Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Mild weather / Butter popcorn / Chiles Rellenos /Another power outage

We have had some spectacular weather...sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to high 80's. Friday we reached 87 degrees so I put off driving to town until late in the afternoon. My plan was to only go to Ollie's to return the wireless keyboard/mouse combo I purchased Wednesday since the mouse failed to work even with three different batteries.

Thankfully there was only one person in line in front of me...however, the cashier was a new employee in training and it took a while for her to process that refund. I had better luck as mine went much faster perhaps because it was instantly credited back to my credit card.

Since that went so well and there was still daylight I decided to once again venture to Dollar Tree as the last time I was there the cashier told me to check with them on Friday as that is when their supply truck comes in. I made a beeline to the butter popcorn aisle and I was so happy to see it was back in stock!

To be on the safe side I made sure I bought enough to last me a while. Note Mu├▒eca on the bottom of the picture frame acting like she expected me to share with her...­čśé

They had also received an ample supply of Campbell's soups which I avail myself of...

While not Campbell's decided to try this brand of Cream of Mushroom soup since it was affordably priced.

I had not seen cans of Hormel Tamales in a long time so took the only two I found...

Needless to say that by the time it was time to head home it was pitch dark and I do not do well driving at night. Lucky for me I had my yellow-tinted glare-reducing glasses in my glove box that I also purchased at The Dollar Tree some time back.

I have been thinking about Chiles Rellenos for a while but the Stripes that sells them is the only truck stop in town and they go fast! Decided to take a chance, I walked in as the girl was finishing making them. I really did not want a lunch plate that comes with two sides and a flour tortilla that sells for $5.29 (all their lunch plates sell for that amount). I asked her what it would cost to buy one individually so she went to ask and it was only $2.99 but as a taco...a taco I asked?  She said yes, wrapped in a flour tortilla. I could not pass on that kind of deal so I bought three!

They were huge, so I took out my measuring tape and can confirm that they were 7 inches in length.

We have been having the usual power spikes but this evening at 8:08 p.m. we lost power until it was restored at 9:12 p.m.  What gets to me is that they never tell us why?  It was a beautiful evening with no wind or bad weather of any kind in Del Rio or the surrounding area and it's not like air conditioners were running as they would be in the summertime.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. I am glad you were able to return that keyboard without too much drama. Also glad you were able to get plenty of popcorn snacks. I am the same about stocking up on favorite items whenever I can now. You never know when it might be the last time it is available.
    Your little kitty is so adorable.
    We had some power and phone issues here because of high wind. It has been blowing hard off and on for several days. They are reporting some 80mph gusts!
    I spent three days preparing Christmas cards for folks in Louisiana who have written to me this year. Plus a few to other friends and family. I chose Leaning Tree cards as I think their artwork selections are the best. I wish I could send one to you. Take care and stay safe my friend.

    1. You guys sure have some mightly strong winds in your area. If we had 80 mph winds, this old house would surely lose its roof.

      I commend you for willingly spending three days preparing Christmas cards for your friends and fans of your talk show. After reading your comment, I got flashbacks of my youth when my parents forced me to address hundreds of Christmas card envelopes supposedly because I had the better penmanship. As an adult, I never sent out a Christmas card unless circumstances forced me to.

      My little Mu├▒eca is indeed adorable she is the only one that comes to me on her own even when I do not have food to offer...unlike her siblings, her mother, aunt, and cousin.

  2. PS.my friend Lilly brought me 18 tamales for Thanksgiving. Sooo good. Those Chile's relleno s look Devine. And in a taco!

    1. Lucky you for getting to eat real tamales and not canned like me. :D

      The Chiles Rellenos were delicious, I'm glad they included the tortilla because it soaked up the grease, and I then threw it away.

  3. You sure scored big at Dollar Tree good for you!.
    I have the combo keyboard and mouse, well I did the keyboard died a few months ago but had it for a long time. Luckily I never got rid of the plug in one so using that. I put that on my Christmas list with my grandkids since they always say I'm to hard to buy for.
    Our weather has been nice to but I still want it to be cooler.

    1. I sure did score big and while it was still selling for $1.00 because as of Monday, December 6th everything is now $1.25.

      I love my keyboard even if it is a plug-in but with so much use the letters have faded. I had to do the opposite of you, dig out my old plug-in mouse. Too bad the new one did not work.

      What a good idea to put that in your Christmas list so your grandkids get you something you really need and want.

      Hopefully, you will get cooler weather soon.

  4. Oh Oh Oh, Chile rellenos!! I better check my Stripes store! They are my favorite thing. (A long time ago, I ordered chile rellenos at many restaurants all over Arizona and New Mexico, and was astounded at what turned up. Of course I ate them all. But what I wanted was what you got today, without the tortilla of course, but what the hell.) Hope they were good!
    We might not want to be at the same table, being fans of both avocados and chile rellenos. Food fight might break out.

    1. We have six Stripes in Del Rio but only three sell take-out food and of those only the one that is a truck stop sells chiles rellenos but it does not hurt to ask if yours carries them as well.

      I would love to sample some from different states I suppose the difference would be in what they use to fill them with. The tortilla served to soak up the grease in my case then I threw it away.

      I was caught in a food fight in my college cafeteria but I hid under the table...I would never throw food at another person. I might trip you and as you are laying on the floor eat your avocados and chiles rellenos...jajajaja!

    2. Oh yes, we would not be throwing food, but fighting for it!
      It's been so long, I can't remember Arizona, but I do remember NM and chile rellenos being kind of an egg/omelet sort of thing. Not stuffed and fried for sure. But it was good enough....

  5. Having lost most of my taste for anything, I wish I could get excited about chile rellenos, Maybe I should look for some! My kids all love popcorn and pop their own quite often. I only liked it the few times I went to the movies in an actual theater!

    1. I am sure California restaurants must sell a lot of chile rellenos and quite good ones at that.

      I am too lazy to pop my own popcorn and the one at Dollar Tree is delicious that is why it sells out fast. The clerks already know me and will often tell me without me asking them if they have them in stock!


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