Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Thursday, June 16, 2022

How can it already be Thursday?

This week has flown by so fast that I can not believe it is already Thursday. The heat and wind have been horrible and I still do not know why our wind patterns have changed so much as no one seems to be mentioning it.

While I have not left the house I have been busy raking those horrible mesquite pods in the morning and late afternoon when the heat is not as bad. It is so demoralizing to pick up these suckers only to come back that evening or the following day and find even more pods to rake.

Yesterday Wednesday, was trash day and I was able to fill two empty 44 lb. bags of cat food full of mesquite pods and I haven't even made a dent. I wish it was not so expensive to cut down all these pesky trees. We do not need the shade nor the extra work they require. Over the years several have been struck by lighting, been through droughts, ant infestations, and yet they have not perished...😢

The heat and UV levels have been high. I have a tan line that clearly shows where my socks and capri pants line were.

I fell asleep watching Late Night With Seth Meyers on NBC last night. Following them is a repeat of the News 4 ten o'clock San Antonio news when I woke up...and guess what? A San Antonio hospital suffered the same fate as Val Verde Regional Medical Center...their patient's information was compromised and by compromised I mean stolen! To date no mention of this on the Del Rio newspaper webpage.

Good night. May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. I remember taking down trees because they were trying to get into our basement. That saved a lot of Eaves Through cleaning and yard waste.
    Bea Safe and Enjoy your slightly cooler temperatures.

    It's about time.

    1. You were a strong young man at the time Rick or maybe you can still take down trees on your own.

      Even in my best years, I could not possibly do that much less now in my "golden years" and that's without taking into account my bad back...I have to pay, and it is not cheap.

  2. My neighbor cut that stinkin tree way back and I am so happy, but all those itty bity leaves are everywhere but at least no pods yet. This heat is horrible 110 today. But I managed to just run the cooler with fans going full blast. But 15 min. ago I switched over to A/C so I can sleep.
    My laptop is very ill and going into Geek Squad hospital on Wed. I can't see pictures on any posts including my own or any sites I go on and it is super slow. Poor thing has gotten lots of use since I purchased it in 2016. Last time I had it serviced he told me I will need a new hard drive, So happy I keep the maintenance ins.

    1. I have to rake those itsy bitsy little leaves too though I am not as concerned about them as I am about those darn pods germinating. The strong winds are blowing them further away so they are now all over the southern part of the property.

      I watched on the Weather Channel the high temperatures your area is experiencing thankfully ours are not as high. Just a while ago they mentioned some northern states where the grid went down. I can not imagine with this heat to be without power or preppers who have several freezers worth of food that could potentially go bad if it doesn't come back on soon.

      I think we bought our computers around the same time. I need to purchase a new one as well but the only store that sells them is Walmart as I do not like to buy electronics online. We have no Geek Squad here either. While living in small towns can have its benefits it also has its drawbacks as well.

  3. I have cut down on freezer items because I'm afraid of power outages through monsoon season. That's another reason I have been buying food that store dry in the cabinet.
    This is so weird my laptop seems to be working better, yesterday I couldn't see most pictures and I couldn't see Auntie Acid now I can. Laptop must have realized it was going to have surgery LOL

    1. I sure am glad we do not have a monsoon season but we do have a lot of power outages that is why I keep so many water bottles in the freezer.

      While I like dry goods I am too lazy to prepare them so it is easier for me to just open a can that is why I buy so many.

      My computer is a desktop and it has been having its moments as well. It will turn on by itself which is creepy and makes me wonder if someone is spying on me though I do have the camera lens covered.

    2. I hope it's just updating itself without nosing into your bidness.
      Remember Molly Ivins talking about bidness?

    3. I figured it must be updating and instead of shutting itself off, it will restart. I fell asleep in the living room recliner and as I made my way to my bedroom I noticed there was light coming from my room and my computer was turned on when I had turned it off earlier.

      I remember Molly Ivins but I do not recall the phrase you mention...CRS?


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