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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Saturday – Campground 277 North

Decided to check out the parks and the Amistad Campground areas today Saturday rather than tomorrow since I know tomorrow being Easter Sunday they will be packed and at least in the city parks, parking will be an issue.

On this post I will put pictures of the Amistad Campground areas starting with 277 North.  I was surprised how low the lake level was.  Even so the campground was full. So instead of the kids splashing in the water they were riding their bikes.

You can no longer launch your boat from here.

I have never seen the water level on this particular bridge pillars be so low.

All this area used to be underwater.

This guy makes it a habit to go from campground to campground and rarely
respects the 14 day limit.  At least he finally obtained Texas license plates.

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