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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mixed Feelings

I was not going to write a post tonight because I have mixed feelings about Mom’s ophthalmologist visit today.  As you might guess, I could not go to sleep so decided to get up and fire up the old PC and do a post but not about that (maybe in a couple of days when I can pinpoint my true feelings).

If you have been reading my blog for a while you are aware that while I have lived in Houston all of my adult life, I spend most of my time in Del Rio with my Mom.  You probably also know that I have brought a lot of things to her house before and after they broke into my house.  Since that time I have been looking for an economical alternative to just renting a storage room.

My first choice was buying a container but Mom vetoed that idea real fast.  I have been looking into sheds but the only options in Del Rio are the ones Home Depot sells…Tuff Sheds.  While I own a Tuff Shed in Houston, it has gone up significantly in price since I purchased mine say like 300 percent!

Now that we have had to visit Uvalde, Texas for my Mom’s ophthalmologist appointments, I happened upon a place that has quality sheds at accessible prices.  I stopped in today, it was a mother and son selling team.  I spoke to the son since the mother was with another customer and he told me that these sheds are built in Uvalde and sold to all the surrounding towns.  I liked the idea that towns people are employeed and that this company contributes to their local as well as the regional economy.

Here are some of the cabins that they have in their inventory. Will upload more pictures as soon as I can because as usual I am having problems with Photobucket.

This would make a great cabin in my future place in Terlingua, don't you agree?

Have no idea why they had these awful looking couches in their model.

The price to own this cabin


Stripes had the cheapest price in Uvalde at $3.69
It beat the price in Del Rio by .10 cents a gallon


  1. Might be able to truck the proper purchase to Terlingua when the time comes. My trailer is only 150 sf.

  2. Love that cabin, cause of the porch. Couches for naps? lol.


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