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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

New Record Setting Day for Del Rio, Texas

Though we are still technically in Spring we have been experiencing very hot temperatures of late.  Today we set a new record high for this day of 108 degrees breaking a record of 104 degrees set in 1973.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. If these temps are a sign of what's to come this year it is not a good one.
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying comfortable.

    It's about time.

    1. So far nothing has been good this year Rick.

      I am sitting in the dark after the power went out a little over an hour ago due to a thunderstorm and the severe ones have not even reached Del Rio yet!

  2. Even when the AC is working, that level of heat just takes it out of a person. Hot here too... but only 101 yesterday. Better today, but having summer arrive so early makes me feel like another even more rigid quarantine. Hope you got some good rain out of all the storming. And you're OK.

    1. I have to agree JudithK even with the A/C turned on the heat is relentless. I go in and out of the house all day to feed the cats, water the trees or hang laundry and it takes me a while to cool down when I do come in.

      We are getting good rains which we need...we just don't need the thunder, lightning, hail and power outages.

      I hope you are doing well too.

  3. OH NO! I am not looking forward to those temps this summer and you with out power not a good thing. By now hope you have power back on. Do you have any batter powered fans?

    1. On Tuesday when we reached 108 after they had predicted it would only reach 105...which is high enough on its own...I bit the bullet and lowered the A/C to 75 degrees.

      Likewise Wednesday when severe thunderstorms were in the forecast, I had the feeling the power was going to go out just like it did but again I lowered the A/C so when the electricity went out the house was cool.

      I do not have battery-powered fans. This time the power was only out for an hour and a half so it wasn't too bad.


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