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Saturday, August 1, 2020

My August started on the wrong foot...

As I mentioned in my last post we had a three-minute shower in the early morning hours. Even though I had worked hard out in the yard it did not translate into a good night's rest. I did not get up early to water the trees figured at least they got some liquid gold and could hold out for a couple more hours.

It was about 9:30 a.m. when I started to water them. I happened to look toward the south where I cleared a pathway to the curve when I noticed there was a black truck deep inside Mom's property...WTH?

Headed that way and saw that no one was inside the truck. Did someone abandon it there?  All of a sudden a short man in a mask walks towards me from the back of the house. It wasn't until I heard him speak that I recognized who it was. It was Pollito's wino sidekick. While he had a mask on he was wearing it wrong not covering his nose. Fortunately, he kept his distance and I backed up even more.

I was FURIOUS!!!  It took an incredible amount of self-restraint to keep my cool. I have a chain and two locks on the front gate to keep people out what more does it take? Apparently, he bypassed it and instead made use of the path I spent hours sweating like a pig to clear.

He said he saw me out in the yard so he came to see if I wanted to have the mesquite trees cut (the baby mesquites) and the yard clippings bagged. I told him the same thing I told Pollito the other day that I did not have any money so I had been doing it myself. That is not true...I just DO NOT want to hire them. I have had enough of these incompetent clowns....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

He told me he had all his tools with him and I could pay him whenever...I told him that that was not the way I conducted business. I said that I still had his telephone number and would give him a call if I needed his services.

I also threw in that the last time he came over which I believe was in December 2019...I told him I wanted the trees cut...at the time he had also seen me raking leaves and he wanted to bag them.  I can do that myself. He told me he would be back when he had time...so August 1st...eight months later he comes back?  Pollito has certainly trained him well!

Last week I got an e-mail from HEB letting me know that our prescriptions were ready to be picked up. That can not be right we still have medication. When I was with my previous doctor I told them I did not want to have my prescriptions auto-filled but now with my new doctor the pharmacy once again signed me up?

Today I received another e-mail saying I had 3 days to pick them up or they would put them back in stock. I am NOT going out during the weekend especially not to big HEB...they will have to wait until Monday or whenever I feel like picking them up.

I hope your August 1st went a lot better than mine. Aunty Acid Saying of the Day certainly applied to my situation this morning.

We had a low of 78 a high of 103 with a heat index of 107 degrees.

Good night.  May you have Terlingua Dreams.

Aunty Acid Saying of the Day


  1. I call those people Leaches. I would also have given him proper Hxxx for driving back on the property.
    As mentioned before, would it not be easier to sell off the Cars and the Property and just live in an Apartment or smaller House?
    Be Safe and Enjoy some Monsoon Rain.

    It's about time.

    1. That is the reason why I prefer to do my own yard work. It has been our experience that if we hire an individual one time they assume that you want them to return even though they did a crappy job.

      My dad taught me to choose my battles and going off on him would not have been prudent because he KNOWS that two women live alone in this property.

      There is no reason why I would have to subject my mother to a move. This is her house, she is of sound mind and capable of making her own decisions. It would be extremely selfish and cruel on my part to take her away from her comfort zone just to make my life "easier"...I would NEVER do that.

  2. Good for you! As one woman to another, you can't let a man like that chase you off your property!

    1. Precisely, neither he nor any other individual.

  3. That is so creepy. He is testing the waters, I think. Maybe staret keepingt a knife in your boots.
    It has been unreal hot here for several days. Record breaking hot and no rain.
    I hope you can get your medications worked out. Maybe best to get three months in advance, with the way things are going.
    Stay safe, my friend.

    1. Pollito and this man work six to seven days a week, so he is not hurting for money. I see them go by several times a day as Pollito's son's house is down the road and that is where they keep the tractors, dump trucks, and other work vehicles.

      If I happen to be outside and hear the dump truck approaching I hide behind the cars, the trees, or anywhere so I do not have to see them. They must have gone by in their personal vehicles and seen all the limbs I put out by the curve then noticed the new path or how would he have known about it?

      Lol, on hiding a knife in my boots. The only boots I have are rubber boots and my feet swelled up so bad the day I wore them because I got tired of stepping on mesquite needles there is no way I could make room for anything else besides my feet.

