Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
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Thursday, December 23, 2021

San Felipe Lions Park / Excellent Service from the County

I wanted to get a winter photograph of San Felipe Creek at San Felipe Lions Park so yesterday I drove by there. I have featured this house many times on previous posts as they have a birds-eye view of the creek and park along with a lot of security cameras.

They had quite a few Christmas decorations but my camera was not able to capture them from here so I had to cross the little bridge to try to obtain a better angle but the camera (or perhaps me) did not do a good job.

Not a soul at the park even though the temperature was 83 degrees yesterday.

This morning the County heavy trash truck came by again to my delight. The guy saw me watching him and called me over. He told me that the limbs were too close to the cinder block fence which is wabbly and he was afraid one wrong move and he could bring it down. I told him I understood and I explained to him my situation with my MIA yardman whom I have not seen since last Friday and only spoke to him this Monday after he threw me under the bus by telling "scary man" that I wanted him fired.

This young man named Cipriano told me he would call his boss and see what they could do to help me out. I truly did not expect much but in about five minutes his boss showed up and personally grabbed the controls of the big claw...I do not know if that is the proper name...as Cipriano guided him. If that was not enough his boss drove, I believe it might be called a crane (I am not up to date on my terminology) which he used to shove the limbs closer to the street and away from the fence.

I can not tell you how much I appreciated all this as the limbs were scattered along three lots because "scary man" was too lazy to drag them to the first lot where there is no fence as a 6.5-inch rainstorm one night took it out a couple of years ago.

Cipriano came by three times to fill up the dump truck until all the limbs were hauled away. The County went above and beyond my expectations and I will definitively be voting for our County Commissioner in the next election.

Is it any surprise that I would finally be getting a call from David late this afternoon after I am sure he checked with the neighbor to confirm that the tree limbs had been picked up by the County.  I let my wonderful answering machine take a message but he did not leave one. Then I heard the neighbors' dogs barking and I knew he was on the property.

Sure enough like a thief in the night, he came to take his worthless broken down riding mower.  I could see his headlamp along with his flashlight as he secured it to his truck and then leaving through the downed fence so as not to have to open the front gate.

While it was cool this morning the temperature rose this afternoon after the sun made an appearance. The lady meteorologist said Del Rio and Cotulla, Texas had some of the highest temperatures in the nation yesterday. Today we only made it to 81 degrees.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. Good work by the county!!! And yes, not only vote for your commissioner, but send him and the Sanitation Dept or whoever takes care of cleanup, and note of appreciation for Cipriano and his boss! That was really nice of those guys. They didn't have to do it.
    Oh, that water at the park is so beautiful. I can't believe no one was out there.

    1. That is one thing my mom has always taught me to do, write thank you notes and letters of appreciation when the situation merits it, and this one more than meets that criteria.

      A couple of years ago, we wrote one for another county employee who went above and beyond his job duties, and we received a thank you letter from the then lady County Judge.

      Glad you enjoyed the picture of San Felipe Creek and the park.

    2. I'd probably need to go look at the park pretty often. Clear running water is something very very special. I am glad you have it so close at hand!!

  2. Liked the pictures of the water falls what a wonderful place. Sure was great of Cipriano and his boss to clean up the front of the property. That was really beyond their job. And then have that snake show up to retrieve his junk mower. Good help is so hard to find these days.

    1. The waterfalls and overall beauty of the park brought much-needed tranquility to my soul.

      Cipriano and his boss were my heroes Thursday. They did so much to help me, and it is appreciated.

      You got that right, that worthless gardener is a "snake", but Karma will pay him back.


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