Terlingua Dreams

Terlingua Dreams
Governors Landing Campground - Lake Amistad - Del Rio, Texas

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Strong winds / Light Rain / Mail woes

Thursday afternoon we started having strong winds, thunder, and lightning. I ran outside to make sure there was not anything that might blow. While Katie and her kittens are afraid of me, Paquito and Nico ran towards me and followed me inside. I have heard that animals know when some bad weather or a meteorological event is going to occur.

The wind was whirling and I could see the dirt flying by then I heard a thump but thought nothing of it.  It was followed by a nice three-minute shower. Remembered I had washed two tank tops that I did not have time to bring inside and which would have to be re-washed. When I opened the kitchen door the temperature had gone down and it was actually pleasant outside. I did not have to chase the cats out...they went out on their own.

It did not take long to figure out what the thumping noise was...

Nico decided he liked it better now that it had fallen and proceeded to claim it as his.

As you can tell it did not even look like it had rained. Though later on that evening the thunder began again and we got some more showers.  Per KSAT-12 in San Antonio, we received .35 of an inch of liquid gold.

If you look closely the southern tip of Val Verde County where we live is in extreme drought.

I had called the doctor's office because I had not received their bill and was told they sent it out two weeks ago. Why do I continue to have problems with my mail?  They mailed me another so I decided to go check the P.O. Box this morning.

I have been craving ice cream and had run out of serranos so made a quick stop at Little HEB.  Ended up buying 16 items versus the 2 I had in mind.  Doesn't it always happen that way?

At least two of those items did not cost me a dime thanks to HEB's but one/get one free.  Got a free Herdez Guacamole Salsa and A Hill Country Fare (their brand) 15 oz. can of chili. Even with only 16 items, I ended up spending $33.60.

Penelope, I did not find the green chili enchilada sauce.  This store is small I will look for it when I go to the main one.

Today's Aunty Acid resonates with me as I always b*tch about having to eat salads, it made me laugh :D

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

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  1. Ha. Yes indeed. Even when as a young thing,in possession of all my jaw teeth, I ate salads because they were, as I was told, good for me. I still give it a shot, but am even more bored before it's over with because it takes so long now. Still, if someone else makes it, I always like it better.
    Glad you stocked up some, and hope more rain is in your future. We had another little round this afternoon......but I suspect it wasn't happening down there.
    That's a big tree. My first thought is, who is going to cut this up, or is it in a place where you can let it lay. I hope the latter. Cats will enjoy.

    1. I never minded eating salads when I was young because Mom made them and I did not have to eat them every day. While it is much cheaper to buy cut up lettuce and then put what I like in them...it takes way too much time and effort...so today I bought the ones already prepared.

      We have had rain just the way I like it...a little at a time and spaced out so I can still run around outside doing the dreaded yard work.

      I will miss the tree because I had rigged up a clothesline to dry my colored clothes in the shade using a dog tie-out line and it was also good with heavier items like blue jeans, unlike our current clothesline.

      It is at a place where I can just let it lay. If it wasn't so close to the propane tank I would start a nice fire in winter and pretend I am in Terlingua.

    2. Good. That tree can lie there and be of use to cats (horizontal scratching post) and other critters. And maybe this winter, you can tie a rope around it and move it tied to a vehicle far enough away from the propane tank to set it afire. As they say. Hope you can find another clothesline post. Meanwhile, cooler weather is on it's way they say. Maybe you will get some rain from this one.
      And salads are more boring to eat these days because my jaw teeth have been abandoning my mouth. This comes from my father's family. My mother had all her teeth when she died at 82. I was only 52 and too young to be envious.

    3. The kittens (who are no longer kittens) are enjoying the down tree.

      I still have the original clothesline but it sags as I also have a dog-tie out on it but it has stretched with use and the heat.

      The one that I had rigged up to the downed tree was tied on one end to a worthless but strong mesquite tree. I suppose I can always use the dryers at the laundromat but I hate having to feed them quarters.

      I was so happy with the sporadic showers but tonight I learned that the weather people are forecasting between 3 to 5 inches in the next two days and that has me worried.

      Lucky for me I still have all my teeth for now. I suppose that is the only reason I keep on taking Metformin as my cousin who is the same age as I am lost all her teeth because she refused to believe she was a diabetic and did not seek medical attention though she had excellent insurance. Who says that one can not learn from other people's mistakes?

    4. Hey. Glad you have all your teeth. That's good. You can replace a clothesline with a little ingenuity and not a lot of $$$, but not your teeth. I do hope you got some usable rain out of this. 3.5" here. Which is a lot. And here's a weird thing, it hasn't gotten out of the 50's all day. Hello? Are we still in Texas? Yup.

  2. I guess a little rain is better than none. That tree must have been pretty dead. I was thinking the same thing just burn it LOL But not if it's near the propane. YIKES Hope you have more rain soon.

    Prices are out of control on groceries. I didn't have a very big list but it was over $100. no meats just some veggies and some odds and ends.

    1. That tree had been dead for a good while but it had endured very strong winds including the winds last October that delayed my trip to the 2019 Chili Cook-off.

      It just finished raining again this time for about 15 minutes and harder so the leaks began in the usual places :-(

      Actually, our prices have not gone up but DOWN if you can believe it. A gallon of milk now costs $2.44 when it used to cost $2.88. The small salads continue to cost the same $2.98 each and a pail of cheap ice cream (they do not sell the one I like here) $4.48 down fifty cents.

