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Friday, March 5, 2021

Walgreens? Are you kidding me?

I do not go out much and if I do I am paying attention while I am driving that sometimes I miss when they demolish a building or when new construction goes up. A couple of weeks ago I happened to see a small building going up about the size of a convenience store and it had a small sign that read Walgreens. Not looking anything like the traditional Walgreens store I figured someone put it up as a joke.

This afternoon I noticed the construction was finished and there was a car parked in the back. I almost died laughing when I realized it was in fact a small Walgreens? I think Del Rio deserves a regular Walgreens like Uvalde and Eagle Pass both have...not a mini one!

I made a U-turn and parked at Bel's Furniture that sits across from this new business so I could photograph it for the blog. Dang...I miss Houston!

As I was sorting through my junk mail this evening I found this little pamphlet with a 15% off coupon that I had not even noticed.

The next time you are passing through Del Rio and forgot to fill your Walgreens prescriptions you can always stop here. It is located on the city's main drag 909 Veterans Blvd. Be on the lookout for it because if you blink you will miss it!

We had wicked winds all-day making it feel much colder than the 80-degree temperature we enjoyed today. A cold front came through.  

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Some businesses took note that they have too much stock that never gets sold that they simply put less of things out and it all sells.
    Either that or they are expecting a dramatic decrease in the population.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. For years the only large pharmacies we had in town were HEB and Walmart. We had two other small ones but they went out of business. About five years ago CVS moved to town and built a normal size store. I was so disappointed because I have always been a fan of Walgreens.

      While I do not know the reason why they chose to build a tiny store I speculate they are probably trying to cash in on the Covid-19 vaccine that will soon be shipped and administered at pharmacies nationwide. Without a local and reliable newspaper that is all we can do...speculate.

  2. oh pooh. I'll bet you don't really miss Houston when you stop to think about it. I lived there for 4 years many, many years ago, and have always been grateful I left. Hm. Wonder if avocados are cheaper there. I guess you could look on the bright side - a little Walgreen's is better than no Walgreen's at all. I suppose I could do the same about avocados....a pricey one is better than no avocados at all.

    1. First time I hear you say you lived in Houston. I love my adopted hometown that served me well during my young adult years and beyond. Never a dull moment there was always something to do no matter the day of the week or the hour.

      "Tardeadas" on Sunday afternoon, big dances on Monday nights with well-known bands, Tuesday night concerts in downtown Houston and then it got better with each passing day as the weekend approached.

      If you overdid it the night before and decided to take a day of vacation but were out of beer? No problem in the City of South Houston, Pasadena, Deer Park, Channelview where oil workers worked different shifts at the Refineries and got off work early in the morning you could always go have a morning beer to cure your hangover and some guy was always buying rounds. Oh, those were the days!!!

      Sorry, I went down memory lane...in answer to your question Yes, avocados have always been cheaper in Houston I do not know if the same applies these days since I have not been there in three years.

      I for one will not be shopping at Little Walgreens. I consider a store of that size an insult to the community...they can keep their 15 percent off coupon...grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    2. Haha. Good. You are younger than I am! I can tell by your memory lane. They ARE nice to go down. I moved there circa '68 to go to graduate school, and left gratefully 5 years later (after a 2 year interval in upstate NY). I DID have some adventures there though. So I have some interesting and good memories of the time. The traffic and the hunidity in the summer were too much.

    3. Indeed it is nice to go down memory lane. In my case, I can't help but miss where I spent a large part of my life and where all your friends live. Being an only child my friends are more like my family.

      I could deal with the humidity, heat, tropical storms, hurricanes, flooding but the kicker was the traffic. I still have leftover issues of sitting on I-45 in a virtual parking lot for hours on end...that I DO NOT miss!

    4. Aw, I'm an only child too. Know whereof you speak!

    5. We have a small club you, Dizzy Dick, and I.

  3. More and more Walgreens are closing here and becoming Dollar Tree stores. I think they pretty much priced themselves out of business. The mouthwash I use was 3.50 more than even Safeway!

    The wind has been so aweful here and my allergies are killing me not even the meds are helping. But yes pretty warm here 83 today. Guess tomorrow I will turn on the water to the cooler. Last night kicked off one of the blankets and turned on the ceiling fan

    1. Then I suppose more little Walgreens will be the new standard in communities in the future? I frankly prefer to have more Dollar Trees.

      Though I did see a report on CNN where Dollar General and Dollar Tree were going to be opening stores side by side to give customers more options and they too would be small. Maybe it is a new trend?

      It really must have warmed up in your area to have made you kick off the blankets and turned on the ceiling fan. I on the other hand grabbed an extra blanket to keep from turning on the heater as I dread receiving this month's bill.

  4. I agree this Walgreens was probably opened to take advantage of government funds related to the vaccine for Covid.
    We only have two pharmacies here. Safeway and another by the Dollar Tree. Our dollar stores here are tiny. Nothing like I see on YouTube.
    We continue to enjoy fine SPRINGLIKE WEATHER here. :-) Jajaja

    1. For years we waited for a Walgreens but they snubbed us in favor of Uvalde and Eagle Pass when we have a larger population plus our border city of Ciudad Acuña. Perhaps those two cities offered them tax incentives?

      No doubt in my mind they chose to make a move now to take advantage of government funds related to the Covid-19 vaccine.

      The day Target and Academy decide to open a store in Del Rio I would seriously consider selling my home in Houston.


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