Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Winter has not officially arrived and I am sick of it already!

It has been cold in the mornings for quite a few days but warms up a little in the afternoon. Winter has not officially arrived and I am sick of it already. This gal was not meant to live in cold climates.

The other day I was watching Telemundo and when the weather guy mentioned that the Western Region of their audience including San Antonio (where they broadcast from) was going to experience a severe freeze overnight on Thursday this young news anchor who can not be older than 27 years and from Bogota, Colombia said: "It is time to bring out the San Marcos"...I almost died laughing 😂😂😂

You are probably saying "Sorry Belinda, but I don't get it"...and you would be correct, you would have to be Hispanic or have been around Hispanic friends to understand its meaning even some Hispanics have probably never heard about it. This is mostly a Mexican thing that is why I was so surprised that a young man from Colombia would have heard about it.

These are very warm Mexican blankets that were very popular but due to Korean knockoffs were put out of business and ceased production back in 2004. They are now sold on Amazon and called Koreanas but will never compare to the original San Marcos blankets from Mexico.

When my dad was in the nursing home my mother asked my uncle to purchase one because she was concerned that the air conditioner was too cold for him. In this blog, I usually refer to it as "my daddy's blanket" and it always makes its way with me to the Terlingua Chili Cook-off...except for the first year I took my car and could not fit it or my sleeping bag and almost froze to death that first night. It gives me comfort and peace of mind to know that my dad was never cold with his San Marcos.

I do not think I have drunk so much hot chocolate in all my life as I have these past two weeks. I will blame Hallmark movies for that. Have you ever noticed how they all have a cup of hot chocolate complete with whipped cream but they barely drink it?

Per El Zócalo newspaper (from Ciudad Acuña) Del Rio had 65 new Covid-19 cases and is awaiting the result of 88 more. http://www.zocalo.com.mx/new_site/articulo/reportan-65-nuevos-casos-de-covid-19

We have also had several wildfires due to the strong winds the area has been experiencing including one in the infamous Moody Ranch. Though the fires at that ranch usually start out as controlled burns but end up otherwise.

For those not familiar with Moody Ranch this is where the TV miniseries Lonesome Dove was filmed.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Glad to see you back. Yes! Winter is here...cold nights, though sunny days, but still not house-opening weather. Unless you are a Canadian who thinks 60 is balmy, Bever heard of a San Marcos blanket (too far north in Texas I guess) so looked them up and by golly they are Korean now. I did see a piece in the LATimes saying they were objects of affection, being in production from 1976 to 2004. Hope you still have yours. Stay warm and safe.

    1. I suppose I should not be complaining when millions of Americans on the east coast are bracing for up to two feet of snow and power outages, and my discomfort level is minuscule by comparison.

      You probably have seen a San Marcos but did not know you did. I even saw them in Houston at gasoline stations hanging on makeshift clotheslines with all kinds of designs from Elvis, all types of animals, the Virgin of Guadalupe, and sports teams.

      I still have daddy's, Mom gave me hers because she said it weighed too much, and I have another one at my house in Houston.

      You stay warm and safe as well.

    2. I think I didn't include the LA Ties piece: https://www.latimes.com/local/la-xpm-2012-jun-26-la-me-blankets-20120627-story.html
      I think you are right, I have seen some and didn't know what I was seeing.
      And I have not always been averse to cold, as I lived two years in upstate NY and LOVED the beautiful winters with snow. Of course, I was only 25.....Just beautiful. I did love it. I could do it again 50 years later. As long as there was someone to shovel the sidewalk, etc.

    3. I'm glad you still have his blanket. And with two more, you are well supplied.

    4. Thanks for that link JudithK, it is a well-written article that brought a smile to my face as so many fellow Latinos have had nothing but positive experiences and even more memories with their San Marcos cobijas.

      I remember you mentioning once that you had lived in upstate NY and that your neighbor or was it your landlady and her husband had gone to lurk at naked people during Woodstock.

      I simply could not live in cold climates and/or places where it snows. I can barely rake leaves I could not possibly imagine shoveling snow.

      I could part with the other two blankets but I am very attached to my father's former cobija.

    5. Wow. Do you have a memory or what. But then, maybe I refer to my time in NY as it was such a fun time for me. Hope it's just your good memory and not my repetition! Very glad you liked the LA Tims piece. It was sweet.

    6. I sometimes amaze myself by remembering certain comments both from my blog as well as other blogs, yet I can not remember what I had for lunch yesterday...selective memory?

      Perhaps I remember because I love everything to do with Woodstock and wish I had been old enough and had the money to attend. You have never repeated yourself, and I loved that anecdote.

      I truly enjoyed the LA Times piece, and I hope other readers did as well. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Well it was 25 degrees here this morning and made it all the way to 60 for a high today. It has been cold for sure now for a about a week. But I will not complain I'm actually happy with this after the horrible summer we had.

