Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Thursday, December 31, 2020

It rained all night / It is freezing / They closed the bars down

Except for some 3-minute showers we have not had any measurable precipitation in months. Of course, this being 2020 it rained all night, morning, and afternoon. We had strong wind gusts last evening. It is still drizzling and very cold outside. We only reached a high of 39 degrees today.

There was snow in nearby cities but thankfully we did not get any. The San Antonio TV stations sent their reporters to Kerrville an hour away from the Alamo City and where many people drove to photograph, video, and play in the snow. They interviewed a lady from the Philippines who had never seen snow in her life.

Alpine and the Big Bend area had more than a foot of snow in some locations. John Wells of The Field Lab fame put out a video of his winter wonderland http://thefieldlab.blogspot.com/2020/12/a-little-snow.html

We had over 100 new Covid cases yesterday thus triggering a State mandate that closed the local bars down on Wednesday.  At least that will cut down on places for people to congregate this evening.

So much for the ban on fireworks in Val Verde County. While not on our street (for now) they have been firing them off right and left since this afternoon.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid Saying of the Day


    wow I thought our weather was cold you sure did beat us on this one. We have also had some really bad winds here and in my area no rain but other parts of town got buckets.

    Fire works have been going off for over a week now and it is very dry here. People are idiots.

    Stay warm

    Aunty Acid hit the nail on the head LOL

    1. Happy New Year JO!!

      While the sun came out today, it was still cold and windy. I am not crazy about three-digit temperatures but I much prefer them to these cold ones.

      When I read this Aunty Acid, I just had to include it in my post. I stayed in my bedroom and did not make it to the living room either..:D

  2. That storm is on our Radar and heading our way. We could see flurries for the day but with temps above the Freezing Mark shouldn't see much accumulation.
    Some in the adjoining neighbourhoods had been setting off Fireworks since early evening (probably for their children) while others were still setting them off at 1:00. We don't have the dry conditions your area does.
    The Cases continue to rise around here as well. Even with restrictions in place people think they don't apply to them.
    Wishing you a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

    1. Rick and Kathy, I do not know how you guys can deal with the cold and snow.

      I do not see the fascination with fireworks. Like Penelope stated in a prior post if she was Queen of the World she would prohibit fireworks...I would do the same!

      On the six o'clock news KSAT-12 showed a video of all the fireworks that went off at midnight in San Antonio...the only problem is that fireworks are banned in their city limits.

      May you and Kathy have a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year as well.

  3. I wish we had a little rain or some snow. It has been far too dry here. At least I hope your rain catchment is caught up.
    The key to enjoying cold weather is to dress in layers and no cotton. Also, keep your ears covered, which might sound weird, but it is true. If your head is uncovered, you lose a lot of body heat, especially at night. I use a fleece blanket that is super lightweight and soft as Angel wings just for my head.
    I saw several videos of the recent snows in Texas and the backup of traffic from ElPaso to Sweetwater. Wow.Why do people think stranded on a highway is smarter than waiting at a nice cozy motel? And I am sure most have no winter supplies or sleeping bags in their vehicles.
    I think we both would make great Queens of the World. We could also banish stupid greedy politicians.
    I made a delicious pot of blackeye peas and cornbread to bring luck for the new year. It's going to need all the help we can give it.
    Stay safe my friend and Happy New Year!

    1. We have had very little rain this year and with the China, Iran, and Russia threats and even more so now that Russia hacked us, I have been storing regular tap water just in case. I did however manage to fill two 32-gal containers and some more on two metal galvanized tubs. I did not want to put out my 5 gal buckets or my smaller ones as we had wicked wind gusts and I did not want them to become projectiles.

      I have been dressing in layers and I am wearing two beanies. I also have a soft lightweight fleece blanket that I place on my shoulders and use to cover my head when I have to go outside to look for the cats.

      I thought of you when I saw a news report that mentioned that Van Horn had received more than a foot of snow. I too doubt most people carry winter supplies in their vehicles but they were warned so it's not like the storm came out of nowhere.

      I admire how you are able to cook and bake all the time. I do good to open a can of soup or chili to heat it up. Where is my tall weathered cowboy who can cook and then clean up afterward?

      Have a Happy New Year Ms. Penny!

  4. I hate fireworks and always have. I haven't heard so much as a "pop" this year, in my part of the city. Here is to a new year, an I hope it will be better for all of us.

    1. You are very lucky that there are no fireworks going off in your area. We have been having them nightly since Thanksgiving and like last year we will continue to have them until the idiots exhaust their stash.

      I am certainly looking forward to this new year especially now that we are going to have a real president to guide us out of the mess and chaos the sore loser got us into. I only hope in his final days as a lame-duck one-term president he does not get us into a war.

  5. I want to see you in two beanies. You should have taken a selfie. And then, you would have answered Aunty Acid's question about what to wear. We were lucky here, with 2 inches of much needed rain, and then another 3 inches of snow, which was very beautiful. All gone of course now, but it was nice to see. And it sure put a damper on the fireworks. I saw some great videos of San Antonio, where of course, the are illegal, but conditions were wet and apparently nobody gave a hoot anyway. I heard a few but they were muffled by snow. Hope you are warming up nicely and can go back to one beanie.

    1. I figured you had been the recipient of a fair amount of snow and I was not wrong. While it looks lovely in pictures it is not so lovely if you have to be out in the elements.

      I spent my first three semesters at Sul Ross State in Alpine. I lived in Mountainside dorm and it was a treacherous climb literally up the mountain. I slipped on the snow, slush, and also ice and from then on I have hated snow.

      I too saw that midnight home fireworks display in San Antonio. It seems a lot of folks decided to fire them up even though if caught they are going to have to pay a hefty fine. At least they did not fire guns at midnight like they do in Houston where a drunk grandfather ended up shooting his granddaughter.

      There is no chance I would ever post a selfie of myself JudithK but I am still wearing two beanies as I do not like to be cold even though we had the heater cranked up to 85 degrees during the cold front. Today I lowered it to 78 degrees since it warmed up some.

    2. Oh my. What a bad introduction to snow. Just talked with a friend in Ft Davis, and she was fine. Of course, she hadn't GONE anywhere. I loved my two NY winters in snow, but I wasn't uphill much when on foot, and I was only 25. 50 years ago, but I still remember it, so I guess that's something!It seems to be warming up, so I hope you will be down to one beanie.

    3. It was not my first introduction to snow. The only winter I spent in Alpine it snowed more than in all other times in my life including in Austin and Del Rio which as you know does not see the white stuff often.

      It did warm up to 70 or thereabouts today so I am down to one beanie :)


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