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Friday, February 8, 2019

Dependent on a To Do List

For some reason, I have been waking up very early lately.  Have I mentioned that I am not a morning person?  I even considered driving to Stripes to buy breakfast tacos and hot chocolate...but the thought of having to get dressed and then put on make-up made me change my mind.

These days I need to make a To Do List or I will forget a thing or two. Yesterday I forgot to go by the bank!  So like it or not I had to make another trip to town this afternoon. 

This is the third time I go to Dollar Tree looking for bread but found none.  However, I found so many other items...I saved a ton! 

I was reading a new blog to me "Our Awesome Travels"  https://geosuzie.blogspot.com/2019/02/blue-sunny-skies-still-cool-wind-silly.html
and they blogged about their trip to a local pizzeria called "Silly Al's Pizza".

It has been a while since I had pizza so I headed to Domino's and came home with one. Truth be told it was not that good...too bad Silly Al's Pizza is very far away :-(

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

What can I say?  You can not win a game if you have so many turnovers. Teams need to be able to win on the road!!!


  1. Thanks for the shout. I make lists all the time or nothing would ever get done.I have not found a Chain Pizza place that I like. Silly Al's sure do it right. But there is only one location. We drive about 3 thousand miles every year to enjoy this wonderful pizza.

    1. I thought I had found a pizza chain I liked but our local Domino's has gone from bad to worst lately.

  2. I've driven a ways to try a particular food establishment. I went to Memphis to try a deep fried burger at Dyer's, I was going to Florida so it was sort of on the way. I'd go by Amarillo (I-40) just to stop at the Big Texas Steak Ranch again...
    It's only a 14 hr drive from Del Rio to Silly Al's in Quartzsite :-)

    Have you tried a Little Caesars Pizza? I was impressed with that pizza for $5.
    The last one we had, somewhere here in Florida I saw it in a small strip mall as we went by. I pulled off, went in the parking lot & found a place to park the 50' long RV & towed car. Went in, paid my $5.30 (tax), picked up a pepperoni pizza and got back on the road.

    1. The last time I tried a Little Ceasars Pizza was when I lived in Houston. It was on the way home from work and I liked that I did not have to wait for it to be prepared after spending an hour in rush hour traffic.

      It is only a 14 hour drive from Del Rio to Quartzsite? Maybe someday :-(

  3. I keep 3x5 cards here & in the car, I use them for to do lists. They really help....

  4. I write lists all the time, but can't find it when I need it so I start another one.

    Listen girlfriend! If you are still wearing make-up you are not free! Maybe to go someplace where you are hoping to impress a particular gentleman, but he probably ain't workin' at Dominos!

    1. I do from time to time write lists but I end up leaving them at home or losing them.

      Lol Gypsy your second paragraph made me laugh and I really needed that this evening jajajajajajaja!!!

  5. It seems as we climb the Ladder of Life we all need those lists so we don't forget things. We even make lists of the order in which we run our errands to save time and fuel.
    George is right, Silly Al's is the best but hard to get in at this time of year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy keeping warm.

    It's about time.

  6. "We even make lists of the order in which we run our errands to save time and fuel."

    I think that is an excellent idea!

  7. I use my phone to make my lists and I always make sure it goes in my purse when leaving the house. Of course I only had 5 items on it today yet my cart was loaded. I'm with Gypsy on the make up. Of course I never was bit on that stuff anyway even when I worked unless I had and assignment and lots of big wigs were coming to town and had to dress up.

    1. A list on my cell phone would not work for me as I always forget mine. When I do have it with me I tend to leave it in my car as my purse weighs too much so I only take a credit card with me into the store.

      I started wearing make-up when I was 11 years old because I wanted to look older. My father would throw it in the trash but I would just go fish it out after he went to bed. When he realized what I was doing he started running over it with the car until my eyeshadows and compact powder were dust!

      He quit giving me an allowance so I would have no money to buy more but he never took my lunch money away...so I would not eat...perhaps I should do the same now...jajajajajaja :D

  8. George of Our Awesome Travels came up with the best way to re-heat pizza - by far! It goes in a frying pan on the stove & covered until cheese gets melty. Works perfectly in my ceramic non-stick, and, as God is my witness, it tastes like it just came out of the pizza place oven. I cannot believe it took me all these years of eating rubbery, or soggy or burnt leftovers to come across that simple tip. And it's counter-intuitive, but one 18" pizza is larger (in area) than two 12" pizzas. The formula is Area = π(pizza inches/2)². If you're cheap (like me) it usually makes sense to go with the bigger pie & eat leftovers as long as you can re-heat them to taste fresh - which I can now do, thanks to George of OAT!

    About the make-up, two things:

    1) Drive-thrus. This is what they're for, girl! I've been through Del Rio, yall have as many McDs, BKs & Jack-in-the-Boxes etc as I do around my house. You can go through a drive through for breakfast even in your jammies, they'll never know & have probably seen worse. Just remember what our Moms taught us to always have clean underwear on in case we wreck & have to get taken to the hospital, but if we're also only wearing our pajamas, I figure we'll get into the OR quicker, right? ;-)

    2) Sunglasses. I wear 'em even when it's raining! Wait, especially if it's raining because there's no point in putting on make-up if it's going to drip right off, no? Where I live, with our humidity, that also means the 347/365 days it's over 75 degrees too. But sunglasses cover a lot of sins including a bare face as well as a sweaty one.

    Now, if only I knew of a decent pizza place around here that had a drive-through pick-up window they could fit their jumbo size through, I'd be all set!

  9. Hi Leilani, have not read you in a while girl!

    What a great tip on re-cooking pizza, will have to try it out myself as well as thank George of OAT. Just recently started reading their blog.

    On drive-thrus, I seldom buy breakfast at the fast food national chains unless I am out of town. I like to frequent the local family owned establishments but most have a cut off for breakfast (I am not a morning person).

    Believe it or not Stripes at the corner of 15th Street and Veterans Blvd has been voted best taco place in Del Rio for a couple of years. They frequently run .99 cent specials and their tacos are big.

    They are very popular and you run into the whole town there both at breakfast and lunch. Lots of firemen, police man, Border Patrol basically all law enforcement, tall weathered cowboys (running errands in town) so I HAVE to look my best :D

    I do wear my sunglasses quite often can't live without them.


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