Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Country over Party...

If you have been reading me even for a short while, you know that I absolutely "LOVE" Terlingua, in particular, attending the CASI Chili Cook-off Annual Event.  It is no coincidence I named my blog "Terlingua Dreams"  back in 2011.

The Chili Cook-off just ticks off so many boxes for me.  I do not expect anyone to understand it unless you yourself have personally been privy to this event. The first time I attended was with an ex-boyfriend and that is documented somewhere on this blog.  That part is inconsequential but it laid the groundwork for so many future trips to that location.

My uncle is here to stay with my Mom during my absence. I have taken care of every vital detail that might come up while I am away. So why is it that I am not all in with my decision to attend this much looked forward to event?

I am not known for interjecting politics in my blog but sometimes one has to in order to explain their thought process. If you are not comfortable with that please exit now and hopefully come back another day.

The annual CASI Chili Cook-off is the greatest party in the Texas desert.  I have been attending it for more than two decades.  It is in my book the best "stress buster" on the planet.

I am currently looking at all my camping gear laid out in the living room.  I WANT to go to Terlingua!  I can be there this afternoon if I so choose.  So why do I have so many doubts?  I will tell you why...

Many times on this blog I have told you that I was a "party girl" or should I say a "party woman"?  Terlingua seemed to reinforce that belief and I have had some of the best times of my life out in the West Texas desert.

However, there comes a time when you have to look deep into your soul and contemplate what is best for your State and your Country. While I love my annual party in the Texas desert...I love my country more!

I do not want to wake up next  Wednesday, November 7th to find out that "my candidate" lost by a few hundred votes. I do not want to have any doubt or remorse of what more I could have done to help propel him to the finish line.

I have attended political rallies, made monetary contributions and early voted for my preferred candidate but somehow deep inside of me I do not think it is enough.  I have therefore decided to volunteer in whatever capacity I might be of use to help his campaign in this final stretch.

It is with that thought in mind that I have decided to not attend the best annual Texas event in my humble opinion and instead put my country first.

Sometimes you have to choose your Country over a big party in the Texas desert!

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Politics over the best "stress buster"? We all make decisions in our life ... you just made one. Go for it!

    My 1st ex mother-in-law lost a county commissioner election by 7 votes.. Go for it! (and have fun!)


    At least make a blog of the best pics from the past you have to help us vicariously experience the wild times.

    1. Lol, Andy if I made a post of the best pics from the past they would shut down my blog!

      It used to be a wild party out West...things have tamed down in the last decade. My pictures from the 90's are in Houston and are not in digital format. Good suggestion though.

      You being a single man, can easily drive down to the cook-off and enjoy a fun weekend in the desert and bring us some new pics and/or videos.

    2. Easily? Probably a 10 hr drive? No way. Plus I am working to pay off remodel in process.

      Would love to camp out in the desert but not into the crowds.

      You need to go. Unless you pick up stranded people in your van and take them to the polls (like minded voters) the only thing you can do is vote which you already did. The red is gonna vote red, the blue is gonna vote blue and maybe you can encourage the undecided to vote your way. Or, you can head out to the cook-off and let it go. Life is short. Go-Go-Go!!!

      And GSG tonite.

    3. I promise you that if you attend you will be back next year. The CASI campgrounds are HUGE and you can find a quiet campsite away from all the action. I have always chosen to be centrally located and within walking distance of the two main stages where the bands perform nightly.

      My van "Terlita" has been sitting in the garage for years waiting for a new transmission so there is no way it will be taking like minded voters to the polls.

      I hope to help mind the call center and go knock on doors this final weekend before election day. A brand-new poll from the University of Texas in Tyler shows "my candidate" behind by a slim 3.6 points and you know that is HUGE in Texas.

      I have to do everything I possibly can or I would not be able to live with myself knowing that in these troubling and divisive times I could have stood up and made a difference but chose not to.

      The cook-off will be waiting for me next year.

    4. OK, Ss. But that's 2 years absenteeism from the cook-off.
      Good luck with the politics and go with your heart.

  3. That is a decision only you could have made and you did. You are a good American and gave up personal pleasure to help elect the right person.

  4. Making a choice for something you believe in is a courageous move. I hope it all works out for you - and your candidate - and that you attend the best chili cook-off ever, next year!

  5. We all have choices and you have made yours and I know you so wanted to go to the chili cook off. But you made the choice to miss it for you Country and that is something to be proud of. There will always be next year.

    1. There is no doubt that after missing last year's cook-off I was so looking forward to being in attendance this year.

      Sometimes life throws a wrench into your well laid out plans but I am OK with that. These mid-term elections are the most important ones in my life time and well worth whatever sacrifice I might have to make.

  6. Oh oh. You were so vague, I can't tell who you're supporting. I hope it's Beto. Oh yes, it is. I just saw your reply comment. I am over 70 and have put up my first political sign in a 80% Republican county in central Texas. I was a bit apprehensive as some friends who were manning the Democratic booth at a city wide celebration a few years ago got spat on. Really. But so far, so good with my sign. And my neighbor even wanted one. Go figure.I do hope your giving up the cookoff has good results.
    Thank you anyway.

  7. I am an Independent voter and this charismatic young man struck a cord with me from the start. He encapsulates my values, concerns and hope for the future.

    I have yet to put up my first political sign...baby steps for me...but I have put up my first political bumper sticker and I wear my Beto t-shirt everywhere!

    I have my hopes placed on the younger generation, Independents like myself, and women voters to help propel him to victory.

    Thank you JudithK for doing your share to help elect him.

  8. Well you missed a lot of drama in my opinion. Debi is in chemo and bullied me into going as she was going!! Well I went...it was horrible. She had blisters in her mouth that hurt he so she wouldn't eat or drink. The only thing she would drink was her ice tea which dehydrates you. I tried to get her to go home but got a "Hell No" so I just left that same afternoon Melford called paramedics and she went to Alpine and they flew her back to Lubbock. SHe has a big mess in her tent and Melford has Baby I guess. But, that's it for me I won't be attending anytime in the near future. I did miss seeing you.


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