      I am not afraid of this little wino I could probably sit on him and break his bones...jajajaja!

      When you say record-breaking for your area how hot would that be? Pity you too have not gotten rain.

      I decided to go 30 versus a 90 day supply because I am hoping to get off at least one medication and my new doctor wanted to see how my body would react to the new BP medication he put me on. I was supposed to have gone to see him back in May but I canceled. I have an appointment this week but I am seriously considering canceling again as the COVID-19 cases have gone through the roof in this area.

      Stay safe as well Ms. Penny!

    2. Our temperatures have been at 95* to 97* for several days. Usually those temps happen in late August for maybe a couple of weeks. This is considered to be fire season, so hot temps and low humidity are always a worry.
      That's hilarious about sitting on that guy!
      Our Covid numbers are going up dramatically. Not as much as Texas, though. I can see why you would avoid the doctor. I quit going to the doctors about 5 years ago and don't feel much different. I have all manner of bone problems that cause a lot of pain but just use Advil and keep going. Do you take your own blood pressure? I never have but know some who do.

    3. For some unknown reason (ignorance), I always thought the northern states that bordered Canada did not have high temperatures during the summer.

      It wasn't until I started following George and Suzie Yates's blog..."Our Awesome Travels"...that I learned how wrong I was. They are Canadians that would winter in the southern United States. Unfortunately, George left us but I learned a lot of things from reading their blog.

      Indeed temperatures in the high 90's would be very hot when 10 months out of the year you have cool temperatures. I sure hope your fire season remains dormant.

      As much as I would like to avoid the doctor (mostly because I do not have health insurance) and right now Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila Mexico has more cases than Del Rio, I will not cross the border to get my labs done. Those labs cost more than $1,000 USD in Del Rio while in Mexico they come in under $100.00 USD. The price disparity just blows my mind.

      Why do I need these labs? I need to be tested to check my cholesterol and glucose levels which tend to run high. High blood pressure runs on both sides of my family so I take my blood pressure two to three times a day or more if the readings happen to be particularly high on that day.

      Take care and be safe Ms. Penny!

  4. You are a patient woman. I would have let him have it maybe no with shouting but I can be very nasty while being very quiet. How dare he show up like that. And how dare some people tell you to sell everything some people just think they know everything. I remember this being said before and you told the same thing the last time.

    1. No JO, I am not a patient woman. I was boiling inside and in my mind, I was picturing myself slapping him silly for coming to invade our privacy. He could not come in through the gate since like I mentioned I had a chain and two locks to keep people away in these trying times we are living.

      What made me mad was the gall he had to drive his pick-up deep into the property. He has my phone number why did he not call me as he has in the past instead of subjecting me to his presence.

      You have a good memory JO, this same subject has come up in the past and I gave the same answer. Perhaps some people that comment on blogs do not go back to read a reply?

    2. I don't think they do weither or they just think they need to tell people how to live

    3. I think it is a combination of both but it is really unnerving and I wish they would stop.

  5. On 08/01/2020, MsB wrote: Sadly, it is too late for many of Mom's shade trees even though I water them early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

    flyingdj: Several years ago, during a major drought (ha, that could have been any year since we are always in a major drought) the county horticulturist or AgriLife Extension Service agent or whatever they were called then or now, said that many people were claiming their trees were dying from the drought. He said that some probably were dying from the drought but many were planted at the same time and they had reached the end of their life. This is just my theory, but I wonder if trees are not living as long because of the air from leaded gasoline for all those years and the coal (black rock) from the mines in nearby Piedras Negras.

    On 08/01/2020, MsB wrote: Why can't those hideous mesquite trees suffer the same fate?

    flyingdj: Maybe the mesquite trees are younger (not just tougher) than the shade trees.

    1. The trees at my parent's house were planted at different times. I brought several of them from Houston that my dad planted in the back yard fifteen years after the ones in the front yard.

      I have never heard it being blamed on leaded gasoline. Nor did I know there were coal mines in Piedras Negras, I thought they were in Sabinas, Coahuila...but NO, I had never heard that to be a factor either. I am not saying it can not be true...just that I had never heard that being brought up before.

      As far as those darn mesquite trees are concerned I have no idea how long the bigger ones have been here. Those darn things are indestructible. Lightning hit one twice and the darn thing never died or even burn to the ground.

      Thank you for your input.


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