Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sunny but windy days / Long lines to cross to México / Karma

While the days have been sunny and in the low 70's we have had strong wind gusts making it feel colder. I attempted to rake and bag some leaves but I was only out there for about three minutes before I gave up. The smell of smoke is strong and has been for the past two weeks but I do not know if it is due to more wildfires. The Mexican newspaper El Zócalo has not mentioned it in their online edition like they did two weeks ago when they reported the fire at Moody Ranch.

The Mexican Government in public service announcements pleaded with Mexican as well as American citizens to not go to Mexico for the Christmas and New Year's holidays but it seems that it has fallen on deaf ears. The lines to cross into Mexico at Eagle Pass, Texas have been up to 8 hours long. 

The lines to cross at Del Rio were 4 hours long. If you are familiar with Del Rio they extended to McCoy'shttps://www.zocalo.com.mx/new_site/articulo/hasta-cuatro-horas-de-fila-para-poder-cruzar-a-acuna

Even though the news stories are in Spanish your browser has the option to translate them to English. Just listen to the pleas from Mexican officials and don't go to Mexico!

It seems that Karma has come and bit me in the ass after hoping that the neighbors would put up their home for sale. The worthless drunk took his family home after Thanksgiving but went back a week later and not only did he bring his wife and three kids but his in-laws as well!  I just do not know how his parents permit him to walk all over them.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Mexico should have done like Canada and closed their Borders. With this Virus mutating that will be a disaster.
    Be Safe and stay in. Merry Christmas.

    It's about time.

    1. The border between the US and Mexico is closed to non-essential travel and has been for months. Apparently, people heading to Mexico think they are "essential".

      Mexico is cracking down by carrying out an extensive search of vehicles which is contributing to the backlog.

  2. Ah. Such long lines. I have a friend who lives in the increasingly touristy town of San Miguel; she says it is just worse and worse, and a lot of it is from the chilangos, but also from those who fly in from the US or elsewhere. Well, who knows. I guess we know people are not being careful. I hope you are.
    As for the bad neighbor, one of the worst things to happen...a bad neighbor, as a good one is one of the best. I hope this go-round will not be of harm to you.

    1. How nice to have a friend in San Miguel de Allende one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico or so I am told as I have yet to make it there but is certainly on my bucket list.

      You know your slang...chilangos! For those that do not know what that is...it is a person that is native to Mexico City.

  3. I think things are so bad that all borders need to be closed down. UK has a new strain of this virus and all airports have been shut down as noone will allow planes for there to land in their countries. I guess until we get that baboon out of office this is what we have. All our holiday plans have been canceled as someone we know has covid and to avoid any unwanted contact with those who didn't know about we decided it best to not gather. We may do it outdoors but the weather isn't looking very good

    1. This new strain that has been discovered in the United Kingdom has me worried just when we thought we were getting out of one virus we have a new mutation of the old virus.

      Mother and I are not much into holidays, my father was the one who liked Christmas. We will spend it quietly at home as we usually do.

    2. And just when I thought this country was getting smart about this virus I see we have not stopped people from the UK from entering at the airports. So sickening

    3. If the idiot that we have in the White House would only do his job instead of whining without proof that they stole the election from him or pardoning without merit his co-conspirators and even convicted murderers...we could have a travel van.

  4. Those are amazing photos of people lined up at the border. It is just crazy the way people ignore the virus. I know the people in Mexico are hurting financially but this is going to cause even worse problems.
    What a nightmare about your neighbors. I hope more older people will keep him in check. Where do they all sleep? And that has to be a strain on the plumbing.
    Love your Aunty Acid and quotes. You always find just the right balance of humor and introspection.
    I am not feeling Christmassy this year. I am trying, but haven't put up a tree or decorated. Hopefully I will do some baking for a select few and will feel it more then. I got several Christmas cards from fans of La Tasse and that felt great. I sent a few cards but that is about all I can muster so far. I think the constant barrage of bad political press has us all a little beat down.
    Stay safe and warm, my friend.

    1. El Zócalo does a good job of taking pictures, I like that they are in color. I can understand that people want to see their family and friends but this is not the year to do that unless they want it to be their last.

      When the Mexican government takes the drastic and unheard-of step to ask people not to come to their country even though they know their economy needs it, that in itself is telling.

      No one can keep that rowdy drunk in check. I think they have a three or four-bedroom house but still, that is not enough for nine people...maybe they sleep in the living room?

      I agree with you the barrage of constant bad political news can at times be a downer. I am addicted to "reputable" cable news channels and it is depressing to see how this administration abuses and erodes our Constitution and no one in his party stands up to him and puts a stop to his shenanigans.

      I am glad to hear that your fans sent you Christmas cards, I am sure that brightened your day. Baking might get you in the Christmas mood.

      Glad you liked Aunty Acid and the quotes, she makes me laugh and brightens my day. Stay safe and warm amiga.


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