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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Slept in /Target/ Mexico

I have been so tired lately and as you know I suffer from insomnia.  After serving mother breakfast, I decided to lay down for a while and to my surprise, ended up sleeping till 1:35 p.m.  I would like to say I felt refreshed but no, my back hurts and I have been having a headache that comes and goes for the past two days.

A couple of months back I tried to purchase a cordless telephone online at Target but was unable to because we have a P.O. Box address. This past week I tried to buy a camera as well as a cheap tablet and once again I was unable to complete my transaction.  Apparently, they do not ship anything that uses batteries to a P.O. Box.  I love Target but they have really disappointed me.  They leave me no choice but to shop their competition.

Got an e-mail from a reader asking why I had not gone to Ciudad Acuna lately and if I was planning a trip there soon.

My last trip was in September when I went to get provisions for my trip to Terlingua. I would have gone back by now to buy my medications but I decided a couple of months back that I did not want to take them anymore.

While Mexico is beautiful during the month of December with all their decorations, traditions such as Posadas and their delicious gastronomy prepared especially for this season such as bacalao, romeritos and too many others to name...I just have a thing about being in long lines of traffic. During this month it happens on both sides of the border.  This gal is not about to wait in line for two hours, I already paid my dues daily in Houston traffic for over twenty years.

Now that we cut the cable off, we watch the news that are beamed to the border from Mexico City by their two major networks (actually we have always watched them). On Saturday's newscast they showed a report from the Ciudad Juarez/El Paso border where there normally is a delay of up to three hours or more. Yesterday there was a computer failure in U.S. Customs that had people in line for over five hours. Some even ran out of gasoline while waiting to cross back to the states.

I do not say this to discourage anyone from going to Mexico...on the contrary the exchange rates are excellent for American shoppers...last I checked it was $14.30 pesos to one American dollar. Normally, it is in the neighborhood of $12.50 pesos to one U.S. dollar.  That would make my Betty Boop purse a lot cheaper to purchase but it will have to wait until all this Christmas madness is over and done with,  Hope this answers your question.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. "Apparently, they do not ship anything that uses batteries to a P.O. Box. I love Target but they have really disappointed me."

    I know this is not going to help you or make you feel any better about Target but they will not ship ANYTHING to a P O Box. They do show how a P. O. Box should be addressed in the shipping instructions when they say why a package may not be delivered but they will not ship to a P O Box. They are not the only company that will not ship to a P O Box but again that does not help you or make you feel better about them.

    Batteries have NOTHING to do with it. Select a T-shirt or anything else you might want that does not have a battery and use the P O Box address and you will get the same restricted message.

    1. You are right...it would not make me any happier :(

      Perhaps Target should put a notice to that effect on their webpage so us shoppers will not waste our time.

  2. Don't blame ya, for staying out of long lines.

    1. My nerves can no longer take them, in particular long lines of traffic.

  3. Hmm. Microsoft Store had a tablet the other day in their 12 days of Christmas sale but it's expired now. They do Black Friday specials too, but the 12 Days promotion IMO is when you can get really good deals there. Tomorrow AM they're offering an Asus FlipBook which is kind of a hybrid tablet/laptop with Intel i3 processor, 4 GB memory + on board camera & really a very great deal, but probably more than you were wanting to spend. Still, if you think of it as laptop+tablet+camera....;-)

    They might have another tablet in coming days. I'd keep an eye on that space. I am glued to it because I need to replace my laptop. But I need a higher power system than the Asus and have my heart set on a pricey Dell.( fingers crossed the MS Store will come through for me.)

    Also don't forget to check out WalMart tonight for their Cyber Monday 2.0 deals. Do you think they might ship to a POBox?

  4. Thanks for the links Leilani. You are right, it is quite a bit more than I want to pay. I just want a cheap tablet so I could pass the time as we sit in doctor's waiting rooms. I think that particular tablet was $69.00 or $79.00.

    I have never had a problem buying electronics at Walmart but then again I usually choose store pick-up so it will ship for free. I also do business with Amazon and shipping to my P.O. Box has never been an issue either.

    Hope you score your Dell tomorrow. Good luck.

    1. I think you have been very lucky with Amazon delivery to a P O Box. If they ship UPS it will not be delivered to the Post Office in most places - maybe Del Rio is special.

    2. I don't know if shipments to Del Rio are treated differently or not but I have purchased telephones, replacement batteries, micro SD cards and all kinds of stuff at Amazon with no delivery issues.

      Just looked at my last Amazon purchase and it was shipped via USPS. Perhaps that is why there is no issue with it being delivered to my P.O. Box.


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