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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Errands / Partially empty shelves / Gov. opens State 100%

This morning I could not believe it was already Wednesday. I woke up to the noise of the neighbors rolling their garbage bins to the curb. I wait until around 10:00 a.m. to put ours out after everyone has gone to work or is inside their house. Once again had to pick up trash along the fence line.

Mornings have been in the low 40's but it is the wind that makes it feel much cooler so I had not even tried to take the car out again since Saturday but I had to go to the post office. I was a bit nervous about the possibility of breaking down on the road but thankfully nothing happened.

After running errands I stopped at the main HEB and was surprised some shelves were partially bare they had more stuff at Little HEB the last time I was there. Why are people still panic buying?

Few cold cuts.  Is everyone still eating sandwiches?

Plenty of whole milk but I drink 1 and 2% milk...had to settle for half a gallon.

Why are they out of ice cream...it has been cold lately.

Of course, toilet paper and paper towels are the first to go. Though in fairness they did have enough. If after what we went through last year...you do not have a stash of toilet paper in your house...that's on you!

It was around 5:00'ish and I had not eaten since breakfast so I will blame my low glucose levels rather than my lack of self-control for purchasing a cherry pie, a strawberry coffee cake, mini muffins, chocolate chip cookies, potato salad, along with a can of Nestle powder hot chocolate mix.

For some reason, the avocados (.59 each) and my serranos do not show up in the picture I took as I was checking out.

In case you do not follow Texas news our Governor has opened up the state 100% and removed the mask mandate making us the laughing stock of the nation. In a state where only 6.5% of the population has been vaccinated, he decides to do this without consulting with his medical team?

Seems the debacle regarding the failed power grid during our arctic storm is getting to the governor and he wants to get in his constituent's good graces. So who cares if we have more cases or workers are killed trying to enforce mask mandates that business owners have the right to enforce if they so choose.  I for one will continue wearing two masks, my face shield, and gloves.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Everyone's diets have changed because of these Lock-Downs.
    People just don't learn especially the Republican Governors that are still supporting the former commander of chaos. What they are doing will increase the spread of the virus.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. My beloved Texas is going to be hit hard due to this governor's stupidity. It's not like our Covid numbers have gone down in fact they have gone up. He is rightly getting more backlash than he anticipated.

  2. I watched a few interviews of Restaurants and other store owners last night and they said they will still have their employees wearing masks and customers also. They are already predicting another huge out break over these idiot governors in these states who have followed suite with lifting the mandatory mask wearing.

    Winds here have been really bad gusting at 30mpr I just sit here waiting for my side panels on the carport and porch to rip off and go sailing through the air

    1. The same thing is happening in Texas many businesses small and large are keeping the mask mandate in place.

      Don't get me wrong I know many businesses are hurting especially small businesses and need to open up to their full capacity but why remove the mask mandate? Then he also denies mayors and county judges from enacting one of their own. This idiot needs to be VOTED OUT!!!

  3. It is interesting to see the low supply and empty shelves in your local store this far past the recent storms. I have been watching several channels from all over the US and it is not uncommon. Many are remarking on trucking issues and say that is a lot of the problem. Either way, the supply chain is vulnerable and that is scary. I have noticed some bare shelves here and also some items no longer available. Also the prices that are climbing at an alarming rate.
    I am glad to see you stock up on good treats like cherry pie and cookies. Life is short..have some pie! Cherry pie is one of my favorites.
    Abbott is controlled by someone or some THING that does not have the interests of the common man in mind. I watched his interview where he was asked why he lifted the mask mandate against the advice of advisors and he just made this bonkers reply that because illegal aliens were being allowed into Tx carrying Covid, he lifted the mandate. Huh?? Makes perfect sense. Bigger risk of Covid (according to him), so use less precautions. Brilliant. He is a tool. Needs to be voted out, then run out on a rail. It is scary how close this country is to losing democracy. But don't feel alone with evil and stupid politicians...we have Gianforte and Daines doing the same here.
    Our weather has been springtime. Temps up to 50*. The earth's seasons are changing.
    Stay safe, my friend.

    1. I asked the cashier why they had bare shelves and she said that the best time to shop is early in the morning because people are still panic buying and they are not restocking until the evening.

      HEB has a great supply chain and a huge fleet of 18-wheelers to deliver it, we would have never made it without them during the start of the lockdown. HEB has kept their prices down for the most part.

      I still think Abbott is trying to deflect from his handling of the winter storm debacle. I am glad his lie about illegal aliens has been covered by both local media as well as cable news. The truth is the governor stalled federal funds to test migrants, but is now blaming them for spreading Covid.

      Telemundo as well as CNN did a story of immigrants at the local Del Rio shelter that is run by churches and a nonprofit organization whose name I forget. They are tested for Covid and if they are negative they are cleared to continue their journey until they have to appear at their court hearings. Before being taken to the bus station they are given winter clothes donated by the community and when they are taken to the bus station they wear masks and face shields.

      Lol, you made me smile "springtime temps up to 50 degrees". No Penelope, those are NOT springtime temps those are winter temperatures :-)

      A cold front with lots of wind came through today. Indeed our earth's seasons are changing.

  4. Oh, geez. Thanks for the price on those avocados. Maybe I should move to Del Rio. The cold weather interrupted some things with milk production and egg production.....and in general with trucks being able to make deliveries. That's all I've heard about short supplies. I think people aren't hoarding, but they could be. Maybe they know something I don't. Meanwhile, the valley agriculture got hammered. And yes. I emailed Abbot last Monday, and surprise, he didn't do what I recomended, was please leave the mask mandate in place. Open stuff up if you must, be not the mask thing. Well, we'll see what the nunbers are in another month. At least warm weather is coming......

    1. Your avocado envy is showing JudithK! I almost did not buy them because they went up .09 cents and I am rather frugal on some things :)

      While the arctic front did interrupt milk and egg production among many other things it has been three weeks and everything is back to normal. When I last went shopping at Little HEB they had all these items except they had limits on certain ones.

      I somethings think it is pointless to contact our local, state, and federal officials. They never read anything and if they are like the disgraced twice impeached one-term former liar in chief their aides do not relay those messages for fear of enraging them.

      I agree, open the economy if he must but the mask mandate should stay in place. The mayors of Houston and San Antonio I know for sure wrote to him with the same petition knowing this was coming down the pipeline. Heck, he didn't even consult with his medical team except for one of them and it wasn't to seek his opinion so what shot do the rest of us have? The only one I know is in the ballot box.


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