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Saturday, February 27, 2021

It could have been a bad day...

Though I did not go to bed until 2:25 a.m. it was not easy to fall into deep slumber because the cats kept on running on the roof and then got into a catfight with whom I presume were other strays. The neighborhood dogs did not appreciate it and started barking in disapproval...there was no chance I was going to go outside...they were just going to have to fend for themselves.

I was surprised I slept until 8:40 a.m. but did not get out of my warm bed until 9:00 a.m.  There is a little place down the road that makes excellent menudo on weekends but really on Saturday since they started closing on Sundays a couple of years ago. Now if I want to eat it on Sunday I have to buy it the day before.

By the time I decided that is what I wanted they told me they were all out...it is a good thing I called!  Since I was dressed and ready to go I figured I would take the short cut to the north part of town where all the restaurants, fast food places, mall, and basically most of the commerce is located.

Right before I exited our gate my brakes made a funny noise so I got off and looked around at the tires and everything seemed fine. The back road to the northside of town is about six or seven miles (not really sure) just as I was stopped at the red light by Stripes to the left and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to my right...and about to turn unto Veterans Memorial (our main drag) the car started shaking...I panicked hoping it would not die on me in this busy intersection.

The first thing I could think of was to take a picture of my dash that had lit up so I could show the mechanic or whomever.

It shook some more but this time the VSC is OFF light had gone out. Thankfully, the light turned green and the car kept running.

I drove straight to the Toyota dealership that is located about two miles away. A lady greeted me asked what service I was having performed then she checked with another gentlemen who told me that since my car was out of warranty (it is eleven years old) I would be charged $175.00 or more per hour to have it diagnosed. Like what other alternative did I have?  So I agreed.

One of their mechanics drove it down the highway and turned it on and off several times but did not experience what I did. She told me if I had it happen again to call her so they could schedule an appointment. When I asked how much I owed them she told me nothing so I went on my merry way feeling much better and thinking how bad it could have been.

Walmart is not far away so I stopped at Murphy USA and filled up. Not wanting to tempt fate I drove back home. The going price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline was $2.299.

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Wonder why the stealership didn't plug in and check for any computer codes? Seems like standard procedure. IMHO.

    1. Perhaps they wanted to replicate what happened to me by driving it and when nothing occurred decided to give me a break knowing fully well I would return since they are the only game in town?

  2. It could be that you need your Fuel Filter replaced or you have water in your gas from the Humidity. Lower grades of Gasoline contain Ethanol that attract moisture. If it does it again add High Test and if it improves do that once in a while.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I will keep your suggestions in mind Rick, hopefully, it was a one-time fluke.

  3. Having cats outside is like having teenagers out at night. They can worry you to death. I do think cats are affected by the full moon and can express that by some wild behavior.
    I wonder if you have taken your car out on the hiway and run it at the speed limit for a few miles? Town driving is hard on any vehicle and taking it out for a spin can be helpful. My father was a mechanic and that method was his go to for lots of vehicles that had not had any hiway time. It was often my job to do this and he would say to keep it over eighty mph for at least twenty miles. And I never had to worry about a ticket because he had dps in his pocket. So I would usually run them to Sierra Blanca and back. I think you said you have triple A? Maybe a lot better than that ridiculous price for diagnosis. They see single women coming.
    We have had some sunshine here and it feels good. It is a toasty 32* as I write this.
    I saw on YouTube ( Weatherman Plus ) that you may be in line for some rainy weather. I like this guy..he really has it together a lot better than some of the regular stations. He puts out a video every day but Saturday and is extremely accurate.
    Stay safe, my friend.

    1. I could not help but smile at your cat/teenager analogy. Since I never had kids I never made that connection but I can see the similarities.

      We had a friend who told my mother the same thing...take your car on the highway and go to Lake Amistad...you will see that it clears up a lot of issues. I thought of him yesterday but being that it was Saturday and Toyota closes early I did not want to take a chance perhaps later this week as we are expecting heavy rains in the area.

      My first thought was that the water pump had malfunctioned and the car was going to shut down on me. It has been years since that happened to me in another vehicle. I do not know anything about cars so mechanics see me coming from a mile away.

      I will have to check out Weatherman Plus and yes we are expecting heavy rains beginning this evening.

      I suppose 32 degrees is toasty for your area. Do you have to chop your own wood or do you buy it?

      Stay safe and warm as well.

    2. I don't have a wood stove. My furnace is an expensive replica of a wood burning stove. Natural gas. All the ambience and none of the work. Has a nice little window to see the realistic burning logs. I made the tile mosaic pad it sits on. Has a big black stockpile that runs to the ceiling. It is against the law here to burn wood in town. Also firewood is expensive. I just can't picture myself swinging an ax?

    3. It sounds like the perfect heat source without any of the work and I bet it is pretty too. Out here only the city has natural gas in the county we have to buy propane.

      In answer to your question...Yes, I can see you swinging an ax...you seem like a very resourceful lady.

  4. Whew. Glad whatever it was didn't happen anymore. I hate car stuff. At least you got off free this time.
    The front came through here today and didn't do a whole lot. It's not very cold. And we've had chances of rain, but nothing so far. Tomorrow is the best chance.

    1. I hate having car problems the good thing is that it wasn't anything major or let's hope not. The last thing I want is to have a car payment.

      We had a high of 81 degrees but tomorrow we are not going to get above 61. Late this evening or early this morning since it is past midnight the rains will move in.

  5. I hope it was just cold or the car was just thowing a fit. I remembe the old cars were so easy to fix, I did a lot of my own repairs and I guess I was a lot younger and could climb around better to.
    Love the header LOL People always ask me why I never started dating again because 3 strikes and I felt I was good an done

    1. I thought it was funny that when I took it out Friday it behaved just fine and I had not gone anywhere for at least two weeks though I did turn it on and let it run so the battery would not die down.

      You are lucky to have been able to work on your car. I would not know where to even begin. My dad was the same way not handy at all but at least he had good mechanics. Our last two have passed away.

      I have a cousin that lives in your state and calls every few years. The last time she called she wanted to know why I was not on Facebook. This time she called to see how we were after the power outages. The first thing out of her mouth was if I was still single and if so why? It took all the strength I could muster to remain civil and not to reply in the manner that she deserved.

    2. I always reply, "Just lucky, I guess."

    3. Great line Penelope, I am going to borrow it!

  6. Engine light on is a big bummer. I agree with Bigfoot. The dealership should have plugged it into their machine and tested.
    Del Rio's AutoZone advertises a free check engine light service. Where I live, O'Reilly and NAPA stores also offer. (stores in Del Rio too). I like a 2nd opinion.

    1. It is a bummer but I am glad the light went out on its own. Though I have a feeling this is not going to be the last of it and I will be back at the dealership sooner rather than later.

      I knew AutoZone would check your alternator or battery but I was not aware it would do the same for check engine light. I consider that a bit more urgent and being it was Saturday my best alternative was the pricey dealership.


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