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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chili Judging Day

Post for Saturday - November 1, 2014

The Chili competition takes place at high noon on Saturday.  While many of my friends take part in the judging, I am not one of them.  As long time readers of this blog know...I do not like commitments...having to show up at a certain time on a certain day when I am having the time of my life, is not something I am willing to do.  The only ones to my knowledge that took part in the camps adjacent to mine were Frann and Richard.

Even though he is a local and has lived in Terlingua for a good while, this was Richard's first cook-off and he had the time of his life!  So if anyone out there wonders if they can be part of the judging...yep you sure can!  They are always looking for judges and in turn you get to sample the chili and get FREE beer to wash it down with :D

As the judges do their thing, there are showmanship teams putting on shows as well as having the public participate in a variety of games for prizes.  You can get all types of trinkets, souvenirs and T-shirts if you participate.

Fearing my leg would go out on me since it is a rather long walk from my camp, I decided to skip it this year and drive into town to take a shower.  I had been out and about yesterday and unlike last year, was not harassed by local law enforcement.  As a matter of fact the only DPS (Department of Public Safety) officers that I saw were in Lajitas and their patrol units were at a local eatery.

There were a lot of girls at the BBMI (Big Bend Motor Inn) ladies showers but either I stunk or being older has its benefits as they let me skip in line.  Either way I thanked them.  It is nice to see that the next generation of Chili Cook-off attendees is committed to carry on the tradition. Too bad I never had children...so they could bring me down in my golden years...like many of the camps around me did with their parents.

When I was going back to CASI there was a long line to get in.  As I waited, I happened to notice that the truck in front of me as well as his trailer had Arkansas license plates.  Wow, they came from far and probably had driven all night...now that is a true Chili head!

My best friend and her boyfriend came back with a ton of stuff they won at the showmanship area. He is sold on Terlingua and they are making plans to return next year but this time are planning on bringing down a trailer or an RV.  Like I have mentioned before, Terlingua is a place that you either love or you hate...there are no gray areas...I am so glad he liked it :)

My best friend...MsD...modeling this year's T-shirt.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. i think it was the first one we had here, that i somehow ended up with about a 100 samples after they passed thru the judgeing... lololol, my son and bro. They sampled them all and decided which one THEY thot should have won... hahahaha Brought em to my house and filled up my fridge,,,,

    1. Sounds like fun getting to sample all the chili entries from the comfort of your own home and then being the one who decides whom you thought should of won....jajajaja :D

      How many samples did you try?

  2. It sounds like a fun and sociable time. Knowing it goes on every year, why would law enforcement harass anyone?

    1. They do because they can I guess and they do harass people including locals!

    2. Gypsy - Tffnguy pretty much nailed it. He is a local and knows all the goings on.

      Terlingua's population explodes during the cook-off and a ridiculous number of DPS troopers descend on the place looking for any minor infraction to pull you over.

      The more tickets they write the more money that goes to the state coffers.

  3. I wish I felt like traveling. I would come down there and make a 5 gallon batch of my "Chile del Diablo Barracho" ha ha ha ha ha Might not win nothing but it would be a great time! ha ha ha

  4. Bet that chile would taste good!

    I think I have asked before but I do not know if you come back and read comments...have you ever been in attendance at Burningman? That is close to you and I bet it would be a blast.

  5. I have been there several times. Can't travel like I used too!

    1. How fortunate of you to have been able to attend. Perhaps one day you can make a post about it?

      It is in my bucket list.


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