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Saturday, August 6, 2022

Second Booster Shot / Calendars and Buttered Popcorn

I learned thanks to Ciudad Acuña's excellent newspaper El Zócalo a couple months back that the Texas National Guard would no longer be administering Covid-19 clinics at the local mall. You would now have to make arrangements at the three local pharmacies or get it from your doctor.  

On my last visit to my physician, it had only been two months since I had received my booster and he had told me that the Rural Health Clinic was still hosting some but he did not know for how much longer. Called them last month to inquire and was lucky enough to get an appointment for last Friday, August 5th.

The Rural Health Clinic is only open till noon on Fridays and at 12:01 p.m. they would start the vaccinations. I am glad I went early and that during the morning it was cloudy and there was a good breeze blowing. There were a lot of children and teenagers there as I believe school begins next week.

At least the lines were not as long as the ones at the Civic Center or the last one at the mall. However, that is not to say there was no drama with the kids. There was this four or five year old boy who was overweight and wanted his mother to carry him if she put him down he would start screaming and kicking, this woman had the patience of a saint. They were there to get his 14-year-old brother vaccinated and even he could barely stand his tantrums...why do I always get stuck near spoiled brats?

There were a lot of rich ladies from Ciudad Acuña getting vaccinated. How do I know they were from México? They dressed very nicely, were draped in expensive jewelry, had their designer purses, and spoke proper Spanish.  I also counted 11 license plates from the state of Coahuila in the parking lot.

These are some of the cars I spotted with
 Mexican license plates

I pulled a muscle about two months ago on my left arm and it is very tender so I opted to get the booster on my right arm even though I am right handed. Luckily I had no complications only soreness where the shot was administered.

The line continued to grow as I was leaving and the sun started to peak through the clouds.

I went to The Dollar Tree as I needed 2023 calendars and they go fast.

I found some buttered popcorn but only bought two...see I can have "willpower" when I want! 😄


I had every intention of going next door to Harbor Freight to get a free flashlight and to Ollie's but my feet said NO.

Walmart is next door so drove by to see what the going gasoline prices were for Friday, August 5th.

$3.499 for Unleaded
$4.589 for Diesel

Goodnight.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid


  1. I'm happy you were able to get your 2nd booster. My arm didn't hurt at either, wonder what was different about the second shot.
    Yesterday I went out with my daughter for lunch and I did check the gas it is down to 3.99. I wasn't driving nor do I need any gas but at least it is coming down.
    Love Auntie Acid so true hahaha

    1. The new Covid variant has taken hold and once again our numbers as well as those in Ciudad Acuña are on the rise. It was good to see people once again wearing a mask. I was glad I was able to score an appointment.

      See I told you your gasoline prices would go down and now they are under the important four-dollar mark. How nice that you got to enjoy lunch with your daughter. Aunty Acid seems to have a meme for every occasion :-D

  2. You've got to closing time today to get the Free Flashlight. AA Batteries are a good price also.
    Glad you got your second Booster without having to stand around in the heat.
    Our Fuel Prices are going down as well.
    Laughed at Aunty Acid because I just left the Gym.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I did not know you guys in Canada got the same deals as in the USA. In Texas, this weekend was Tax-Free for parents buying school, clothes, and other supplies so there was no way I was going to go out...even though Harbor Freight does not carry school items...Dollar Tree and Ollie's do, so I will have to wait for another opportunity to get my free flashlight.

  3. Oh...buttered popcorn. Glad to see somebody besides me still likes calendars on paper. I have two, one in my kitchen, and one by my computer. I just can't get with that thing of having my phone tell my what's supposed to happen that day.....Glad you made it through your 2nd booster. I'm due for one....

    1. As you know I dislike cell phones and have no idea how to input important data into its calendar. I am old-fashioned and I am OK with that, so love my "paper calendars" as I have to keep up with both mine and my loved one's appointments.

    2. Yes, a BIG display of the week and where you are in it. Can't beat it.

    3. You are right...can't beat it!

  4. I always keep a paper calendar! And I totally dislike cell phones, so all I do is answer the thing when someone calls me. I rarely even make a call - I'll email someone instead.

    1. Even if I knew how to write appointments on my phone's calendar...I would not do it...I am like you, I much prefer a paper calendar that I can write or erase, and that will always be there whether we lose power or not.

  5. I typed a long comment and I have no idea what happened to it! I was saying that I never rely on my cell phone to keep track of anything - love my old-fashioned paper calendar, where I can write notes and appointments, and see a month at a glance!

    1. I have had my blog in "moderation mode" since I am getting hit by spammers on the two blogs I post on. The moderation comment pops up quickly and if you are not looking at the screen can miss it.

      I have not had a chance to go online for a couple of days so I did not know your comments were in the "awaiting moderation file"...I apologize.


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