Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Sunday, June 19, 2022


Yesterday (Saturday, June 18th) I gave myself the morning and afternoon off from yard work. I had not left the house in a week and needed to pick up the mail at the post office. Glad I did because it was so full I could barely get it out.

Del Rio has some very long trains that cross through town and while there are several ways to get to the post office that is not going to happen when the trains are in motion so I headed to the very first overpass that was built (we only have three). That involves driving by the main HEB, the price for unleaded has not changed it was still $4.49 a gallon and the store parking lot was almost full at 11:00 a.m.

When we first moved to Del Rio we rented a house close to downtown which is known as Historic South Del Rio. The house where we lived as all the houses on our side of the street were sold and moved, or torn down.

Last year I had seen one of the houses on the next street over for sale on Realtor.com someone bought it and appeared to be working on it. What would be my surprise two months ago when I saw they had torn it down and were building a new one in its place. In a way, I am glad it was torn down, though the owners of the house had to pay a heavy price through no fault of their own for being related to two family members who up to that time or even perhaps today committed the most heinous murder in Del Rio history.

A new large structure caddy corner to that one is going up. It brought back memories of the late Mrs. Salas and her four grandchildren that she raised on her own after her irresponsible daughter took off to Chicago with some guy and never sent them a dime for their care. It made me feel sad and at the same time old since I doubt anyone else would know this besides their family who are dead and the kids now adults who all live in Illinois.

You know how we tend to forget a lot of things later in life which I call CRS? Well, it is like the floodgates opened and so many thoughts and memories long forgotten suddenly became fresh. I recalled dating Mrs. Salas's oldest son before he too left for Chicago...in the '70s that was the city most Del Rioans moved to obtain a good-paying job. We had already moved out to the county when I learned that her youngest son had taken his own life. I remember helping him with his homework and having long talks with him. All this just from looking at a new house?

Little HEB is three blocks away so I parked there to wipe my tears and get myself together before driving home. That is when I realized there were very few cars there so decided to go in.  All I needed were serranos, bread, and bottled water. Got the first two but they were all out of HEB brand water and had very few of the other higher-priced brands.

Here is what a loaf of bread is going for in our little HEB...

I bought Essential Grains that if you bought two using a coupon came out to $2.00 each

I checked on the price of beef though I seldom purchase any...

A 5-pound bag of potatoes was going for $2.37...

At that price, I could purchase the 15 lb bag for an additional $1.10 and save some money but we can not eat that many nor do we have room to store them. If I was getting ready for Terlingua I would have bought it.

No shortage of Valentina Hot Sauce...

They also had a good selection of Peanut butter that I understand there was a shortage of last month.

Now what I do like...Mayo 😋...I purchased Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil though I have also been seeing it made with Avocado Oil.

I purchased some sliced salad olives for $2.72 a jar.

They had good prices on tuna but I bought those on my last trip to the main HEB and have not opened any yet.

Mushroom stems and pieces are still cheaper at the $1.25 Dollar Tree.

I have never understood why there is a price difference between the HEB brand and Hill Country Fare (also an HEB brand)...

I do not eat a lot of eggs (except boiled eggs when camping) but took a picture for you to see the price.

I almost bought some cream cheese...

Talk about getting ready for Terlingua if it was closer I would have bought these Clamato's which were for half price at $2.49 for 64 oz.

They had a product I had never seen before Clamato Michelada Especial with jalapeños, spices, and lime 32 fl. oz size for $1.48.

I suppose they had wine boxes on sale for Father's Day, another must-have item for the Chili Cook-off.

I am a little late but I hope all my male readers had a great Father's Day.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. I couldn't make out the price of eggs, it's funny I remember another time when eggs for some reason were hard to come by and very expensive. Then the small eggs became med. eggs and med. eggs were called large. Now there are no longer med. eggs just large, ex large and jumbo and the prices are crazy high. I did find so called large eggs at Safeway last week for under $3. with the store card.
    So your planning a trip soon?

    1. The eggs in the picture were selling as follows: $3.88 for 18 large eggs, $3.29 for a dozen Jumbo Eggs, and $6.83 for 30 large brown eggs.

      I guess I do not remember when eggs changed classification. When I would buy them I did so at The Dollar Tree when it was still a dollar for everything. I remember purchasing a carton of 18 medium eggs for a dollar, then they cut that down to a dozen, and the last time I looked it was six medium eggs for $1.25...way too expensive.

      You do not know how I would LOVE to go camping but it is far too hot in Texas and our darling rattlesnakes have long come out of hibernation and are mating.