    I had one of those blankets but don't know what happened to it. Of course that was years ago when they still came from Mexico.

    Love Autie Acid and Mark Twain is right!

    1. You definitively were colder than us this morning. I have been wearing three layers, my fleece leggings topped with my heavy-duty overalls, and my five-dollar blue jean Terlingua coat. If that was not enough, I also put on a beanie cap and my heavy wool socks.

      Those Mexican blankets were very popular because of their warmth. Too bad the Koreans put them out of business.

      The Mark Twain quote certainly resonated with me.

  3. With those temperatures we'd only be sleeping with a single linen sheet. LOL!
    Hot chocolate can become addictive but tastes yummy.
    Like the Funnies. Mark's fits today's political clamor.
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying warm.

    It's about time.

    1. Lol, a single linen sheet...only a Canadian could put up with those cold temperatures :D

  4. So glad to see your recent post. You were missed.
    I have one of those blankets and use it all winter in my bed burrito. I have an oversized sleeping bag and the blanket is used inside. Sounds weird but it is so cozy and warm. I have a lot of bone problems which is very painful. So sleeping in my "burrito" helps so much. If it drops below zero, I add another blanket to the top. I know how to stay warm. I had an electric blanket but didn't like it as much. Something about the weight of it.
    Hot chocolate is wonderful. Add some Kahlua and marshmallows. Yum!
    I loved the book Lonesome Dove and I have the deluxe dvd of the series. I just watched it again last week. Just a timeless film. My father did some work on the water wells in that area in the fifties. He had a small plane he flew down there and once flew over the filming of the Alamo near Brackettville.
    Stay safe and well, my friend.

    1. Your bed burrito does not sound odd at all. I do that when I go to Terlingua...well, except for 2010...when like I mentioned I almost froze to death! It was the first year that I did not take Terlita (my camping van) and took my car instead and had not yet figured out how to pack it efficiently.

      That year I ended up hurting my back (as I usually do) packing and unpacking my vehicle to make everything fit so ended up not being able to take my sleeping bag or my San Marcos blanket. Lucky for me the temperature has never dropped below zero or I would have quit going a long time ago :D

      I am sure hot chocolate would taste wonderful with Kahlua and marshmallows, however, I failed on three occasions back in 2019 to find any in Ciudad Acuña. I have not had anything to drink in months since they added a third medication to control my high blood pressure.

      Would you believe I have never seen Lonesome Dove? Maybe one of these days I will. I think just about everyone in Del Rio has gone to the Alamo movie set in Brackettville, Texas including my parents when some of their out of town friends came to visit...well, everyone but me :-(

      How neat that your father had a plane. Did you ever fly with him?

      Stay safe, well, and most importantly warm amiga!

  5. That is terrible you did not get to see the Alamo set. My father loved telling that story about how mad everyone was that he buzzed the set. Cost them a lot of money. But he also got to "rescue" John w
    Wayne, who had run out of gas, and they got good and drunk together. :)
    The plane was an Ercoupe. You sort of have to be a pilot to understand, be.cause fans will brag about having one and the rest will ridicule. They were the MGBs of the sky. Two sweaters with rudder issues. But yeah I flew all over and my father would sleep. I was 14. But we always had the plane. Living in Van Horn, it's a long way to drive anywhere, so he used it for business. He once traded it in for a pretty fancy Cessna, but by the time he got to Van Horn from Odessa, he hated it, did a upturn and flew back with the Ercoupe.
    I am so sorry you have to get through the current political climate while staying sober. Lol

    1. How neat that your dad got to meet and drink with John Wayne that is a great anecdote! Just saw a YouTube video of the Ercoupe it detailed how easily it could be flown. What a cute plane!

      You are right it sucks big time to have to put up with this political climate while sober. Seems like Barr got out just in time before the barrage of pardons damaged what little reputation he might still have. After reading his nauseating letter of resignation that read more like a Dear Leader as he fawned all over the liar in praise...I almost fell off the wagon!

  6. P.S. Do find some way to watch Lonesome Dove! I like the set I got because it has all the special features telling the backstory. It is actually a love story, disguised as a western.

    1. It is on my bucket list as is watching "It's a Wonderful Life". My friends can't believe I have not watched that one either.

    2. I can't believe you haven't watched It's a Wonderful Life! I guess next you will tell me you haven't watched Gone With the Wind?? JaJaJa

    3. I have watched Gone With the Wind more times than I can remember, it is one of my favorite all-time movies, and I owe it all to my mother.

      They were celebrating I do not recall the exact number of years since its initial release at the local movie theatre, my mother did not want to go by herself and forced me to accompany her. I was not happy about it (I was a teenager at the time).

      I am not one that cries at movies but I was crying at the end, it was the most beautiful movie I had ever seen. I liked it so much that I went to see it again the following day. To this day, if I know it is going to be shown on TV, we still watch it.


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