Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Monday, February 6, 2012

More problems with Cricket

I have been having trouble on and off for the past couple of days with my ISP Cricket.  Today I finally had to get ugly with them.  How can it be that they cannot fix this problem?  This has been going on for almost a month now.  The girl that I got this evening had a terrible accent. Mind you I am not being mean, I should know about accents after all I am a Mexican-American and I have an accent but at least people can understand me or at least I hope so.  Billy Bob, Barney were you able to understand me when you met me?

My accent is not the point here, the point is that if you are going to have a job dealing with the public I think you need to be able to communicate properly with your customers and the person you are trying to help should not be asking you to repeat what you just said and have to do so continuously.  I’m I asking for too much? She said she was going to move my account to a higher level and have someone with more technical knowledge contact me tomorrow.  If this was an option before, why is it that I am just hearing about it tonight? 

Drove into town today and ran several errands.  Was rather surprised our water bill had already arrived at the P.O. Box.  It is never mailed on time and the citizens have been complaining for years that we need more drive-up lanes or alternate methods like the ability to make e-payments. There was a long line today.

 As I was waiting my turn I remembered thinking that the building that is across the street from City Hall (where the water bill is paid) was going to be a new city facility, then I thought perhaps it was a bank.  When it was completed it did not have any kind of sign or gave a clue as to what it might be.  I later found out it was the new FBI headquarters.

Who knew Del Rio had an FBI headquarters?

Swung by my bank and since “the incident” I swear they have been overly friendly to me, guess that is a good thing.  I really like my bank that is why I still have my account there.

I do not know if it is the weather which has been gloomy and cold but I have been taking a lot of naps lately.  Sat down to watch the Super Bowl and fell asleep.  Would wake up and watch a couple commercials and would doze off again.  I therefore cannot say I actually watched the game.

One thing I was able to accomplish today was switching over to a better rate plan after the whopper of an electrical bill we got last month.  We had never paid this much even in the summer time.  My next project is raking the leaves, maybe tomorrow?

Gas went down by one cent to $3.37

Wanted to welcome Papoojack to the blog. Thank you for signing on.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. You should talk to Ben about the not being able to understand thing. He says if you ask for a Spanish speaking person you will get an English speaking person. The best I could ever do was to keep say'n "HUH" until they switched me over to another not so good speaker. Most times I just hang up and call back.

    1. Thought about following Ben's advice but really wanted to have the problem resolved. With my luck I would probably get a Spanish speaking foreigner as well :(

  2. I seldom have a problem understanding even the thickest Spanish accent (it does happen occasionally though), but the people from India are a totally different story. I guess from being a Texan I've heard enough Spanish accents that its like knowing another language? Also most people with Spanish accents are actually trying to communicate where it seems the people from India usually try to make you think you're a DA if you can't understand them. (Two totally different attitudes)

    I am with you though. If a person can't speak good enough to communicate with the general public then they need to find another job. They should have never been hired for that job to start with so actually its the employer's fault.

    1. I am with you Dave being hispanic and living in the Texas-Mexico border I can understand all type of "spanish accents".

      The lady I was talking to did not have a Spanish accent but I can't rightly say what kind of accent it was. She spoke very rapidly like she felt she had great command of the language, which she didn't.

      I know a great deal of companies outsource their customer service departments to India and countries in that part of the world but they really need to require that they speak good enough English to communicate with the american public they are serving.

  3. Oh BTW... I've been taking more naps lately to (usually on the cool and windy days)

    I'm jealous you have an FBI headquarters there and we don't. NOT! ;) Too damn many types of Law enforcement down here is as!

  4. Oh admit it your ARE jealous jajajajaja :-)

    The first time I ever went to Terlingua was back in the 70's. I have racked my brain about this but for some reason I DO NOT recall a Border Patrol check point.

    When I went back in the 90's there was the BP check point but not really a lot of law enforcement like there is now. Somehow I think the focus has shifted from protecting the citizens to out right harassing them.


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