Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have been busy mowing the lawn, weed eating, edging, digging up crab grass and pruning trees (not even my own but my neighbors).  After hurricane Ike I had all the big trees chopped down as they caused considerable damage to my property.  I only have a crape myrtle in the back and one in the front as no matter what I do these two trees come back time after time.


Hurricane season is just around the corner and we take that seriously in the Gulf coast area.  To the right of my house is a house that even when the elderly gentleman lived in it he never bother to keep up with it and now it is worst.  I do not understand why he does not get any notices from the HOA or maybe he does but his daughter ignores them. It is currently vacant.

The elderly man's house with his untrimmed limbs that hang to the
ground but I am the one that gets letters from the HOA :-(
To the left of my house is where my lovely neighbor “The Town Crier” lives with her husband and two sons that do not even help her take out the trash or do the yard.  She has been telling me that they are going to cut down a tree in between our property line since 2007 and have yet to do it.  I offered to cut it at my expense three years ago but she was evasive about it so now they can foot the bill themselves!

Though not a name brand, but the cheapest gas nonetheless
that I found in Northwest Houston today.

Today I decided to reward myself for all the hard work I have done.  Remember my letter to Santa last year?  I asked him for deluxe zero gravity chair (which he did not bring) well Gander Mtn. had a fabulous sale on them this week so I went and bought me one.

I also treated myself to lunch at Taco Cabana.  Afterward I came home and took a nap, I guess that is the only reason I am up at this hour.  All week I have fallen asleep during the news.  The only good thing is that I get up early and can do things when it is still relatively cool.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. MS B:
    I have a neighbor like that as well, parks his cars and trailers in the front yard, so I called the city on him, to help him conform to code, now he parks on the driveway, funny how people don't care that your driving your neighbors property value down, with your own, sometimes they just need a little nudge, you might explore working with code enforcement officer as well.


    1. Suerte code enforcement is great in the city but I live in Harris county and the few officers they have are spread out pretty thin.

      I usually have to go to the HOA and even send pictures to them but he has alzheimer's and doesn't live there anymore.

      The house was for sell but I think the financing fell through.

  2. Great job on that yard! But,,wth is a gravity chair? and where's the pic? lololol.

    1. Lol, I knew you would ask for a picture :D

      Just posted one on today's blog.


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