Terlingua Dreams

Saturday, December 14, 2019

I kid you not...we took down a record from 1908!

It was cold this morning at 49 degrees when I heard a vehicle honking and then a knock on the door. It was Pollito's sidekick whom I had called two weeks ago and who was supposed to come cut the weeds last Saturday.  I waited for him until 9:30 a.m. and figured either he had to work on the weekend, he was hungover, or he has picked up Pollito's bad habit of not showing up without letting the customer know.

He claims he came by but only Paquito and another cat greeted him.  I told him I had left the gate open for him as I had gone to the laundromat to beat the crowds since we had already discussed what I wanted to be done.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

Hideous Mesquite trees

He went to work on the northern lot.  After a while, I no longer heard the sound of the lawnmower.  I went outside to take him water but he and his truck were gone.  He came back later and told me his lawnmower stopped working so he took it to the guy on the next block but he could not fix it until next week so he cleared the lot using his weed eater.

He charged me $50.00 but I gave him $60.00 it is a lot of hard work just using a weed eater.

He also cut the weeds in the back of the house that he did not get to the last time.  The price did not include raking leaves and I am fine with that all I care is the darn weeds.

Now to get back to this blog post title.  I kid you not, here it is mid-December and we keep on setting records. We took down a record from 1908 of 88 degrees and replaced it with a high today of 91 degrees! 

Good night.  May you all have Terlingua Dreams.

Spurs Corner

I just finished watching the Spurs versus Phoenix Suns from Mexico City.  I was very surprised at just how many Spurs fans there are in Mexico. I can not believe once again we played our fourth overtime game in a row!

So glad we pulled a WIN after the disaster of what was the last game with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Aunty Acid Saying of the Day


  1. Glad you were able to get some of your yard work done. And very generous of you to give him more than he asked for. Maybe he will come back now? Jajaja
    Sounds as though you are having more weird weather. We are at 21* here now, with cold temps predicted for the next two nights. Good napping weather!

    1. I wish his lawnmower had not broken down but I think it was due to the limbs and shrubbery he was trying to mow since Pollito came with his tractor for 10 to 15 minutes in July said he would be back the following day and has not returned since.

      He was wearing a jacket when he came and by noon he was down to a t-shirt and was all scratched and cut up from the mesquite branches so I felt bad for him and gave him a little more. Maybe it will be an incentive for him to show up when he says he is?

      I suppose one can get used to any kind of weather but your temperatures are pretty cold. I wish I could nap you are fortunate to be able to do so. Keep warm.

  2. It was quite cool over here near Houston. We have been having some weird weather, it isn't sure what it wants to do.

    1. I hope it warms up for you Dizzy though I think I heard you are getting a cold front next week. Bundle up.

  3. With all those records being broken it is hard to believe the So-Called Experts that say there is no Global Warming.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler nights.

    It's about time.

    1. Actually Rick I believe the experts are in agreement about Global Warming...it is our current administration, his political party and many of his supporters who are in denial.

  4. Nice that yo did get the yard and weed cleaned up, Sure could us some of that hot weather here,

    1. I am glad he showed up George and though he will have to come back as soon as they fix his lawnmower it is a big improvement from the way it was.

      I saw your blog picture yesterday and though the snow looked nice from your window I am sure it was very cold outside. Much like you, I prefer warm to cold weather anytime.


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