      I do not recall what I used to pay for Viva Paper Towels but today it was $9.98 and I paid it gladly as I swear by them. When I go camping I take them instead of a regular towel and use it in my camping shower to dry myself and they are so strong I can then use them to clean the nylon floor.

  3. If you drag that tree away from the Propane you still might be able to burn it but just wait until the ground gets more moisture.
    Like the prices on your groceries compared to ours. Much Cheaper.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Rick, there is no way I can even nudge that tree. I tried to salvage my dog-tie out but now that it fell, the line is so taunt there is no salvaging possible.

      I have a bad back, and the most I can move or carry is 20 pounds, and that fallen tree weighs more than that.

      If you like the Del Rio grocery prices, you would love the ones in Houston where they have REAL bargains!

  4. Hello MsB, I did some more Del Rio weather research for you. I found the rainfall amounts for each month recorded at the Del Rio International Airport (your official reporting station for the National Weather Service in your area) for this year. [The instructions are “kind of” similar to the instructions that I gave you for finding the daily high and low temperature. If you want the detailed instructions, let me know and I’ll type them for you.] I also added a column to convert it to centimeters for your metric system readers.

    This is the rainfall recorded at the Del Rio International Airport for each month this year. The September value includes the first five days of the month.

    Your total rainfall for 2020 is 8.86 inches [22.50 cm] through 09/05/2020.

    MONTH xx IN xx CM
    01 xx 0.67 xx 1.70
    02 xx 0.28 xx 0.71
    03 xx 3.09 xx 7.85
    04 xx 1.41 xx 3.58
    05 xx 1.21 xx 3.07
    06 xx 0.44 xx 1.12
    07 xx 0.45 xx 1.14
    08 xx 0.50 xx 1.27
    09 xx 0.81 xx 2.06

    1. Mr. Flyingdj - thank you again for going to all the time and trouble of researching this year's annual rainfall totals and more so for including its equivalent metric system readings. It is really appreciated!

      For those readers that are not desert weather savvy...a desert is defined as an area that receives less than 10 inches, or 25 centimeters, of precipitation a year. Although most of us think of deserts as places that do not get much rain, the precipitation received in deserts can be in the form of either rain or snow. In my part of the world thankfully "snow" is not a common occurrence.

  5. I am glad you got a little rain and hope you get some more.
    I think the tree is a great cat perch and looks great right where it is.
    HEB really has their act together. I loved reading the history of this business and the WOMAN started it and kept it going. I believe I read it on a site called Texas Escapes that I have read for years. The site covers all things Texas, the history of all the counties, cities, towns, ghost towns, you name it. A half gallon of milk is $2.79 here, a gallon is $4.29. My biggest shock recently is a jar of jalapenos that was $2.29 one day last week and the next day was over five bucks. Prices that were high a month ago are literally doubling. Also there are huge holes in the amount and variety you see. I asked if they were selling more or not getting their orders and they are not able to get full orders. Some things not at all. I spent another two hundred to add to my pantry and freezer. Also bought all the Frontera sauce! Three packages. And bought their red sauce pouch to try. I love enchiladas and could eat them several times a week if my waistline would allow.
    We are @ 36* here. The front came in with a huge drop in temperature this afternoon, followed by snow for a bit. Feels great. I was really tired of being hot. I have tried to cover my plants but only have about half protected since they are all huge and tangled together. I hope I don't lose my tomatoes. I brought the basil inside.
    Stay alert and safe my friend.

    1. HEB is a Texas treasure and gives so much back to all the communities in which it has a presence. In Houston, they have several stores called Joe V's (owned by HEB) that have fabulous buys. To keep prices low they do not take checks or credit cards...only cash or debit cards.

      Remember on the 4th of July I featured two packages of hot dogs for $1.00 and you thought that was a good price...get this at Joe V's...they were selling 5 packages for $1.00!

      You live in our nation's last frontier...a big beautiful state...but much like living in Terlingua, you have to pay for the tranquility and beauty in the form of higher prices for everything.

      I can hardly wait for the cold front that will make itself be felt soon...thankfully, NO SNOW in the forecast. I do hope you do not lose your tomato plants.

      Be well Ms. Penny!

  6. I never make salads from scratch these days - when I place a grocery order about once a week I include a container of salad.

    1. I got tired of salads from scratch...too much work! It is much better to buy prepared ones.

  7. Sounds like a very good idea not to burn a tree close to propane.

    News Headline: Explosion at Fayette County home leaves 2 severely injured

    (excerpts from the article)

    An explosion Tuesday morning at a home in eastern Fayette County left two people severely injured, authorities said.

    Fayette County sheriff's deputies responded at 6:41 a.m. to reports of an explosion on Grover Street in Ellinger and found the house leveled and still on fire, according to Sheriff Keith Koronek.

    Although the fire was extinguished, "several homes in the area for blocks had damage from the explosion," the sheriff said in a written statement.

    Authorities suspect the fire and explosion is linked to propane but the investigation is ongoing, Korenek said.

    1. Funny you mentioned this article, I just saw it on the 10 o'clock news. It was an elderly couple in their 70's who are currently in the hospital.

      The report said it was due to a gas leak.


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