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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Recycling Center / Library / Grocery Run / Gasoline Prices Rise

While it was cool this morning it was not cold. The rains we were expecting did not materialize. We had a low of 48 and a high of 61 degrees and it was cloudy all day.

I had to run several errands so my first stop was the Post Office to pick up the mail. I forgot they close for lunch and there was a long line waiting for them to open. Glad I was not one of them.

I have been carrying my recyclables in the trunk but kept forgetting to drop them off. Today was finally the day to do so.

I looked at those new pallets and remembered all the ideas on Pinterest for their use. Too bad I do not have building skills or tools. Brought back memories of me and another campmate dragging pallets people left after the cook-off back to our camp so we could make a campfire that evening.

Then headed for Val Verde County Library to get a copy of a sample ballot along with a copy of the Nonpartisan Voters Guide put out by the League of Women Voters' of Texas (LWV) for the March 3, 2020, Primary Election.

In the parking lot, there were two camper vans from northern states.

This Chinook had Wisconsin license plates
There was another one but I did not see it until I was driving off. As many vandwellers know libraries are a great place to charge your electronics and use computers.

I went on another grocery run to HEB and was shocked to see that gasoline prices had gone up considerably. A gallon of regular unleaded was $2.159 that is an increase of .17 cents!!!

Milk, eggs, and cereal showed an increase from last week.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. In Las Vegas the main library has all that you mentioned, including air conditioning and armed guards. I don't think I'd every seen armed guards at a library before....

    1. Air conditioning goes without saying it is a staple in this part of Texas, as a matter of fact, it is too cold so I always bring a sweater or jacket in the summer.

      Armed guards? Wow, I had never heard of armed guards at a library before. I am sure there must have been a reason to warrant it.

  2. While your gas prices went up ours came down but your prices are still lower.

    We had a high of 81 today but tomorrow dropping down to 71 and cloudy then down to the 60's. Right now I have on the A/C as it is humid and stuffy. Not ready for this

    1. I wonder why our prices have gone up while yours went down?

      It was cold and windy today. I was watching the Town Halls this evening so did not catch the news but I do believe our high tomorrow will only be in the high 50's.

      I am glad I have not had to turn on the house A/C yet only the car's.

  3. As long as the Pallets are not damaged they make great fences without much skill and it keeps your cost down.
    Wish our prices were as low as your's.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The pallet comment was just me wishing out loud. I just admire what people can do with them.

  4. I saw this interesting news headline today:
    Greyhound to stop allowing immigration checks on buses
    (excerpt from article)
    Greyhound, the nation’s largest bus company, said Friday it will stop allowing Border Patrol agents without a warrant to board its buses to conduct routine immigration checks.
    Greyhound said it would provide its drivers and bus station employees updated training regarding the new policy, and that it would place stickers on all its buses clearly stating that it does not consent to the searches.

    I have been on a Greyhound bus and had a US border patrol agent come aboard and ask each of us if we were US citizens. That felt creepy to me. We were not at a border crossing. Good for Greyhound.

    1. It has taken Greyhound years to come to this decision...not out of the kindness of their heart...it has been sued by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) amongst many other organizations.

      I have only been on a Greyhound bus twice both times from Del Rio to Houston. The first time was in the early '80s where they bordered the bus in Bracketville but they never asked me anything. The last time was in the late '90s this time at the Uvalde bus station where they were more aggressive but again they did not question me.

      Last year I heard that people in Uvalde were complaining because U.S. Border Patrol agents were questioning people who were not on the bus but sitting at the Greyhound station either waiting for a bus or relatives to arrive.

    2. Meant to say "in the early '80s where they BOARDED the bus in Bracketville".

  5. Sounds like you will be having more cold weather. We are staying daily cold here. Still ice on most of the streets, although the main roads have mostly thawed out.
    I have been filling in the gaps of my prepping. I pride myself on being fairly stocked up, but now with the coronavirus looming, I am seriously getting all I can afford. Most will wait until the last minute and then cry about crazy crowds and empty shelves. I have seen it before. Prices are already jumping up daily here on everything.
    I agree ICE IS Gestapo. Way out of control and preying on innocent people. Just a disgrace we have degenerate thrives in the senate and White House while good tax paying and hard working good folks are harassed and arrested.
    This virus will be the great leveled. It won't be able to distinguish between Republicans and Democrats. At least I take comfort knowing the senate folks mingle with a lot of the traveling public and thereby increase their chances of contacting the virus. I know..sounds harsh and unchristian, but that is how I feel. They are doing nothing to nip this in the bud.

    1. Yes, more cold weather is on the way even though to me it is already cold enough but I guess Mother Nature does not care about my opinion :D

      Good for you for prepping. When I lived in Houston local authorities were very good about getting the message out before Hurricane season started and I always followed their advice.

      While my co-workers and friends waited until the last minute when it was too late. I vividly remember our Vice-President coming back from Randall's (was across the street) with cat litter and canned cat food and saying "at least the cat will be comfortable" because the shelves were empty. This was before Hurricane Alicia hit the area.

      The Senate politicians are doing nothing because they are so afraid to speak out against their leader who thinks the Coronavirus is going to go away come Springtime.

  6. Apologies for my errors. I should have proof read more carefully. Although this damn phone constantly changes my words. ...degenerate THEIVES...and the great LEVELER.

    1. Do not worry about errors on this blog. The author makes more than her fair share :)


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