Terlingua Dreams

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catching Up on Blogs

The wind last night was pretty strong at times.  Was concerned about the people at the different campgrounds in the area as well as the bloggers that live in the Terlingua area, especially Tffnguy since he has a broken arm.

So far this year we have yet to turn on the A/C even though we have had some rather warm days already.  I am sure it will have to be turned on soon…it is after all Texas.

Was hoping to make it to Home Depot this afternoon but got lazy and decided to catch up on all the blogs I follow instead.  Since I usually don’t go online until midnight I don’t always have time to catch up if I miss a couple of days.

Billy Bob I know I mentioned an aluminum ladder but this is really what I meant...a small ladder or step stool…so you could climb up to your RV ladder without having to hurt your back carrying those heavy cinder blocks.

Wanted to share something with you guys that I read last year when I was trying to find natural ways to fend off mosquitoes.  It said to put fabric softener sheets that go in the dryer in your pant pockets or to pin them on your clothing.  I thought it was a little crazy but when I was mowing the yard I was unable to find any of my long sleeve shirts but came across my dryer sheets and decided to give them a whirl.

I was so surprised it worked!!  Well at least it worked on the mosquitoes outside, did not get bit not even once.  However it has not worked on the ones that are inside the house. It is those that I am concerned about since my Mom is allergic to chemicals or sprays of any kind.  Anyone have any natural mosquito killing solutions you would care to share?

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. An open palm of the hand applied briskly to the offending critter always works.

  2. I somehow missed the rabbit,,love it. I should have, but don't, have any here. Never have in the 11 years i've lived here. Told my son that one day, and the very next day, i saw a jack rabbit out my back door!!! Never again, either,,,

    1. We have a lot of them here. They're so cute and are not afraid of me.

  3. MsB,
    I just wanted to tell you what a lovely and kind human being you are. I think the world's supply of goodness is welled up in certain people and You my dear are a "kindness battery". The bunnies are attracted to you because of your warmth.

    the rat

    1. Mr. Rat you are making me blush. Keep it up and I might believe it :)


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