      I think I have been watching too many Bob Wells videos as well as the lady campers that are now up north and having to wear sweaters in June! I will have to patiently wait for late October to go to my favorite place in the world...TERLINGUA!

    2. My laptop started working better than ever that was very weird. So I canceled the appt.
      Your eggs are so much cheaper than here. A dz eggs are way over $3. and 18pk is over $4.
      I know what you mean about watching all these lady campers and watching Bob Wells makes me want to get in the truck and go but I wouldn't travel in this heat as it takes 4hrs to get up north and I would run into the heat no matter if I leave at 5:30am. Plus I need new tires for the back of the truck, I did the front a while back and lets not forget the gas, today I went for a hair cut and the gas was $4.98!!

    3. That is good news that your computer started working again! Mine sure is slow yet it has plenty of memory. You cook and bake a lot of dishes so you have many uses for eggs...me not so much :-(

      A couple of weeks ago I watched one of Bob Wells's videos where he had bought some land but I can not remember if it was in Arizona or New Mexico. Now I am seeing a lot of people purchasing land in what looks like the same area...have you seen that? What caught my eye was there were no stinking mesquite trees in the area!

    4. Lots of full timers are buying land out Northern AZ. from Show Low to Flagstaff and the areas around there. It is mostly scrub oaks and juniper . Most is raw land with nothing on it and some have electric but no water. Water is hauled in and you buy these water tanks ranging from 150 gls. and up. Have you or do you follow Camper Van Kevin? He just bought a few acres out there somewhere. His had septic and electric and is adding lots of stuff to the place. But since this all started the prices skyrocketed like every thing else.

    5. I recently started following Campervan Kevin when he came up on my feed. I was interested in the used cabin he bought recently and moved to his land.

      I also saw one video where several of his friends had come over and they too were hoping to find some land. I have not been able to view any of his recent videos hopefully this weekend. Would love to know if his friends purchased property, and how much they paid for it.

  2. At prices like that if you had the room to stockpile them it would be worth your while.
    You might add a little reminder at the top of your blog that viewers can "Click on photos to enlarge".
    Stay Safe and Enjoy getting our when you can.

    It's about time.

    1. I would love to stockpile some more food stock while there is still inventory and the prices are low like I did during the winter months, but with the heat in Texas I have to keep them air conditioned, and Mom's house is not that big.

      The main purpose in listing the prices is to see what other readers are paying in their respective cities, states, and countries...yeap, I am noisy :-D

      Thank you for the tip on notifying readers how to enlarge pictures. However, in JO's case she is a seasoned blogger but has been having issues with her computer and sometimes can not see images on any blog, not even her own.

  3. Nothing like living in the same town for a long time. I'm 76 and live in the same town I grew up in (I did leave for about 12 years, the primo ages between 18 and 30, and am glad I did, but also am OK about having come back. There are many crossroads in a long life, and who knows how they end...except the one you take). You know, that Clamato Juice Micheleada might be good just as it is!

    1. Del Rio has grown so much and is no longer the sleepy border town it once was. People no longer know their neighbors and I am guilty of that...a by-product of years of living in Houston.

      I thought the same about the Michelada Clamato and may go buy it this week if it hasn't sold out and I can muster the energy to go to town...I had a very long day today and can barely keep my eyes open.

  4. Well, it's the longest day of the year! ha. Or was that yesterday. Jaja. Only a difference of less than a minute......

    1. The Summer Solstice arrived today Tuesday - June 21, 2022, at 5:14 a.m.

      I have been up since 3:11 a.m. and made two trips to México today. I need to email the pictures to myself in order to post them but I am too tired to do that this evening.

      I missed The January 6th Hearings today so I am trying to get caught up on that for as you know I am a "news junkie" and a believer "in facts, not fiction".

    2. Sturdy woman. I'm just reading summaries. Horrifying enough. I think the R's made a mistake by bowing out on participating (making for a lot of sound and noise). But maybe they were seeking cover.

    3. The R's were just putting up obstructions for they were well aware of just how far the conspiracy tentacles reached and did not want to be exposed.

      Lucky for us there are still politicians who choose to put their oath to the Constitution over allegiance to a man whose ambition to stay in power was bigger than the love he claims to profess for his country...never mind that he was going to flush Democracy down the toilet like he did "top classified information".

      Just when I think nothing else could come out to shock me...I am left incredulous. Love all those congressmen that denied asking for pardons and yet it is all there for anyone to see if they care to...but they don't!


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