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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Facebook to the Rescue

If you have been reading this blog for a while you probably are aware that for close to a decade my neighbors and I have been fighting an uphill battle with a crack house on our street.  We tried everything to no avail.  You know how we finally got rid of them?  Turns out the sister of the “crack head” posted a nasty remark about her brother’s live-in lover on her Facebook page.

The live-in lover then drove home and proceeded to beat up his sister and the mother called the authorities and had her arrested.  Then the mother finally grew a backbone and threw them out of the house.  Go figure when all else failed it turns out we owe a debt of gratitude to Facebook…thank you kindly Facebook!

Last night the family of the crack head threw a party and I was afraid it would revert back to the old times when you could not even drive into my cul-de-sac from all the cars but as luck would have it they did not invite him and the celebration ended at midnight.

I always buy the Sunday paper on Saturday but with the party decided to stay put and did not purchase it until today.  I just love the Houston Chronicle it is one of the best newspapers I have ever read.

Since I stayed up late I did not go buy my breakfast till almost noon…Jack in the Box serves it all day!  When I came back seems like everyone was mowing their lawn.  Even Mr. Town Crier!  He NEVER mows his lawn, as he is lazy and has always allowed Mrs. Town Crier to take care of that chore.

I confirmed my suspicion…she is avoiding me…that is so very odd for her as she LOVES to gossip for hours on end and a couple of days ago I actually caught her hiding from me.  I am wondering if my Game Cam had anything to do with it?  Noticed she had lost weight, hummm…could the theft of my stair stepper and other exercise equipment from my shed had anything to do with that?  Guess I will never know…

Good Night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.


  1. Had a meth house, distributor, across the street, but the owner finally got them out. No one been there since.

  2. Thank goodness you no longer have them. Meth labs can be so dangerous and blow up any minute.

    The mother owns the house so we had no hope of them leaving.

  3. Glad you got rid of the jerks no matter what caused it. If your neighbors are stupid enough to steal from a neighbor

    1. Unfortunately some of my neighbors WILL steal from another neighbor.

      Mrs. Town Crier called police when they broke into my house but then claimed she lost my phone number and my house remained opened for a month and a half. She could have easily called the HOA and asked them to notify me but she choose not to.

      During that time period she told the WHOLE neighborhood my house was robbed and now OPEN and my dear neighbors then proceeded to steal everything the original thieves did not take.

      I have such lovely neighbors :-(

  4. First good thing I have heard about Facebook so far.

  5. Whenever I spot a suspicious vehicle cruising down my road,I just fire a few rounds off my 12 gauge. Don't see them come back anymore.They have no business driving down thru here.

    1. Lol RedEyeMule, where do you live? I do that in Houston and I will blogging from the Harris County jail house :)


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