Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Aloe Vera

Post for Friday April 27, 2012
I got up early to pick up all the branches I pruned from my neighbor's trees and placed them in his as well as my trash can.  His next-door neighbor is a very nice recently retired gentleman who always looked out for him when he was still living in his house.  To our surprise someone had dumped old sheetrock in his trash can!  It was so obvious who it was too…lovely neighbors I have!

Took to the stores to buy a few things I needed.  I have mentioned before my affinity for dollar stores specially .99 cents Only Store.  They closed a bunch of them down a couple years ago and I had to make a 25 miles round trip to the nearest one.  This past month they finally opened one closer to my house.

Was going down the aisle when this bottle of Aloe Vera caught my eye and I couldn't help but smile when I saw it.  Many of the nice folks that read this blog and I also have in common other blogs we follow.  So most of you probably guessed that it brought back memories of Hobo Joe http://hoboroad.blogspot.com/.  I sure do miss him and wish he would start blogging again.

Trouble in Texas called me out for not posting a picture of my zero gravity chair, so here it is.  I know your son suffers from back problems and while mine are not as severe as his I can tell you that this wonderful chair has helped alleviate the pain in many occasions.  I highly recommend it if you have back problems or even if you don’t…they are very comfortable and I always take mine to Terlingua.

Except for Thursday April 26th I have been struggling to stay up to watch the nightly news.  I like watching the talk shows as well but have fallen asleep before they even come on.  I apologize to all the blogs I follow for not dropping by this week.

Guess I can not say good night, may you all have Terlingua Dreams…since it is 11:37 a.m. central time in Texas :D


  1. THANK YOU11 I have never seen a chair like that.
    Strange,,(funny),,i was thinking about hobojoe yesterday, wishing he would just let us know how he's doing.

  2. I thought that was funny too when I read your blog and saw you also mentioned him.

    Hope he and his lady are doing fine.


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