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Terlingua Dreams
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

We can't always have good days

The minute I answered the telephone yesterday and learned it was Mrs. Town Crier (my nosy Houston neighbor) on the other line, I knew it wasn't going to be a good day.

This lady likes to meddle in everything and invents half the stuff she tells you.  Even if she were telling me the truth, with her past record NO ONE believes her.  To try to get on my good side she said that she told the guy that does the yard...why are you cutting her grass if it has not grown?...he answered "because my client asked me to and she pays me"....good for him!

I confirmed that I had spoken to him and that he was not there to cut the grass but to rake the leaves as well as keep an eye on my property.  She quickly added that SHE keeps an eye on my property (yeah right) for which I thanked her but added...that is why I had an alarm system and my yardman.

I told her that while I can only keep the inside of my house safe, I can do nothing about the outside and she had probably not seen that vandals cut the copper wires off my air conditioning back in October. That took her by surprise and shut her up momentarily.  Of course she had to add that it had also happened to other neighbors (that is a lie).

It soon became apparent the reason for her call.  She was WORRIED about me since it had been almost two years since I was in Houston and thought perhaps I would like to rent my house to her son who could make sure my house was safe.  Thanked her once more for thinking about the SAFETY of my house but I told her I had no intention of renting or selling my place at this time.

Even if I ever contemplate getting rid of my place, I will NOT sell it to her or her family, period!

As if that was not bad enough I had to watch my Spurs go into triple overtime last night only to lose by one point.  Losing is not a bad thing but when you practically give the game away after coming back from a 23 point deficit...it stung :(

I didn't even feel like making a post so went to bed early (midnight).  Hopefully today will be a better day.


  1. Now I know why you haven't returned to Houston.

    1. With neighbors like her who wants to return.

    2. But have you been spooked going back there because you got broken into? That's a horrible feeling (I've been there, unfortunately).

      I've also got one of those snoopy overbearing neighbors, but I figure it's always good to have an extra set of eyes on the house even if they might be a little odd.

    3. It is going on six years that I got broken into and no...the feeling does not go away. As soon as I drive into my sub-division, I feel my heart race and my palms start to sweat.

      However, that is not the reason why I have not been back. In 2013 my mom suffered the first of many back fractures and there was no way she could make the seven hour trip.

      My aunt (her sister) and my uncle (her baby brother) would come and stay with her when I went to Houston or Terlingua. However, both have health issues of their own. So I have to chose Houston or Terlingua and everyone knows what I will take Terlingua every time :)

      It would be nice if this woman actually looked after my place. When I got broken into she did not call me or make any effort to contact the HOA so they could send me a letter to that effect. It was she who went around the neighborhood telling everyone I had gotten broken into and to top it off she also told them my house was now unlocked.

      The first thieves took stuff they could easily pawn. The other thieves were low life neighbors who were renters and took the rest of my stuff like my tools, cases of flooring since I was remodeling. While their worthless wives took my linens, kitchenware, food, make-up, electric rollers, all my combs and hairbrushes, even toilet paper and paper towels

      Mrs.Town Crier's grand kids told their friends and they came in and took fingernail polish, costume jewelry, purses. I would learn all this from my other neighbors who pretty much keep to themselves and do not want to get involve for fear of retaliation.

      She would always call me for stupid stuff but when I needed her where was she? My house was open for one and a half months. Of course the first thing she did when I arrived was tell me she lost my telephone number. She could of called my Houston home number as I had told her many times before that I called frequently to check my messages.

      She wanted to prey on my fear so I could sell her my house. She was very disappointed when I told her I had no intention of selling even after the break in. This lady is not just nosy, she is toxic and a habitual liar and I try my best to avoid her.

    4. Wow, I had no idea. That woman is downright evil!

      If you ever do sell, you should sell to a cop! The rest of your neighbors will be forever in your debt if you do.

      The fact that she calls you to talk about total non-issues with your lawn guy yet didn't call when your house was wide open & being looted under her all-knowing nose & at her instigation suggests that someone in her household had something to do with the initial break-in and she wanted to subvert any eventual criminal investigation by inviting the whole neighborhood in to muddle up the first crime scene.

      Good grief, I surely hope you had insurance. No wonder you still have that sweaty palms/tight chest feeling of dread when you drive in - although I will say it does go away eventually.

      Now I will get down on my knees and repent for thinking poorly of my neighbor who is only a little overbearing yet certainly not a felonious accessory to the crime of burglary of a habitation!

    5. Evil and conniving is what this woman is!

      My mother shares your theory but I think she and her family are too stupid to come up with a plan like that....but one never knows.

      Unfortunately, I did not have insurance.

      I would not take it as far as getting down on your knees (I jest) but be thankful for your nosy and overbearing neighbor who at least has your best interest at heart, unlike my worthless neighbor.

  2. I don't know which bothered you more - Ms. Nosy Neighbor or the Spurs losing! Maybe you have gotten through the worse and it will be all smooth sailing from here on.

    1. Both events pretty much ruined my day. Hopefully it will get better on both fronts.

  3. That game didn't count. Those Grizzards shoulda won by 30 pts and we took them to tripleOT w/o Parker or Leonard. The glass is half FULL Ss!!!!

    1. I guess that is another way of looking at it at Sb. We had our chances to put that game away in regulation but not making our free throws did us in. Timmy could not buy a bucket if his life depended on it...and not only him the others as well.

      Think I would have felt better if we had lost by 30 points and not by one. We are going to be facing some tough opponents in the coming days and short handed to boot.

    2. If I had seen the game I'd probably been upset too. I don't have cable and don't get Fox Sports SW through my computer. Now tonite's game I can watch through computer because it is on ESPN.

      Is that you and you friend from Houston on back of that ATV?

    3. "Is that you and you friend from Houston on back of that ATV?"

      Lol, I wish I could say it was...but we are just a tad bit older :D


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