Terlingua Dreams

Friday, April 13, 2012

Tackled the Weeds

There was no more getting around it, needed to tackle the weeds and I did so.  Was out there for about four and half hours and took care of the front yard which is on the west side as well as the east and some of the south side.  In other words mowed what is visible when you drive by.

The picture I posted last time of the cactus, large mesquite tree and weeds is on the north side of the property and not visible by passing cars unless you are in a tall vehicle like a school bus or dump truck so it was not a priority.

I am so pleased with my little Homelite weed eater that I am considering buying another one.  My parent’s house sits on three county lots so there is a big area to clear and this little electric weed eater has performed like a champ and I have not run out of string yet.

I know how to thread a single line string but not a double line one.  May just break down and buy those pre-threaded spools even though they are more expensive than threading them yourself.

My arms are a little tired but not like I imagined they would be, I am not even sleepy as I often am when I do yard work.  Tomorrow I need to rake and pick up the grass and weeds.  I also need to cut some mesquite limbs that are too close to the clothesline.  I tried cutting a few but my cutting shears seem to be dull.  Need to figure out how to sharpen them or if not go buy me some other ones as I have had those for well over ten years.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. You go, girl,, I had to quit doing my yard a few years ago, had to let a lot go. Now it just gets mowed by someone else. I did manage to get out and water a few things last summer and saved them. Trees and shrubs.

    1. Would love to be able to hire someone but it is not in the budget, so have to do it myself.

  2. MsB please be careful and pace yourself. Anybody can have a heat stroke. Take lots of breaks and drink lots of cold something.

    your friend

    the rat

    1. Yesterday it was overcast and a little cool when I started. I had plenty of water on hand.

      I can not take breaks because I get lazy and then I will not finish and I had to get it done. However you do offer good advice.


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