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Monday, December 13, 2021

Adiós a El Rey...Vicente Fernández

Sunday I woke up to the news that a legend, an icon of Mexican Ranchero music Vicente Fernández had passed away. December 12, 2021, an emblematic day for Mexicans and devouts of La Virgen de Guadalupe. This was also the date he said in many interviews that he wanted to go meet his maker...it seems like his wish was granted after having been hospitalized for 128 days.

The coverage in Spanish-speaking media was extensive and deservingly so. There is not one single Latino person that has not heard, sung, cried, laughed, drank, or danced to one of his many songs. Sunday the coverage of the Virgin, some important soccer game, and Miss Universe went by the wayside, and though they were covered it was not to the extent that they would have been under normal circumstances. I must have watched TV for at least ten hours straight. It was a feeling as though I had lost a family member a sentiment that was echoed by many of his legion of fans.

His ranch, Los Tres Potrillos houses a large arena where he use to have his concerts, it was open to the public so the people of Guadalajara and other parts of México could come and pay their respects. People were able to give their last farewell to their idol beginning at 4:00 p.m. Sunday for twenty-four hours straight until 4:00 p.m on Monday. 

All the while the mariachis played his songs non-stop including during the mass the way Chente had left stipulated.

He is the last of the great Ranchero music singers of his time. You may ask why do they call him El Rey which translates to "The King"?  That is the title of one of his many iconic songs.

I do not have Twitter but media coverage said many famous personalities including President Biden, Hillary Clinton, Beyoncé, George Strait, and so many other celebrities who you would not think would have known of him or his music sent their condolences. His star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame was visited by hundreds of his fans.

His widow Doña Cuquita with their son Alejandro Fernández, a successful singer in his own right singing "Volver, Volver" as the last song to be played at his funeral per his father's wishes. Here is a link if you care to hear it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdQ3cB5_rak

The rest of his immediate family his three sons, his daughter, and his wife.  I apologize for the poor quality and angle of some shots as I was photographing the television set.

There were people of all ages paying their respects. This lady was crying because she has seen all the greats of Ranchero music pass in her lifetime including Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, José Alfredo Jiménez, Javier Solís, and now Chente (his nickname).

Descansa en Paz Don Chente!


  1. I saw that on the news today, can't remember where, and also that it was the saint's day for Guadalupe. So two big deals, and it sounds like he got the most coverage.....like a great Italian opera singer would in Italy!

    1. You could have heard it anywhere as I was surprised when the anchorperson who does the newscast said that his passing was covered by the BBC, CNN, and other important foreign outlets.

      In an old interview, Chente said that the Catholic Church had asked him not to bring serenata to La Virgen de Guadalupe because his fans went there to see him sing rather than for the Virgin so he stop singing to her on that date.

      For those not familiar with the December 12th celebrations...famous singers go to La Basilica de Guadalupe (her Shrine) in Mexico City and sing to her at midnight.

  2. I loved hearing him sing - what a voice!


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