buns off. Wonder what those power outages were about. Not good when they happen. Hope it has stayed steady since. ERCOT actually has a site where you can monitor their reserves. Of course, a skeptic can wonder if they are telling the truth... https://www.ercot.com/gridmktinfo/dashboards
    OOps. When I looked at it this time, the numbers are a lot lower than earlier. I guess it's just cold all over Texas. Only good thing I can think of at this point (where it's going to be 9 tonight they say) is that you are waaaayy south. Hang in there.

    1. Like I mentioned in my reply to JO, power outages in southern Val Verde County are commonplace no matter the time of year. I do not trust ERCOT as far as I can throw them!

      Mom's former electric provider CPL Energy sold their assets to Reliant Energy who is my provider in Houston and with whom I have a little more faith.

      I agree that it is cold all over Texas. I can't remember how low it is going to be tonight as they mentioned both actual and feel like temperatures and without my worthless cellphone to take a pic my CRS comes into play and I do not recall the forecasted overnight temperatures.


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